Essay on Article Bob Barker Meets with Cherokees and Talks about Bears

Bob Barker is one of the most popular game show hosts in American history. He started his career in 1950’s, hosting his own radio show, and had huge success during the next few decades, becoming a host of incredibly popular The Price Is Right on CBS. This daytime show is the longest-running show in a history of American television, which gathered millions of viewers until 2007.

Barker is also a well-known fighter for animal rights. In 2009, on July 28, he spoke about animal rights once again, on the meeting with members of the Tribal Council for the Eastern Band of Cherokee. Barker noted awful conditions under which captive bears live in North Carolina. Some of them spend their lives in cages and concrete pits, serving as a decoy for tourists. Barker already was banned from visiting two of these roadside zoos, but he had a chance to see another one, in Cherokee. Barker met with Michel Hicks, the Principal Chief of the Eastern Band. He asked Hicks to release captive bears, so they could be transported to California. A sanctuary in California has all necessary conditions for bears, so PETA is going to monitor this issue, waiting for bears to be retired.

It’s hard to imagine how these bears live their lives, but the Eastern Band hasn’t made any promises. In Cherokee legends, black bears keep human dreams. Now we hope that their dreams of freedom will become true.

Essay on Article Bob Barker Meets with Cherokees and Talks about Bears
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