Who is ready do my homework for me?

This is a report of a little quick and dirty investigation we recently undertook among our customers. The main goal of the research was to sketch out the picture of the perfect essay writer that would manage all customers’ needs. The following steps were taken:

  1. It started with a survey we sent out to the Pay4Homework emails list.
  2. We’ve made a little online survey that was open to all users.
  3. We’ve made a content analysis of the Q&A services, such as: answers.yahoo.comquora.com, etc. (we’ve been analyzing answers with the queries “who can do my homework”, “do my homework for me”, and “do my homework for free”.

Target audience: students 18-27 years old, all over the world. The portrait of the student: it is the person in need, suffers from the lack of time. Sometimes, lazy student, who doesn’t want to make and assignment or who is not motivated in this subject.

We’ve received over 500 answers, and try to gather them all together for you. Now, we’ve got the picture of the “best homework doer”, that can handle students’ homework tasks.

  • narrowly focused specialist. The survey showed, that over 69% of students don’t trust the one-man band. Especially it goes for the experts in math homework, physics homework, calculus homework, and programming homework;
  • over 76% of respondents claim that they pay attention to the tutor’s/writer’s grammar at the stage of chatting. Even if the tutor/homework doer is an expert in engineering. So the second must-have item is grammar.
  • 57% of the respondents said, that they trust essay writing services much more, then freelancers. This is due to the homework writing service has guarantees and strict rules of in-time delivery. Freelancers usually catch delay.
  • the person who does your homework should be the resident of your own country. For example, it is not suitable to hire writer from UK, if the customer is from the USA. That is also fair for the ESL students, who doesn’t need the essay written by Shakespeare.
  • the best way is to find an ex-professor/teacher or tutor to make homework for the student. These types of experts are most welcome.

If you want to read a detailed results of the research “Who is ready do my homework for me?”, please email us to marketing@pay4homework.com.

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Who is ready do my homework for me?
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