How to Write a College Application Essay That Gets you Selected

A College Application Essay Should Highlight Character Strengths, Skills and Aptitudes of the Applicant

Once high school is complete, most students will go on to further their studies through college and university studies. These educational establishments require students to submit academic transcripts, other educational qualifications and a completed admission application form when applying for admission. An important part of the college application is a section called admission essay. This is also referred to as a college application essay. This will be one of the most important essays that a student will be writing. Therefore all the skills of essay writing you have learned should be applied to it.

The importance of a college application essay
Thousands of applications are received by colleges and universities and are scanned through by the admission boards. A well written application essay or a college admission essay makes the differences between being rejected or accepted into the academic institute. This is because, impressive SAT and GMAT scores or straight A’s in A Levels are not the only thing an admission board sees and appreciate in a student. Therefore the application essay will aid average students set themselves apart and highlight their character strength, special skills and aptitudes which are not reflected in academic records.

How to write the essay
Before beginning the writing procedure it is important for the students to ask themselves, what the admission board is looking for. The reason an application essay is produced is for the admission board to get an insight in to the student’s character, life, inspirations etc. Writing this essay will also enable the board to realize the writing prowess of the student and how well he or she can express them through written medium. As the selection committee goes through many essays your essay should be interesting and different from the rest. Following are few tips to apply in writing an effective application essay.

1. This type of essay is similar to the personal essays you have written in your high school classes. Such essays are common for GCSE coursework for English subject. Apply same techniques and writing style in order to make your college application essay effective.

2. Do not write about grades and achievements. They are already apparent in the transcripts. The main elements which should be apparent in the essay are personality, character strengths, life goals and inspirations etc. If these elements are visible in the essay, there is a high possibility that your essay will be noticed and impress the selectors.

3. There is no standard essay format for this type of essay. Different colleges require different types of formats; therefore, it is important to find out which format is required for writing the essay. One relief is you are not required to cite any sources or do references as this is a personal essay that you are writing.

What to avoid in the essay
1. Avoid lies. Some students tend to write what they imagine as what selectors want to hear. But sincerity can reap its own benefits. So, do not to impress the selection committee with fabricated information.

2. Avoid long sentences – keep the writing simple and smooth. Eliminate unnecessary words and rambling descriptions.

3. Avoid controversy – You can pick such matters for future college essays but for your entrance essay steer clear of controversy and taboo issues. You do not wish to alienate any committee member.

4. Avoid sloppy work. Proofread the entire essay. A good application essay will be one that is error free.

Writing a college application essay should be done with a great deal of consideration. This is after all the stepping stone to the next level of education. Therefore, it is important to submit an essay which convinces the selectors that you are worthy to be a part of their esteemed college.

This is an essay which most students opt to write on their own. But the stakes riding on the effectiveness of it is very high. So, some students may decide not to take a risk of being ineffective. They may choose to enlist writing help of a professional. If you require help with your application essay, contact The company offers various types of writing help ranging from coursework handling, essay help to dissertation writing. The entrance essay written by their professionals will be hard to ignore and hard to reject.

How to Write a College Application Essay That Gets you Selected
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