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Structure Your Paper Correctly

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A research paper is an essential assignment you need to deal with in college. You need not only to collect data and provide an in-depth analysis, but also structure your paper according to the set of requirements. An introduction and conclusion are two main parts framing your assignment.

An essay introduction is aimed at grasping the reader’s attention. Use some surprising facts or shocking turns of your investigation. This will attract the reader and make them want to read your paper.

If you have any troubles, you can always ask our service for advice. Or we can write an essay introduction for you. Making your conclusion is also highly important. Any paper needs closure, so your results and findings will be supported and clearly stated.


When the time comes, students spend hours thinking how to write a conclusion for a research paper. How to make it powerful and convincing? The key to a good ending consists in three main tips:

  1. Avoid vague phrases

When writing a basic conclusion, you need to be clear and precise. You are summing up your research, so do not beat around the bush.

  1. Restate, rephrase, and summarize

Concluding your assignment, you basically restate or rephrase your topic and thesis statement. Plus you provide a summary of all main points, results, and findings analyzed in the paper.

  1. Make it catchy

Conclusion for a research paper should be convincing. Introduction and conclusion are interconnected. Ending and essay introduction how? For example, you can ask a question at the beginning and answer it in a conclusion.


The only question left is how to write a conclusion for a research paper and avoid all the mistakes. First and foremost, forget about the use of following phrases ‘In conclusion’ or ‘Summing up’. They are unnatural and even trite.

Secondly, you should also stick to the same tone you use throughout your whole paper. That is to say, do not use some dramatic turn if you paper was written in a purely academic style.

Finally, do not apologize for ‘not being an expert.’ Never use the phrase as it makes the reader doubt your investigation.

If you have any questions left on how to write a research paper, contact our service and we will help you 24/7.

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