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Dissertation Project is a Comprehensive Task

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Dissertation Project is a Comprehensive Task

Understanding the Requirements of Dissertation Project can Help Students Complete them Better

For students who are doing Masters or PhD degrees writing dissertations is a compulsory part of the degree. When undertaking the dissertation question. While at Masters level studies the dissertation is merely a component of the study, at PhD level, it is the primary focus of the degree program. Dissertations require a combination of academic skills such as research skills, analysis skills, formal academic writing skills etc. It also calls for good project management skills since this is a comprehensive project to plan, implement and complete.

Requirements of a Good Dissertation
Knowing what entails a dissertation would make the task of completing it successfully a more viable task. An effective dissertation would fulfill following main requirements:

1. It should be geared at filling up a gap in knowledge within the topic area you have selected for the study. This means that your dissertation investigation must add valuable contribution of new knowledge to the field of study.
2. It should be conducted with a sound and robust research methodology.
3. The dissertation report must comply with the dissertation guide and be formally documented, formatted and presented.

Importance of a dissertation
A dissertation is a document prepared with great consideration as it stands the chance to be published and other scholars would refer to the dissertation and cite it in their own works of studies. Most often a good research project can make a name for the student as a learned and accomplished scholar in the field of study and also expands the body of knowledge within a particular field of study.

The steps followed when writing a dissertation
Writing any document takes time and effort and this is especially so for an extensive writing project as a dissertation. Along with your dissertation research method, you will also have other aspects to consider as well, such as the topic, the title, structure and the format.
1. The first step is to select a suitable topic. The topic should relate to the subject studied and area of interest. The an apt title must be draft. This is a formal document; hence the title should reflect it.
2. Plan your work and submit a dissertation proposal at the initial phase of the dissertation project. You can only start your dissertation upon receiving approval for the proposed study from the dissertation committee.
3. Researching and writing a dissertation will take a minimum of six months. Therefore, planning and setting aside time and resources is essential.
4. An outline is important when writing a dissertation as well. As a dissertation is a long document with many pages, and sections, organizing all relevant information in a coherent manner and writing it in an outline will make the actual writing process easier.
5. Consider the research methodology you intend to apply at the very outset. This can influence the suitability of the research area and research questions.
6. Handle each section or chapter of your dissertation on a step by step basis, completing each section so that your effort and time is invested systematically.

Key Sections of a Dissertation
Standard format and structure of a dissertation will include the following key chapters, but some dissertations have the literature review section separated in to a number of chapters based on the key constructs being investigated.
1. Introduction Chapter
2. Literature Review Chapter
3. Methodology Chapter
4. Results and discussion Chapter
5. Conclusion Chapter
6. Bibliography
7. Appendix

While all dissertations will not be the same, abovementioned chapters are common to most dissertations, imperative of being a finance, law or marking dissertation.

Dissertation writing is challenging work. However, with the proper guidance you will be able to complete your dissertation project successfully. If you have any unclear areas, always make sure to seek clarifications from the dissertation supervisor allocated to you. If writing a dissertation is too much of a task or you are stuck with the project. has many professional writers who are adept at writing high quality dissertations. Enlist their help and you can feel reassured of being able to submit your dissertation too on time and as per standards.

Dissertation Project is a Comprehensive Task
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