How to Write a Comparative Essay

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How to Write a Comparative Essay

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Guidelines on How to Write a Comparative Essay

A comparative essay comprises of a comparison of two or more things stated in a logical manner which makes the reader easily recognize the similarities and differences between the subjects being compared. We do comparisons on a daily basis. You can compare books by two different authors and discuss the similarities and differences in plots and writing style. You can also compare a work of art to another. The point to note is that you will need two or more similar objects in order to make the comparison. This writing style is important for your future work as you will need to compare various subjects and objects. Even in your thesis writing, you will need to compare different types of dissertation research options. Therefore, learning how to write a comparative essay will be useful for future studies as well as scoring high on your comparative essay assignment itself.

What will you compare?
It is important to choose what to compare wisely. This will be your first question and this will have to be present right throughout your essay. It should be two items which have similarities. You cannot bring together two objects which have no similarities what so ever and then try and compare them. Also try not to compare things that have no relevance and are of no importance to the reader. This is merely to ensure interest value to the reader.

How many to compare?
It is advisable to keep the number of objects to a few. You cannot compare four of five items in one short essay. This type of essays are usually written with 750- 10000 words and hence best is to compare two subjects in a comprehensive manner. If you are to compare many items, your essay will be too lengthy and also confusing.

Alternative Methods
There are two methods of writing your essay. A standard comparative essay can be done using two approaches. You will have to decide which approach you will use.
1. One method will be where you will introduce first one item and then the other. Once you have done this you will be able to draw a comparison of the key points separately.
2. The second method will be where you will introduce both aspects of the subjects together and compare them as you progress. Unlike the previous method you will be comparing your subjects together.

Points of concern
It should be kept in mind that a good essay should be well organized with each argument presented in a logical manner. It should also be kept in mind that an essay of this type should compare not only the similarities but the differences as well. Most students make the mistake of comparing only the similarities and are gravely disappointed when they receive a low mark for their essay.

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