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How to Start: Hooks for Essay

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How to Start: Hooks for Essay

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What are the hooks in an essay, and why are they called so? Just like fishing, the hook grabs your readers so they could follow you further. These are the first words of your essay. It may be a catchy phrase or an interesting question that will make your reader want to discover the answer with you. Let’s consider common essay hooks in more detail.

You can use a quote of a famous person that is related to the topic of your essay. Or it may be an interesting fact, some vivid situation that illustrates your point. Writing about social issues, it’s worth starting with a specific statistic which explains why the subject of your work is important.

Since your hook must be related to your main point, you can start work on it even when you finished your entire paper. Or you can draw up an outline for your essay, define your main point, find necessary arguments and then, depending on your claims, write a brief and vivid phrase, which will grab your readers’ attention.

Common Hooks for Essay

Humor is a good way to increase the curiosity of your readers. That’s why you can start with an anecdote. If you make your readers smile, you will not only start with a good impression, but also push them to find out why this anecdote is related to your topic.

Of course, the type of your hook depends on the subject. Think about the audience you’re talking to; define the main purpose of your essay. Should it entertain readers or educate them? You should use stories from your personal life and jokes working only on emotional topics that don’t involve serious researches and boring statistical data. If your essay is about social issues, it’s better to use statistics or unknown facts. Analyzing a book, you can choose a quote of the author that explains his or her thoughts about atopic.

Writing essay hooks, make sure that you won’t lose readers’ attention with the next few paragraphs. Make sure that your main point and conclusion have the same effect as your vivid introduction.

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How to Start: Hooks for Essay
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