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Writing Effective Comparative Essays

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Writing Effective Comparative Essays

Comparison Essays Discuss both Similarities and Differences of the Compared Subjects

Essay writing of this nature sharpen valuable skills that comes in handy when you are employed or managing your own business. This is because, on a daily basis, decisions are based on such comparisons being made between alternatives. Let us explore how such an essay will be written by a professional writer skilled in the art and science of essay writing.

By following few of the guidelines outlined below, you too can write like a professional:

1. Select appropriate objects or subjects – Comparison needs two or more subjects or objects for the purpose of comparing. Unless it is a fixed matter, choose something which has interesting similarities and differences which can make your essay writing easy. If the chosen alternatives have nothing in common and can not be compared on same dimensions, then it is hard or impossible to write a comparison on them.

2. List the similarities separately and the differences separately in a rough draft. This is an important part of the essay plan. It helps you to comprehensively cover the subject matter and write on all important similarities and differences.

3. The suitable essay structure includes an essay introduction, the body and the conclusion. Your introduction should mention all the alternatives that are being considered. A clear thesis statement should indicate what the essay will talk about. For example a thesis statement for this type of an essay can be as follows:

“This essay will provide a comparison between qualitative and quantitative methods of research”

4. If there are many, you may choose up to 4 key points each to represent similarities and differences.

5. The body can be structured in two ways. If a large number of points are discussed under each alternative’s similarities or differences, then these can be written in a separate paragraph for each alternative. However if there are few but significant differences and similarities, a separate paragraph should be dedicated to each.

6. Give an essay title that reflects the content of the essay. It can mention the alternatives being compared.

7. Make sure to cite any sources from which you used information, data and ideas to support your comparison. These citations should comply with the required essay reference systems as MLA, APA, and Harvard etc.

In addition to above guidelines, you should make sure to edit and proof read your essay a number of times. Refer to sample essays available online for a better understanding of how comparative essays are to be written.

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Writing Effective Comparative Essays
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