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OCR Coursework Help

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OCR or ‘The Office for Civil Rights’ mission works diligently to make sure that people across the country have access to quality education on and equal ground and that the civil rights of all students are safeguarded, in the process of their acquiring an education. Students who wish to follow a career in the field of education or play a role in public service would most likely opt for OCR course module. It can also be mandatory in some cases to make sure the students are fully aware of the role played by Office of Civil Rights. OCR Coursework will therefore focus on the civil rights safeguarding issues and prohibition of discrimination against colour, race, ethnicity and gender in the educational system.

Complexity of Work
Some students may take it up at university level as a subject for their Masters of Public service degree or for a bachelor’s level program. At what ever study level, this is not a coursework that can be written without much effort. For instance, if you were to be handling assignments for GCSE English coursework, perhaps, the writing will be more enjoyable and less complex. However, this assignment calls for plenty of reference, and citing of Acts, by Laws and legislature as well. Therefore, the work is undoubtedly complex and challenging if you intend to score a high mark.

General Format
The standard coursework for this subject will be in the form of essay papers. If you have written education essays, then you may have a basic idea as to how best to approach this type of essays as well. The general essay format is appropriate to be adopted for writing. This will include an essay introduction which includes the general guidance of the coursework, the body section in which the investigations, the research and the findings are presented and lastly the conclusion. The work needs to have referencing to laws and legislature which should be properly referenced as per the required referencing system. This can be in APA. MLA or Chicago systems.

Key Requirements and Guidelines
In complex assignment writing, it is always best that the students apply the common but most effective guidelines that make effective coursework. Following are few that can be noted:

1. Read the coursework instructions thoroughly and outline the key requirements.
2. Draw up an essay plan and work as per it. Include time schedules, reference sources and how you will approach the coursework.
3. Draw up the essay outline which will guide your writing smoothly and logically.
4. Research the subject well and make notes and list out the reference details of the sources.
5. Start writing your coursework. Go back to extra referencing if you find that you need some extra evidence to support your point.
6. Your work is never complete without editing and proofreading. DO not underestimate the value of both.
7. Presentation matters, therefore word process and print the work in professional manner.
8. Submit the coursework on time

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