Essentials of Essay Writing

Essays are assigned to students from the time they learn to write sentences. Let your memory travel back and you will remember your first essay titled “myself”. Because so much importance is given to essay writing, let us take a minute to find out exactly what an essay is. An essay is a group of words compiled to make sentences which imparts knowledge and conveys certain thoughts and ideas to the reader on a subject matter. Essays can be in many forms. It can be written as a comparative essay, reflective essay and even a narrative essay etc.

When given an essay to write, you might find yourself asking, what format, structure and skill am I to apply? Writing an essay requires a combination of skill. You should be skilled in the language, the research and the writing. You also need to have sound thought process and apply various thinking skills as critical skills, analysis skills, creative thinking, reasoning skills etc. These are various elements to a good essay. These include the content, writing, formatting, structuring and presentation.

How to write an essay
1. Before you begin the process of writing your essay you should first understand the requirements. This is important as if you don’t know what is asked of you, you will be unable to write a good essay.
2. Be clear on the type of essay to be written. Each essay type differs in various skills to be applied. An analytical essay needs analysis skills while a narrative essay needs story telling skills.
3. Select a topic. Sometimes the topic will be assigned. If not you should select an interesting one that holds relevance and appropriateness to the target audience.
4. Gather information. This will be achieved thorough research. Researching is vital as you need evidence to back your thesis statement. The thesis statement is in your essay introduction. This will state what your argument is and what the central theme of the essay is all about.
5. An essay has to be constructed properly. All paragraphs should blend well and all relevant information should be included. This will be achieved by the use of an essay outline which helps an essay writer to organize the ideas and thinking and put them in to paper.
6. Begin your writing with a clear plan of how you will address each section of the essay. The introduction, body and conclusion will all need to flow logically from one section to the other, giving cohesion to the overall essay.
7. Your essay writing will not be complete if you don’t cite your sources properly. Always remember to do so to avoid unnecessary complications of plagiarism charges being leveled at your writing.

Above is a basic guideline of what can improve your essay writing process. There are essay writing tutorials, guides and other resources that can help you in improving your skills further. If you are having problems with writing your essay, even after reading through these guidelines, then can assist you. This writing service comprise of highly qualified professionals who know all aspects of essay writing which will make your essay a professional piece of writing.

Essentials of Essay Writing
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