How To Write A Perfect Text

If you have found yourself stuck in the middle of a sentence and do not know what to write about, we are here to help you. At our service you can find different creative writing prompts. In other words, you can learn about powerful writing techniques and strategies. Plus you can check topics to write about if you are looking for ideas.

To create powerful texts that grab the reader’s attention, you need to understand what you want to write. It is important to choose the format, the style, and the idea you like. Only then can you write something valuable. You can forget about writer’s block, as soon as your heart starts composing. So to write a great text you need to choose what you want to write about and how you are going to do it.


Check out some ideas to sparkle your writing mood:

  1. What to write a poem about

You can choose a poem about philosophical concepts like love, hate, truth, fate, soul etc. You can write something about your life experience and life choices – just anything that comes to your head.

  1. What to write about in a blog

Before you get down to a blog, you need to decide what you are interested in, what your beliefs and lifestyle are. This will help you decide what topic you want to choose. People often write about traveling, cooking, literature, relationships, or fashion. Find something you are passionate about and tell about it in your blog. In that case writer’s block will never be a problem.

  1. Short story ideas

To write a short story you can use the following formulas that can really inspire you. ‘____ discovers a ghost’, ‘A young boy becomes _____’, ‘______bumps into her soul mate’. You can choose your character and create your story.


The biggest problem that tons of authors face is how to get rid of writer’s block. When you are constantly writing, you eventually run out of ideas. If you want to avoid writer’s block, you need to learn how to find inspiration. First of all, use your senses. In other words, listen, taste, and observe. Secondly, change the scene. Wake up at different time than usual, buy something extraordinary, or walk to places you have never been. Keep your mind always alert and you will easily find creative writing prompts anywhere.

How To Write A Perfect Text
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