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How To Write A Great Descriptive Essay

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How To Write A Great Descriptive Essay

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First of all, let’s make it clear what a descriptive essay is. You have to describe a person, an object, a phenomenon, etc. It requires only collecting information from open sources. As a matter of fact, it does not take much time to write a descriptive essay. It is usually a one-page text. But if you are pressed for time, you can always ask us to write a descriptive essay for you.

Meanwhile, we are going to tell you what a descriptive essay should be like.

Types of Descriptive Essay

As you can write about various things, there are several types of a descriptive essay.

  • Human essay. We describe other people a lot. Some public person, be that a politician, an artist, a businessman. You have to write about their actions and behavior, ups and downs, lifestyle, etc.
  • Place essay. You should not write about any place here. You’d better choose one that people would like to read about.
  • Event essay. We guess you understand what it is going to be about. The subject can be any event, such as a festival, a concert, an exhibition, etc.
  • Animal essay. You can pick some animal that is becoming extinct. This way you do your assignment and attract people’s attention to the problem.
  • Occupation essay. Always wanted to share your dream job with somebody? This is a great opportunity.

Structure Your Essay Right

The structure of a descriptive essay can differ. It depends on a subject. Sometimes you should provide facts chronologically, sometimes you can just tell about something or someone any way you want. Besides, you don’t have to carry out in-depth research.

Senses matter. If you want the reader to feel the same emotions about a subject as you do, try to “activate” all their senses. It means you should talk about how something looks like, how it smells or feels when you touch it, etc. Therefore, the reader can “see” it much easier.

Do not forget about an outline. It is not necessary, but it can make your essay writing much easier. An outline is a plan of your future paper. Thus, when you write, you know what should go next. Every essay usually consists of five paragraphs: introduction, three paragraphs of main body, and conclusion. As you only describe something, you don’t need any references for an essay.

Steps of Writing

Pre-writing. When you make up your mind what you are going to write about, look through all available sources on a subject to collect as much information as possible. If you are personally familiar with it, you can share your feelings and/or point of view.

How to start. Every essay needs a good hook to catch the reader’s attention. It can be anything: anecdote, quote, aphorism, etc.

Make a draft. You should always write a draft before the final one. You will then see what you have, and be able to organize an essay well. Maybe you would like to change or even remove something. In fact, making drafts is a quality of a good writer.

Enrich vocabulary. It may seem that the English language does not sound interesting. But it has a rich vocabulary, so you should look up in a dictionary to make your essay more attractive.

Revision. Last but not least, you should revise every text you write. And it’d be better to do that at least in a day. Thus, an essay will be quite “fresh”, and you can now clearly see what should be changed, removed, or added. Besides, you may make some grammar or spelling mistakes.

That would be enough information so you could write a descriptive essay yourself. It should not be difficult. However, if you have some issues with it, or you just do not have time, you can always buy a descriptive essay from us.

How To Write A Great Descriptive Essay
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