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A Few Steps to Writing a Bibliography

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A Few Steps to Writing a Bibliography

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If you don’t know how to write a bibliography, don’t despair, because we have all necessary information for you. Just follow our simple rules!

How to Write a Bibliography: Quick Guide

Bibliography is a necessary part of most college papers. Every time you support your point with facts and quotes, you need to give your readers a chance to check out your sources and evaluate them. That’s why you need a bibliography, and that’s where problems appear. It’s not enough to just write a list of used books, websites and articles. There are certain rules for writing a bibliography.

Your references may be formalized in different ways, depending on the chosen style. Generally, there are three most common styles of formatting: MLA (Modern Language Association), CMS (Chicago Manual of Styles), and APA (American Psychological Association). There are also other styles, but we will look at the most popular ones.

These styles differ not only by the formatting rules, but also by purpose. For example, for scientific researches, you need to write bibliography APA style. On the other hand, if you’re writing on humanities, MLA style bibliography is the best choice. Some styles are more or less difficult. Most students consider MLA one of the simplest formats. The Chicago Manual of Style is much more complicated. Chosen style also determines how you will write your cover page and other features. For example, CMS requires running heads with the short version of the title, on every page.

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A Few Steps to Writing a Bibliography
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