Tips on how to focus on homework and studying in college

They taught us Spanish and Math, but one thing our school forgot to teach us is how to spend a quality time on a subject and how to focus on homework. So, every time you sit at your desk and your mind is elsewhere, the questions pops up: how do I focus on homework. This question doesn’t escape you in college, and even later, at work.

Several tips on how to concentrate on homework in college

Counterintuitive this advice might sound, but once you give it a try, it will change your life forever. So, here are four tips on how to concentrate on homework and studying:

  1. Change your attitude
  2. Get enough sleep
  3. Do physical exercise
  4. Plan

Want to know how it works? Let’s explore these tips one at a time.

To study well, you should sleep well

Have you been wondering how to stay awake to do your homework? Well, it’s simple. Just get enough sleep the night before. And every other night. During sleep, your brain gets ‘repaired’ and cleaned of all the toxins. Not enough night rest results in your brain literally wrecked and intoxicated, that prevents you from focusing and thinking clearly the next day. And if you are having a test, get well rested the night before. Lack of sleep will work against you. To prevent last night cramming, revise material regularly.

Call a task boring and you’ll get bored with it

To have fun with any task, you should change your attitude. “How to do boring homework” is not the right mindset if you want to get it done. Rather, think “I’m going to learn something new now” or “I’ll get one step closer to getting my diploma”. A positive attitude has proved to improve mental processes in your brain.

Can’t find the right answer, go for a run

Sitting and wrecking your brain for hours over a problem actually makes your brain work slower. You should learn how to discipline yourself to do homework. If you see that you are stuck, go for a run or do some other physical exercise. Studies have shown, that sudden changes between mental and physical activities improve the quality of former. Distraction you get from an exercise, actually, helps you focus later.

Plan to get everything done on time

How to do homework without getting distracted? Time management and planning, like Pomodoro Technique, might come handy. Try planning to do your homework, say, from 3 p.m. till 4 p.m., no music or TV. And then stick with this plan. Split your task into chunks of 25-minutes each, and add small pauses of at least 5 min in-between. You might consider joining a reliable study-group to keep you organized and focused.

Try this tips one at a time, and don’t forget to reward yourself for small successes.

Do you know Your English Coursework?

Knowing the Types of English Coursework Helps Students to Do Better

Coursework is a challenging task. If the thought of essay writing scares students, then handling coursework will be a difficult task as most coursework assignments consist of essay writing. Coursework requires dedication, time and effort. This might be a difficult situation for most students. However, there is no escaping from it. Many types of coursework are assigned to students and English coursework is one of the most important and compulsory of them. Coursework is administered by tutors to assess how much knowledge on a particular subject has been absorbed by the students. Therefore, it is vital to do a good job in order to impress the tutors and obtain the grade that can make up impressive academic credentials.

Types of English Coursework
English coursework will be assigned from the middle school level to A level. As this is a compulsory subject, students have to do the best they possibly can. Knowing what they can expect of their coursework will enable them to prepare themselves for the process. Coursework in English will consist of the following:

• Writing an essay – students will either be provided a topic or will have to come up with an interesting one. By using the correct structure, style, format and content students will have to write an interesting essay. This essay should be structurally sound and should have a relevant and strong point, which will be defended through the entire essay.

• Question and Answer – reading material will be assigned, and once on completion, will be asked questions pertaining to the material provided. This ensures that a proper comprehension of the assigned material has been achieved.

 Book Review – This type of coursework will be assigned for English literature coursework. Students will be assigned a book or novel by a famous author, such as Shakespeare and they will have to interpret the meanings of the novel through analysis of the subject.

• Thesis – research on a topic of interest will have to be conducted and a thesis paper written on it. Students need to ensure that they formulate a good thesis statement and spend the entire thesis providing evidence to the thesis problem and its solution.

How to Write Coursework
Once students have a basic understanding of what they are to do, they will be able to practice writing their coursework. In order to submit an excellent coursework paper, they need to follow certain guidelines.
• Select a captivating and interesting topic.
• Ensure that there is sufficient research material for the topic and conduct thorough research.
• Use comprehensible language. Avoid complex and long sentences.
• Edit and proofread many times until perfected.

Any type of coursework provides greater knowledge and English coursework holds significant importance in this regard. In order to do well students should have a thorough understanding of all the requirements which enable them to do good coursework. provides students with all types of academic writing help. If you require quality coursework papers, the experts at this writing service will ensure that you get the best.

Writing an Appealing College Application Essay

Writing Considerations

Now that you have an understanding of what the Board wants in your essay, you can begin to think of writing it. However, many students will make the mistake of including exactly what the Admission Board is looking for whether it is true or false. You should never lie in your college application essays. Do not go on about what an excellent academic organization it is or what Global Warming will do to the world. Be different. Be unique. Add something new to the essay. Something which no one else has even thought about including. This will ensure that your essay will be read through to the end.

Do not write lists of what you did or have done previously. Any information that can be gained through reading different sections of the application letter, too, should be avoided. Highlight what your life aspirations are and why your goals and what the college has to offer is a perfect match.

Well written college application essays can be the turning point in your academic life. Therefore, if you wish to be accepted into a good college, write your essay as well as you can. And make sure you make it sound energetic, interesting and full of life experiences which make the entire essay tangible to the reader. .

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How Can English Essay Examples Improve Your Performance?

At first sight, it may seem that English essay examples are of no use at all. Indeed, it is far from being so. Thousands of students tend to use them to make the writing process less painstaking and time consuming.

But how can English essay online samples help them with handling their assignments? In fact, the students can find some fruitful ideas in essay templates and see what techniques the authors used to cover their topics.

Moreover, looking through free examples they can discover what appropriate essay phrases to use in their own papers.

In addition, free examples are templates of academic writing standards, so they can familiarize themselves with some basic academic requirements viewing these samples.

Finally, they can enlarge their knowledge about a strong essay structure with the help of essay examples.

Thus, now you see how samples can improve your writing skills as well as academic performance.

Where to Find Free Excellent English Essay Examples?

Admittedly, there are many sites on the web where one can upload English essay examples for free. But it doesn’t mean they are sure to be peerless and of the best quality. Consequently, you ought to look for a 100% reliable academic sources like, if you don’t want to get below average quality templates.

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How to Organize Your Essay Using Free Samples?

As you may have noticed, there is a great deal of different kinds of essays you may be charged with. Naturally, their length may vary as well. That is why it’s quite obvious that different essays appear to have different structures. Of course, they all are sure to incorporate such common chapters as:

  • Introduction
  • The essential body
  • Summary

Still, different types of essays happen to have their own peculiarities of organizing content into a complete lucid paper. The best thing to learn all these vital points is to download an appropriate essay sample for free and to study it carefully before starting to structure your essay. Actually, you can do it without leaving our site.

English Samples Can Assist You with Choosing a Fine Academic Service to Use

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Procrastination & Students

Every student at least once a year goes through the stress of a thousand suns to finish all his assignments and pass all the exams. This is usually a result of bad time-management and procrastination. Every student has at least once pulled an all-nighter. Procrastination is part of college life. It’s what college students do besides partying. In fact, the two activities are complementary to each other.

The infographic below shows who’s the delicious victim of this monstrosity called PROCRASTINATION! Beware! It may take a piece of your golden time!


The infographic below shows who’s the delicious victim of this monstrosity called PROCRASTINATION! Beware! It may take a piece of your golden time!