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How to Overcome Writer’s Block: Seven Steps

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How to Overcome Writer’s Block: Seven Steps

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Almost every writer on the planet has faced a huge problem, at least once. Sometimes you just don’t have any words to write; your head becomes completely empty, so you just sit staring at the screen, and feeling frustrated like never before. Once again, if you have such a problem, you’re not alone. Everyone has to overcome writer’s block, and we want to help you with simple tips. We asked a few successful writers with many years of experience in writing thrillers, horrors, and historical novels. Follow these seven steps, and you’ll surely back on track!

  1. Stop writing and switch to any other creative activity. The point is that your brain gets tired of monotonous work, so you have to kick start it with new creative tasks. Try painting, scrapbooking, whatever you like. You can write poetry, or build something in your backyard. Sometimes it’s enough to just switch between different projects. Your brain will take a breath of fresh air and your creativity will come back.
  2. Try freewriting. Every day, write anything that comes to your mind for at least 15 minutes. Forget about style or punctuation; just write any random phrases on any topics. The main rule here is to forget about any rules. Don’t try to make a good text, switch subjects any time you like. You’ll get rid of frustration, put your random thoughts on the paper, and so free some space for new ideas. If you’re working on a book, such a practice can give you some ideas for your further work. We suggest you doing it every day, and you’ll see wonderful results in a week.
  3. You got to move! Maybe you’d never thought of it, but when your body moves, your brain also starts working faster. Practice yoga, lift weights, go for a run, or dance – do whatever you like to make your body get more oxygen. You can also try meditation – it’s a nice way to get relaxed and focused. Physical exercises will help your brain get rid of unnecessary thoughts. You will feel better, and your creativity will increase. Just take your time, move, and then get back to work.
  4. No distractions. Social media and mobile phones may take too much attention. If you found yourself checking your smartphone every ten minutes, just turn it off. Unplug the internet cable, if the temptation is too strong. If writing is your job, you have to take it responsively. Spend a few hours just writing, without any unnecessary thoughts and actions. Let’s be honest, you can check your newsfeed or watch cute pictures of cats after your work is done. Keep your working place clean, since a cluttered desk isn’t a good environment for productive work.
  5. Write in the morning. When you dream, your brainwave pattern is in so-called Theta mode. It keeps working in the same way after you woke up. Some writers note that they wrote their best works early in the morning. Of course, not everyone is able to wake up at 5:00 AM, but try to wake up earlier.
  6. Write while you sleep. When we sleep, our subconscious minds keep working. If you’re stuck on some difficult writing, think about it before you go to sleep. Your brain will think about it, and you may be surprised when, in the morning, you’ll wake up with a fresh creative solution.
  7. Drink a Glass of Water. When nothing else helps, you can try the best method that removes writer’s block. Many writers state that this psychological practice helps them in the most difficult situations. Take a glass of water and talk to it. What is your intent? For example, say: “My intent is to write a killing article tomorrow. I want to write a creative text which will impress any reader, and I want to do it easily. I want to complete all my tasks and then sleep with wonderful dreams.” After these magic words, drink a half of the water and go to sleep. As soon as you woke up, drink another half, and start writing. Try not to do anything else, just follow this strict sequence of actions. Maybe such a technique looks a bit weird, but you must try it because it works!

Follow our simple tips, and you will see that writer’s block is just a minor problem that can be easily solved. Don’t worry, and write your brilliant texts!

How to Overcome Writer’s Block: Seven Steps
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