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Essay on Jungian Psychology and Theories of Drunvalo Melchizadek

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Essay on Jungian Psychology and Theories of Drunvalo Melchizadek

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Human genetic code consists of 44 chromosomes, divided into 22 pairs. Another two chromosomes determine our gender. However, some people may have more or less chromosomes, and there are many diseases determined by the number of chromosomes and other genetic abnormalities. What consequences such abnormalities lead to? How genetic code changes our bodies and consciousness? A well-known metaphysicist, Drunvalo Melchizadek tried to find some answers to these questions.

He stated that there are three types of humans, who perceive the same reality, but do it in three different ways. First type is characterized by a chromosome combination 42+2. They perceive the whole universe as a part of themselves. They cannot separate themselves from their environment, and feel all of creation as an energy that takes different forms. Like cells of a single body, they are parts of the same consciousness. Some native tribes in Australia and Africa used to live this way. Another type is determined by formula 44+2. This is a normal genetic type, and according to Melchizadek, we are the most dangerous and unstable type of human beings. These two chromosomes ruin all balance and make normal people dangerous to nature and even to themselves. However, Melchizadek points out the importance of such a kind of people, who are a transitional stage between 42+2, and 46+2 types.

Perception of the whole of creation as one correlates with many spiritual beliefs. The whole reality is just a kind of a big body, where people are cells. However, in the modern world, there are no people with required genetic formula.

According to Melchizadek, normal people with 44 chromosomes are unstable. He considers this genetic type as a step on the road to 46+2 formula. We have an individual consciousness, but we cannot collaborate with each other effectively. Our humanity suffers from wars, ignorance, and violence of any kind. This theory states that all this evil is just a result of our genetic code, which creates an imbalance in our perception. Melchizadek states that the only way out of this state is a further genetic evolution.

The next evolutionary step is represented by genetic formula 46+2. Melchizadek states that this kind of people will represent a mass of individuals who also are able to function as one. It’s a unity of separated beings.

Melchizadek builds his theory based on the “unity consciousness”. He draws an analogy with cells in human body, where every cell has its particular function, but all cells together are just details of a single being. He says that this type of organization will help us get rid of misunderstanding, wars, and violence. In his opinion, the cell structure of humanity is the most effective life form, and the highest stage in the evolution.

Christians may interpret such a theory according to Christian traditions. In this case, people become closer to God or Christ. All people are just parts of the body of Christ, and Christ is an organism as a whole. Therefore, people get global understanding of the universe, so there is no violence, pain, or ignorance no more. Another Christians tend to interpret such a theory as the Kingdom of Heaven, the final structure and the main purpose of any existence.

There is a big question, which is how we should move from 44+2 to 46+2? This question implies understanding of how we can jump from our stage of imperfect human beings to a new stage, where we are something much greater and smarter. We analyzed elements of Jungian psychology, and decided to illustrate such an issue on the example of the Tool song, which is called “Forty-Six & 2”.

Maynard builds his thoughts based on the concept of changes that come “through my shadow”. According to Jungian psychology, our minds are separated on two parts, which are the shadow and the ego (animus and anima).

This theory states that males have feminine traits (anima), which are suppressed deeply in our psychological structure. Just like males, females have certain muscular traits (animus) inside their psychological structure. Even though these things are buried deeply in our subconscious, they have an impact on our thoughts and actions all the time. First of all, we are always looking for an opportunity to project these traits on somebody else. Men are trying to project their anima on women, and vice versa. This process is exactly what determines our feeling of “love at the first sight”. We shouldn’t know a person good to project these traits on him or her, since animus and anima automatically form our feelings. These mystique structures also often appear in our dreams, as male or female guiding figures. We can also say that, in the opposite sex, we search for such things that we suppress in ourselves.

On the other hand, we all have the ego, which is a conscious part of our minds. We build this structure during our lives, at the same time getting rid of unnecessary tendencies that we consider “not ourselves”. All these rejected things form another part of our consciousness, which is called counter-ego.

When we meet a person who represents some of our rejected values, traits, and feelings, we often feel anxiousness, annoyance, or anger. In our dreams, these shadow structures often appear in the form of a person of the opposite gender. The shadow has a lot of power over us, since it’s critical to our personal development, and it is capable of affecting our self-esteem and actions. The shadow consists of all things that we fear or try to ignore. It also may suggest us, what we must change about ourselves, to move forward.

Maynard points out the importance of embracing this shadow part of our nature, in order to move on the next stage of evolution. He writes about accepting all rejected traits and learning how to live with them in peace. Describing such a difficult process, he uses such words as “kill”, “die”, and “cry”, as well as “learn”, “grow”, and “move”.

Many metaphysical theories were reflected in New Age art. Tool band uses these theories and creates many deep songs, such as “Schism”, “Stinkfist”, “Parabola”, and “Pushit”. This band never set easy understanding as their main goal, paying special attention to sophisticated lyrics, and even symbolic album artworks. We already mentioned their song “Forty-Six & Two”, so let’s take a closer look at the Aenima album and its cover. The first thing we see is a light burst at the center of the picture, there are also many eyes looking at you. Tool once again said exactly what they mean, without saying anything particular. They push us to look wider, to look at something that is inaccessible for those eyes. Talking about the psychological shadow, this cover represents how we understand a part of it, without access to the shadow as a whole. This band pushes us to open the box and discover all hidden truth recorded on the CD.

Maynard suggests to “listen to muscle memory”, and to try to find a way to our hidden personalities. Thing that are hidden in our shadows are obvious and simple. We just need to step inside this shadow and keep our eyes wide open, to not miss a thing.

Essay on Jungian Psychology and Theories of Drunvalo Melchizadek
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