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Help writing a bibliography for a high grade

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Help writing a bibliography for a high grade

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You have completed writing your paperwork, you feel satisfied, but what about composing a bibliography? Most students neglect this point and form it incorrectly. What if I tell you that it’s easy if you are aware of some simple and evident secrets? Just keep reading!

Make a full list

The first thing to do is to collect a full roll of books, articles, websites, journals and other appropriate sources of data you have used. Pay attention that you must provide at least 3 written (what means published) sources – that is the requirement of many educational institutions.

Present the data in a correct way

When I try to make my bibliography, I always gather information about each author. It includes:

  • the name of the author;
  • the title of a book or publication;
  • the organization, date and place of publication;
  • the volume number and used page numbers as well.

This list is for printed sources of information, while for websites you should collect:

  • names of authors and editors (if they are available);
  • the page title;
  • the firm or company which has made the post;
  • URL (a website address);
  • the last date you have opened this source of information.

Some secrets

As I do my bibliography rather often, I have found out some useful tips or secrets of bibliography composing. The needed information is often presented in different places, so if you want to collect it as soon as possible then check the following places:

  • the article heading;
  • the front, 2nd, or editorial pages;
  • the page with contents;
  • the header or footer of a website;
  • the page ‘About’ presented at a website.

Format examples

If you have a question how to put a bibliography in alphabetical order, then open templates of approved MLA or APA format examples. They are the most full and detailed; therefore it will be easy for you to format it correctly. The alphabetical order is usually started with the author’s last name. There are such situations, when you have more than one author mentioned, and then you’d better alphabetize it beginning with the one which goes first.

Help writing a bibliography

Although I am rather good at bibliography writing, sometimes I am pressed for time, so I can’t do it myself. In these cases I make use of one reliable service – You may be interested in a way how to order a bibliography here. Then you just need to send an application: “help me do my bibliography”, and explain your task. That’s all! It’s so simple, isn’t it?

Help writing a bibliography for a high grade
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