Cheating in education: numbers and tendencies [Infographics]

The development of new technologies greatly impacted the students’ life. Though they could use all the new gadgets and opportunities to get knowledge, often they abuse it cheating. Nonetheless, we couldn’t judge students without trying to understand the reasons for such behavior which are different and vary depending on students’ age (for example, the level […]

18 Tips To Save Money In College [Infographics]

When entering a college students probably don’t think about saving money. But the realness makes them to start thinking about it being freshmen. Of course, it is not good news, but you can do it. Just follow a few rules. Please, make use of our infographics to save more money with ease.

Procrastination & Students

Every student at least once a year goes through the stress of a thousand suns to finish all his assignments and pass all the exams. This is usually a result of bad time-management and procrastination. Every student has at least once pulled an all-nighter. Procrastination is part of college life. It’s what college students do […]