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How to Write an Army SOP

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How to Write an Army SOP

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In the army, SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is a manual for soldiers that defines their objectives and provides them with step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish them. These protocols are aimed to help soldiers who are behind enemy lines and so cannot contact command to get new instructions. Thus, SOP are very important protocols that keep soldiers from failure even in case they’ve lost contact with headquarters. Various researches show that when soldiers cannot contact headquarters, they become inactive and lazy. Thus, SOP is what helps them stay focused on important goals and sets clear tasks.

RTO in Military

RTO stands for Radio Telephone Operator. Its main function is establishing communications between command and soldiers. Within the Standard Operating Procedure, if soldiers have problems with equipment and so cannot contact command, they can search for other means of communication or try to repair their equipment in order to reestablish contact.

SOP Regulations

It’s important to be able to easily divide and segregate information. For this reason, all documents must meet requirements of the army format. Army SOP Regulations contain the system of standards for any documents. In addition, this means contains step-by-step instructions for emergency situations. For instance, if a unit loses contact with command and has no means of communication available, regulations require sending a search party to recover the missing unit. If you need to make an SOP, you can find various SOP templates on the internet and create a formal document easily.

Physical Security Operations

Operatives and units aimed to protect a client are called physical security operations. In fact, physical security operations are bodyguards. Just like other units described above, they follow the standard operating procedure as well. In this case, SOP should be written according to a general format. Usually, organizations that provide such services have necessary templates available in their offices, You can also download templates on the internet.

Army SOP Format

Formatting documents according to SOP standards is a challenging task, especially if you don’t have any specific examples to start with. Thus, we suggest downloading free SOP templates online. After this, you’ll be able to easily write your document, taking into account our tips:

  • Determine important factors:
    • The What — this section is devoted to the situation a unit or soldier has to deal with. Depending on the type of situation, the soldier will take certain actions.
    • The Why — this section focuses on causes of the situation. It allows soldiers to focus on their objectives because if the cause of a difficult situation is known, they can prepare for it in advance.
    • The How — this section considers possible ways of managing this situation, suggesting soldiers how to save supplies and avoid dangerous scenarios.
  • Make many protocols that cover all possible situations
    • Standard operating procedures are all about security. They are aimed to provide soldiers with understandable guidelines on how to act when it’s impossible to contact command in the near future.
How to Write an Army SOP
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