Food For Though with your Food Technology Coursework

Attend to All Components of Food Technology Coursework Diligently

This coursework is a major part of the course module and accounts for 60% of the subject. There can be similar A Level coursework and college assignments too provided, the students choose to continue pursuing studies on this subject. Let us review the key components of this extensive coursework

The coursework should have four main components as:

1. Product Design Stage
2. Product Development Stage
3. Product Planning and Making Stage
4. Evaluation Stage

1. Design Stage

In the design stage of the coursework, the first task is to identify a need through analysis of the food needs, various eating habits, nutritional needs and prospective consumers etc. The outcome of this task will be to come out with a “design brief” which will be written as a simple and concise statement which outlines what the whole coursework project will concentrate on. An example of such a design brief would be

“ To design and make a new convenient food product aimed at people who want quick meal with nutrition”
Having written down the main aim, the student must conduct market research in terms identifying what alternative solutions are there already to meet the above identified consumer need. Consumer surveys should be conducted to identify the specific product needs and expectations of consumers. You may have encountered similar tasks in your marketing assignments. This will lead to drawing up a detailed product design specification. You need to take in to account the material to be used, appearance, functionality, stability, storage requirements, price and cost, portion size and packaging in your product specification.

The last step of the design stage is drawing up a “Design Proposal” in which you propose few (5-6) alternative products which can comply with the product specification and meet the identified need. Then by evaluating the alternatives, you will select the product you wish to develop further.

2. Product Development
Once you select the product you will develop further, your coursework will require you to experiment and fine tune the product. Each experiment and trial should be recorded and outcomes explained. You may conduct recipe testing and make modifications of ingredients, cooking times or quantities and cooking methods. Storage testing, reheating and taste analysis are all part of this stage. The final product you develop should then be recorded with the requirements of ingredients, equipments for making, quality control systems such as HACCP, nutritional analysis, product costing, packaging etc. These should be included in a final product specification. Students are expected to justify each choice they make in regards to the final product.

3. Product Planning and Making
This section of the coursework involves up to 50 hours of practical sessions and then recording of the planning, observations and outcome analysis of this practical sessions. Use of layout plans, preparation proposals, processing techniques etc are all to be mentioned in this stage of the writing. The flow charts should include quality control aspects as well. An important part of this section is the packaging. Students must take in to account all the legislative requirements of packaging Act and then design the packaging to meet product needs , promotional needs as well as the packaging laws. Your skills in computer graphics can come in handy not only for your ITC coursework but for this package design task as well.

4. Evaluation
Evaluation phase of the coursework is not only restricted to the food product itself but to the whole process of completing the coursework. You may use your reflective essay writing skills and reflect upon how you may have improved your process and product further if circumstances such as available time frame were greater.

As explained above, completing a food technology coursework successfully will be a challenging task which will take much effort and time. The practical elements of the coursework will take up much time. You may end up lacking time and energy to do the writing component of the coursework. In such situation, do not hesitate to contact for coursework or essay help. Our expert writers will work closely with you and complete the written work on behalf of you while you concentrate on the experimentations and practical session of this exciting but tediously tiring course module.

Food For Though with your Food Technology Coursework
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