How to Write a Thematic Essay

Generally, the most difficult about such a type of paper is to define the most important theme of the book. All the readers build their own opinion on the book. Anyway, if you want to express your opinion effectively and persuasively, you need to support your theses with examples, considering not only the story, but also literary devices used by author. These may be personifications, metaphors or any approaches that make this story vivid and interesting.

Before you start a thematic essay outline, you need to choose a good topic. And the topic of your essay depends on the main theme of a book. While reading the book, make notes. Analyze your notes and try to understand what subject an author most often writes about. Keep in mind that the theme and the topic are different things. Your topic is what you want to talk about. It may be justice, love, faith, etc. The theme is what the author writes about, illustrating the topic. It’s a big example related to your main topic.

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Read Between the Lines

Try to analyze all the clues and circumstances that pushed characters to certain actions. Some books are quite obvious, but some authors don’t like to write in a straightforward manner, that’s what makes such stories interesting. Your goal is to decipher an author’s point, analyzing every detail. Writing about each particular plot twist, estimate its significance for the entire book. Moreover, try to explain why this theme is important for readers, how the author’s point can be applied in real life?

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How to Write a Thematic Essay
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