Writing an Impressive Application Essay

A Well Written Application Essay Increases the Chances of being Accepted into a Good College

Once high school is finally over, it is time for you to think of applying to colleges and universities for furthering your further education. There are many choices for students to choose from when applying but the challenge lies in impressing the selectors. Application essay is a very valuable tool in this process. This essay is also known in many other terms as college admission essay, collage entrance essay, personal statement etc. Whichever, manner it is known as, this is the student’s moment to shine. What you write and how you write it will influence greatly whether you will gain entrance into the esteemed college of your choice. This is why you may decide to buy essay instead of taking the chance of writing an essay of this nature. For those who opt to write on their own, below are a few tips which can help improve this essay.

How to Write an Application Essay

• The essay topics or a list of essay prompts are often assigned by the college in the application. If there is a choice involved, select the topic which can showcase your character strengths to the maximum.

• Most students have difficulty in identifying what to write in the essay. Keep sincerity in your mind but promote your best self in a subtle but effective manner. Your essay should flow naturally and simply as this is not a very formal document. It should be simple yet deeply intense so as to convey of your values, inspirations and character to the selection board. An effective admission essay will touch the selectors’ heart and tug at the heart strings, convincing that you are worthy to be in their student body.

• Structure is the next important element to a good application essay. Use the most common essay structure when it comes to essay writing. Your essay should begin with the introduction, which should be an interesting one, two or three body paragraphs and the conclusion.

• Most College Boards have recommended word counts. Therefore, once the essay is written subject it to a round of essay editing and proofreading before submitting. Keep your sentences short and simple. This is the best way to reach to the mind of the reader, especially when they are tired from reading many thousands of essays that vie for the same spot in the admission list.

Do’s and Don’ts of an Application Essay

• Always be honest. Truth is always the best policy. If poor grades at a certain stage in life are apparent in the transcripts, explain it honestly. However, ensure that the blame is not put on anyone else.

• Do not praise yourself too much. Highlight accomplishments but do not go overboard.

• Do not be boring. A touch of humor is recommended, not too excessively though.

• Write you essay to reflect yourself. The tone of the essay should be one where the reader understands that it is written by a high school student. Therefore, try not to sound too grown up.

• Be yourself. Do not try to be what the College Board expects a student to be.

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Writing an Impressive Application Essay
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