Dissertation writing service: what do you get?

When it comes to final course grade, the substantial part of evaluation comes from dissertation you hand in. If you are looking for the way to get the most of this final work, you have come to the right place. Our tam of professional writers specializes in creating customized dissertation from scratch based on your instructions, or from ready-made dissertation proposals.

Types of research to choose

While our company is offering you dissertation writing on both types of research, primary and secondary, there is a suggestion for you. In case you have a choice between primary and secondary research for the dissertation, we suggest you choose the second option.

Writing the dissertation is time-consuming process. And all the additional data and interviews required for the primary research incur even more time and thus increase the cost of the dissertation. If you are limited in time, secondary research will be the best and the most saving option.

However, if you do choose primary research, we would agree on all the costs and schedules and start right away.

Research methodologies

While all the general requirements for dissertations are similar, there is always a choice to make whether to choose qualitative or quantitative research methodologies. Generally, we choose to conduct quantitative research for bigger databases and pile of information, while detailed opinions and interviews require qualitative approach.

Have no worries about choosing the type of research. Our team has subject-specific experts to consult you on the topic and help with defining the key points both for qualitative or quantitative methodologies. Both of them have merits and demerits, you will get professional instruction on each.

Dissertation format

Generally we deliver the dissertation in Microsoft Office Word format (both .doc and .docx depending on your preference). But if you have the special need, we can provide you with another format to your liking. The special format should be stated in the dissertation order placement.

You can choose from the following formats, or require your own:

  • Open Office Writer (.odt)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • PDF

Our writers have the access to the software used by students in different universities, like pay4homework.com and pay4homework.com. In case you are required to use any of them for your dissertation data analysis, this should not be a problem. All the special necessities should be included in the initial order placement.

Qualified writers

Our main goal is your high grade. Thus pay4homework.com writers will only take your dissertation order they are qualified to work on. If you have the specific field of research and dissertation topic, have no worries. All the data and technical details will be accurate and correct. Having enough experience in writing for the country you come from, our professionals provide you with quality paper that requires no additional proofreading from your part.

We take into account the fact that educational requirements and standards are different in every country. And we only assign professionals from your country to work your order.

Dissertation writing service: what do you get?
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