How to write a critical essay

Critical essay defined

This is a negative connotation that is not necessarily true as a critical essay is a piece of work that is an analysis of a literary work, play or a movie. In other words, it is an analytical work that takes an objective view of the subject being reviewed and considers the same from different angles. The main elements of a critical essay are the analysis of the content, the evaluation of the different view points that the work has and your opinion on the work. However, it is not always necessary to add your opinion though more often than not an opinion of the topic is required for the purpose of informing the intended audience of the essay about what you think.

Writing a critical essay

There are many ways to write a critical essay. You can either write a review of the material in a matter of fact manner or delve deep into the material and offer unique insights into what makes the subject fascinating. Irrespective of whether you offer a good review or a poor one, your critical essay must be interesting to read.

If you have to write a critical essay, you need to keep some things in mind before you embark on the process. First, formulate a central thesis or theme about the topic at hand. In other words, have an idea around which your essay is woven together. You can refer to the basics of writing an essay to help you get a feel of how to structure your essay. Second, buttress your idea with material that is supportive of your view point as well as material that is contrary to your view point. Many students make the mistake of assuming that a critical essay should be one-dimensional in its approach. Remember that a good critical essay has space for alternate view points and is akin to a good debate where both sides have their points laid out.

Next, summarize the topic in neat and cogent sentences with an emphasis on clear and lucid language to describe the differing perspectives as well the analysis of the matter. There is nothing more pleasant to read than an essay that is well structured and is written in good prose and with clarity. The ability to summarize the central idea of the topic and offer your view or opinion on what makes the material being reviewed great or poor is an essential part of the critical essay writing process. Finally, end the critical essay with a flourish. A quote from an established source to make the point is certainly appreciated.

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How to write a critical essay
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