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Quick Guide To A Compare and Contrast Essay

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Quick Guide To A Compare and Contrast Essay

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Compare and contrast essay aims to analyze two similar but still different things. Writing a compare and contrast essay requires an in-depth examination of the topic. What is more, a student needs to logically explain their ideas, provide convincing evidence and support their points with examples. This is a common assignment as it perfectly evaluates the ability to compare two subjects.

To create an excellent paper, you need to craft a compare and contrast essay outline first. This is essential to organize your thoughts and writing process. A well thought-out plan helps to avoid switching from one idea to another. As a result, you will craft a coherent paper with a flow of convincing thought.


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Now as we have answered you question ‘What is a compare and contrast essay?’, check out the topics to craft your own paper:

  1. The influence of friends to the influence of parents
  2. Surfing the Internet to watching TV
  3. Driving a car to riding a bike
  4. Learning at school to learning at university
  5. Homeschooling to traditional school
  6. Typing to writing with a pen
  7. An E-book to a printed book
  8. Reading a book to reading a magazine
  9. Classic art to modern art
  10. A book to the movie based on the book

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Quick Guide To A Compare and Contrast Essay
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