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Write My Essay: The New Kind of Business

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The world is changing all the time. Modern people get new demands. New demands push us to discover new technologies. Getting new problems, we have to look for new solutions. We all know that demand and supply cannot exist without each other, so new business models appear all the time. One of such business models had been unimaginable just a few years ago. People who cannot write a good paper ask professional writers for help. We interviewed one of such writers and learned a lot of interesting things about writing services.

We never thought that the demand for custom writing is so high. Moreover, we never knew that online writing services have so diverse customers. We found out that the majority of customers consists of students of prestigious schools like Stanford, Yale, University of Chicago, MIT, and Austin. Many of them are talented, hard-working students. However, even the smartest students don’t manage to write several papers under conditions of strict deadlines. They care about the quality of their papers so they order the help of professional writers.

According to statistics, the majority of customers consists of undergraduates, Master’s students, and Ph.D. students. They need to cope with writing tasks of any kind, such as research papers, dissertations, essays, etc. Most often, these websites take orders from Florida, California, New York, and Texas. The most popular subjects are Business Management, English, Sociology, Psychology, Maths, and Nursing.

However, there is a particular category of students who have more struggles than anyone else. These are students who have English as their second language. Essay writing is the crucial part of the education process, so international students have to compete with native speakers in order to get a degree they dream about. Some students just buy essays written by other people, while others have a clear understanding of what they are looking for, choosing custom writing. In fact, professional writers are able to take into account any wishes and they are familiar with all high school standards. Customers only need to specify topics and deadlines. Prices vary depending on the type and the complexity of each particular task. Especially difficult scientific papers may cost up to $100 per page. Writers create essays from scratch so students don’t need to participate in writing at all.

There are many reasons why so many students delegate their work to professional writers. Sometimes, students have a part-time job or they must take care of their kids so they just don’t have time to work on multiple assignments. Others don’t have necessary English skills to write well. There are also students who make too many grammar mistakes. They need their papers to be edited by people who are perfect at grammar. The demands of all these students determine the direction of the development of this industry.

The most controversial thing about essay writing services is the moral justification. The impact of such services on the knowledge and performance of their customers remains unclear. There are many opinions on this issue. However, students still are able to invest in their skills and participate in the writing process. They can use such services to see examples of excellent writing and so to improve their own papers in the future. Some students provide writers with their ideas and drafts. They just need somebody to give their thoughts a complete shape. In such a case, online writing services certainly help their customers in achieving their most important goals.

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