Executive Summary Papers

The academic world becomes more and more complicated and competitive every year. For this reason, students need to demonstrate stronger skills in order to complete their programs of study. Professors expect their students to show detailed and perfectly written reports, and many of them ask students to include executive summaries to understand whether a report is worth reading at all. Thus, students need to create a great first impression with their executive summaries. Otherwise, the impression of their entire report may be affected in a negative way. If you want to show your professor a perfect executive summary, just contact our writing experts. They have a great experience in writing such papers, so you can count on them.

What Is the Executive Summary Paper?

Sometimes referred as just “the summary,” this paper is a brief preview of your report that allows professors to save their grading time. There are many students who don’t have any idea of what their summary should look like. They’ve put a lot of effort in their work and so they don’t understand what exactly to include in the summary. It’s not a problem anymore because our professional writers can look at your paper from a new angle and write a report that meets all the necessary requirements.

The Writing Process

Asking you to write the summary, most professors have a clear idea of what exactly it must look like. To meet your professor’s expectations, we suggest following our step-by-step guide.

  • Read your document. First of all, you have to read the whole document carefully. Even if you think that you remember everything about it, never skip this first step. You need to understand its central message and figure out what to include in the summary.
  • Identify the main topic. If your paper needs a summary, it means that it consists of several sections, each one of which is devoted to a certain subtopic. You need to provide one clear idea that characterizes the entire paper. It is a thesis statement of your summary.
  • Separate sections. Now consider each section in particular, noting how they are connected and how they differ. You need to shortly describe each section and its main idea. Write a few sentences about each one of them.
  • Focus on the major points. Think of what parts of your document are especially important for readers. You need to include these points in the summary to let your readers understand how you develop the main idea.
  • Integrate the information. Take a look at the information that you collected in previous steps and write the executive summary. It must be up to one page long. The shorter, the better, but make sure you include all the important information. You don’t need to focus on details, as it’s not the real purpose of this paper.
  • Re-read your summary. Take a breath and let your executive summary rest for a while. After that, re-read it and think of whether it reflects your report. Imagine yourself a professor who had never read the whole document. A perfect solution is to give your summary to someone else and ask for an unbiased opinion.

When you need to write the executive summary, check our tips and try to follow our guidelines. However, there’s no need to cope with this task alone. Contact our professional writers and they will do their best to deliver a perfect summary that will impress your professor for sure.