What Is an Academic Essay?

An academic essay is a particular type of academic paper that is based on a thesis statement and arguments that support this statement. Usually, such essays are a few pages long. They focus on one concrete idea, providing readers with materials that illustrate why a thesis statement is correct. There are four types of academic essays:

  • Persuasive essays are aimed to convince readers to accept a certain idea;
  • Argumentative essays consider arguments that support a certain point, as well as arguments of the opposite side. Such an analysis of opposite ideas must prove the author’s statement;
  • Expository essays provide a personal vision of a certain issue or idea;
  • Analytical essays are aimed to analyze a piece of art, event, etc.

Skills Required

Regardless of the essay type, students have to be familiar with certain principles of writing and have necessary skills. Some people are gifted to be good writers. However, there are many great writers who managed to develop their skills, practicing and improving the quality of their text. There are two most important skills for writers:

  • the ability to be logical, informative, coherent and accurate with arguments;
  • the ability to use an appropriate and ample language.

However, these skills may guarantee success only in case an author follows a certain structure, style, and format. This ability comes only with experience.

Tips on Academic Writing

Some useful advice is able to facilitate the writing process considerably. The heart of any academic essay is a good thesis statement and relevant evidence that supports it. For such a reason, those who want to write a strong academic essay must study the topic carefully, doing a detailed research. The success of this assignment depends on the level of understanding of the question. Once an author has prepared the thesis with necessary evidence, he or she starts working on the structure, writing an outline. The outline serves as a basis for several drafts. These drafts are edited and reviewed a few times before the final version of the essay is ready.

Any student is able to write an academic paper if one follows a certain algorithm. This algorithm isn’t complicated, but many students still fail when trying to write sophisticated academic papers. The reason is that many students just don’t have enough time so they are unable to get the desired result. In this case, we have another useful tip on academic writing: you can always ask for help. There are many experienced writers who are familiar with all necessary requirements. They are native speakers and graduated experts in various fields, so they won’t feel any difficulties while writing your essay of any kind. We provide examples available for downloading on our website so that our potential clients can estimate the uniqueness and quality of our service.

Those who want to get qualitative academic help must move through a few simple steps. First of all, a customer places an order. After this, our service finds an author who will be in charge for the essay. Since this moment, our customer can relax and wait while our writer does all the work. In addition, the client is able to contact the author anytime they want to clarify specific details and control the process. When the paper is ready, the client receives a PDF file with a preview of the essay. In case the work is approved, the client can download the final version. Our essays are always checked for plagiarism and grammar mistakes before we send the preview. In case our client is unsatisfied with the preview, he or she can request a free revision. If the final result doesn’t satisfy the client, we guarantee a refund.

Our service is simple and convenient. We select only the best writers and guarantee the highest quality of our papers. The price of the order depends on several factors, such as the type of paper, a deadline, the number of pages, and an academic level. Thus, students can analyze all the information above and decide whether they want to work on their assignment on their own or delegate this difficult work to our professionals. From our side, we provide writing help of the highest quality for a reasonable price.

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