Writing an Appealing College Application Essay

Writing Considerations

Now that you have an understanding of what the Board wants in your essay, you can begin to think of writing it. However, many students will make the mistake of including exactly what the Admission Board is looking for whether it is true or false. You should never lie in your college application essays. Do not go on about what an excellent academic organization it is or what Global Warming will do to the world. Be different. Be unique. Add something new to the essay. Something which no one else has even thought about including. This will ensure that your essay will be read through to the end.

Do not write lists of what you did or have done previously. Any information that can be gained through reading different sections of the application letter, too, should be avoided. Highlight what your life aspirations are and why your goals and what the college has to offer is a perfect match.

Well written college application essays can be the turning point in your academic life. Therefore, if you wish to be accepted into a good college, write your essay as well as you can. And make sure you make it sound energetic, interesting and full of life experiences which make the entire essay tangible to the reader. .

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Writing an Appealing College Application Essay
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