Secrets of Character Analysis Essay Writing

Every character analysis essay consists of three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. Describe your subject from different perspectives, creating a complete, vivid picture of a character. It’s worth starting with a character analysis essay outline, drawing up the structure of your paper. First you need to introduce a character to your readers. You need to explain the type of a character. Probably every character may meet one of the following types.

  • Protagonists are the heroes, the whole story may be based on such characters;
  • Antagonist is a person or thing that stands against the protagonist. It may be a bad guy, nature or certain circumstances the protagonist fights with;
  • There are major and minor characters. Usually there are no more than one or two major characters that the story is focused on. Minor characters mostly serve to unfold personal qualities of the major ones.

When you made a basic explanation of the character, write a detailed description, illustrating it with examples from the book. Focus on important conflicts and plot twists considering the character’s behavior within any circumstances.

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Be sure to keep a logical ratio between facts and your personal opinions. Pretend you’re writing about a real person. How much do you know about him or her? Collect all the facts that you consider important, think how this character can act in any situation, why he or she takes such decisions? Think what motivates your character? You can also focus on his or her story, in other words, on things that formed his or her personality.

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Secrets of Character Analysis Essay Writing
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