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Tips on how to focus on homework and studying in college

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Tips on how to focus on homework and studying in college

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They taught us Spanish and Math, but one thing our school forgot to teach us is how to spend a quality time on a subject and how to focus on homework. So, every time you sit at your desk and your mind is elsewhere, the questions pops up: how do I focus on homework. This question doesn’t escape you in college, and even later, at work.

Several tips on how to concentrate on homework in college

Counterintuitive this advice might sound, but once you give it a try, it will change your life forever. So, here are four tips on how to concentrate on homework and studying:

  1. Change your attitude
  2. Get enough sleep
  3. Do physical exercise
  4. Plan

Want to know how it works? Let’s explore these tips one at a time.

To study well, you should sleep well

Have you been wondering how to stay awake to do your homework? Well, it’s simple. Just get enough sleep the night before. And every other night. During sleep, your brain gets ‘repaired’ and cleaned of all the toxins. Not enough night rest results in your brain literally wrecked and intoxicated, that prevents you from focusing and thinking clearly the next day. And if you are having a test, get well rested the night before. Lack of sleep will work against you. To prevent last night cramming, revise material regularly.

Call a task boring and you’ll get bored with it

To have fun with any task, you should change your attitude. “How to do boring homework” is not the right mindset if you want to get it done. Rather, think “I’m going to learn something new now” or “I’ll get one step closer to getting my diploma”. A positive attitude has proved to improve mental processes in your brain.

Can’t find the right answer, go for a run

Sitting and wrecking your brain for hours over a problem actually makes your brain work slower. You should learn how to discipline yourself to do homework. If you see that you are stuck, go for a run or do some other physical exercise. Studies have shown, that sudden changes between mental and physical activities improve the quality of former. Distraction you get from an exercise, actually, helps you focus later.

Plan to get everything done on time

How to do homework without getting distracted? Time management and planning, like Pomodoro Technique, might come handy. Try planning to do your homework, say, from 3 p.m. till 4 p.m., no music or TV. And then stick with this plan. Split your task into chunks of 25-minutes each, and add small pauses of at least 5 min in-between. You might consider joining a reliable study-group to keep you organized and focused.

Try this tips one at a time, and don’t forget to reward yourself for small successes.

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