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If you’re going to study at an MBA school, you need to send your MBA essay to the admission committee. Such essays are very important for the whole application process because they allow the admission committee to evaluate whether or not you’re ready for the school’s environment If you don’t know what an MBA essay looks like, we hope that this article prepared by the experts from will help you.

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The structure of an essay consists of the following parts:

  • Introduction: hooks readers and outlines the topic;
  • Body: tells a story that had a significant impact on your life;
  • Conclusion: explains why you should attend a certain business school and how it will help you.

There is no universal template that would allow you to write an MBA essay of any kind because a lot depends on your narrative. You have to organize your content intuitively, creating a strong logical structure. Fortunately, there is also another solution that will simplify this task significantly — you can order your MBA essays on We have many professional experts who know everything about MBA essays and are able to deliver essays that will be appreciated by anyone who applies to a top school. Therefore, if you’re asking yourself “who could write my MBA essay professionally,” now you know the answer! Just place your order on

How to Write an MBA Essay

MBA stands for the Master of Business Administration. This program is very popular among the post-graduates. Every year, there are more and more MBA applicants, the competition grows, and it gets harder to get into the school of your choice. GMAT and GPA scores are important, however, there are many students who have the same results as you or even better results. Therefore, your essay becomes crucial.

You have to send many documents to the admissions officers, providing them with the information on your background. All these documents have an impact on the officers’ decision but they don’t provide any insights into your personality. Admission committees are looking for smart students but they also want to find people who can make a unique contribution.

Your paper should be about some event that had a considerable influence on you or your worldview. Even if you cannot remember any event that was so important, think of the moments in your life that were funny or interesting enough to share them with others. You may also choose a few moments that illustrate what decisions you’ve made in certain situations.

The main point of your MBA essay is to demonstrate your strengths and knowledge. However, this essay shouldn’t just tell how good you are. The main thing is to provide details that will illustrate your character, values, and motivations. You should present yourself as a real person who makes mistakes and has some weaknesses but is nevertheless ready to develop, grow, and achieve important goals. Don’t be afraid to mention your hobbies or unusual talents to stand out from the crowd of other applicants.

Most often, MBA essays are written according to the requirements of a particular program. Therefore, it would be good to not only demonstrate your expertise but also explain why it can be applied in future studies. Another important thing to include is an explanation of why you like this program and why you’re a good fit for it.

You should pay particular attention to the narrative, however, it’s not the only thing to focus on. For example, students often make the same mistakes, failing to meet the necessary requirements. For instance, if you’ve been asked to write a 500-word essay, try to get as close to this number as possible. Another common problem is the topic. Always try to give a clear answer and check all the necessary requirements.

The last part of the writing process is editing. Editing is what often determines a difference between good essays and outstanding essays. Always proofread your papers before submitting them and polish them to be sure that there are no grammar mistakes or logically incorrect sentences. If you’re not sure that you can create a spotless essay, don’t worry. Just order editing or proofreading on, and we will guarantee that your essay will be perfect in terms of style, grammar, and logic.

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How to Write an Impressive Observation Essay

When you hear “an observation essay”, you probably think that it’s something similar to narrative essays. It’s in a sense true because you need to share a certain experience, but in this case, you have to share an experience from what you’ve seen. This type of writing also differs from descriptive papers, because your observation essay will unlikely get a good mark if you just describe some things briefly. So, is it possible to deal with such a tricky assignment at all? Definitely yes, and we will help you with it.

“So What?” — That Is the Question

Perhaps sometimes you move around your room searching for something and then realize that you forgot what you’re looking for. How do you feel in such moments? Are you angry? Are you frustrated? Of course, you are. And you probably don’t want your readers to feel the same when reading your observation essay. The point is that if you just retell something, your readers won’t get the purpose of your text.

To keep in mind the purpose of your writing, ask yourself one very important question: “So what?” Maybe you think that your story is really interesting, but what makes it interesting for your audience? Not only need you to remember the purpose of your paper when writing, but you also must clearly identify it before you even start writing it. Otherwise, you will just waste a lot of energy and won’t get a grade you’re looking for.

Think about the experience associated with your story and what it taught you. Your purpose must be something more exciting than just “my teacher assigned this paper so now I’m writing it.” You’re spending your time and you work. Make this activity as meaningful as you can. Find a topic that is really interesting to you. This is the only way to do your best and get really good grades for a well-done job.

Try to Be a Journalist

Once you’ve clearly determined the purpose of your writing and your topic, take your time and prepare. You don’t need to provide an accurate research like you would need to do for argumentative or persuasive essays. On the other hand, you can narrow down the list of questions that you want to answer in your paper and you can decide what questions are the most important. This will also help you to focus on particular things around you instead of taking notes about absolutely everything. This is why we suggest imaging yourself a journalist who’s preparing for a little field trip. Just as a journalist, you will also need to prepare for an interview with yourself.

Let’s say your observation essay will be about people in the dentist’s office. They are sitting in the waiting room, and you’re observing their behavior. Think what information you could use in your work, and ask yourself a few questions:

  • How do they look at patients who are leaving the office?
  • How many people do you see?
  • How long they have to wait?
  • Do you see any stressed visitors? How they’re dealing with stress?
  • Are some patients too nervous?
  • What do they do while sitting in the waiting room?
  • Do patients come with somebody or alone?

Try to answer these questions accurately. The more questions you answer, the more detailed your observation essay will be.

Use Information to Create Experience

Collecting information is only the first step of your task. You need to organize your observations, evaluate them and make your point. Your critical point is a backbone of the whole essay, so it will make the major part of your paragraphs. Every paragraph must reflect the structure of the whole essay, containing the first sentence that defines a topic of the paragraph, the central part that contains examples and analysis of your experience. We suggest using the knowledge that you got from your course to support your observations and turn them into a solid picture. You can also focus on analyzing emotions or build parallels with other observations or stories from your life.

Make sure your paragraphs are not ripped apart. This is why we recommend that you use transitional sentences to connect paragraphs with each other.

Here are a few tips on how you can make your observations more impressive:

  • Refer to all five senses to make your observations as vivid as possible. Combine colors with smells, sounds with tastes and textures. This will add a new dimension to your observations.
  • Use the first person, as this type of assignment allows you to do it. You can also use the third person, the point is that your choice must fit the style of your paper. The first person works best with a narrative style of writing, while the third person makes your paper more formal and so more professional, which makes it good for scientific reports.
  • Just as journalists, help your readers to feel your experience and see it from your perspective. To do it, use the present tense.
  • To keep your flow of thoughts logical and easy to understand, describe your experiences chronologically.

Write your introduction after you’ve written the whole body of the essay. This will allow you to clearly understand what to mention at the beginning. If you’re using a narrative style of writing, your essay will benefit from an intriguing hook. It is a short phrase that is aimed to grab attention and motivate readers to read more. It may be the most interesting and unpredictable observation or an anecdote related to to the topic of your story. The introduction is also a perfect place to provide your readers with some background on your topic. The most important thing that you necessarily must include in your first paragraph is your thesis statement. The thesis statement must explain your readers the purpose of your paper and introduce your key idea.

The conclusion is in a sense similar to the introduction because it restates some things mentioned at the beginning of your essay. For example, you must restate the thesis statement. However, you should do it in a new, different way. After this, leave your readers with some serious questions so that they will have something to think about. This approach will allow you to keep readers involved in your story.

Observation essays are not easy at all. However, now you know some useful tips that may help you overcome major difficulties. Follow our advice, write like a journalist, and enjoy writing. It’s always good to share your interesting observations with others.

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What Is an Academic Essay?

An academic essay is a particular type of academic paper that is based on a thesis statement and arguments that support this statement. Usually, such essays are a few pages long. They focus on one concrete idea, providing readers with materials that illustrate why a thesis statement is correct. There are four types of academic essays:

  • Persuasive essays are aimed to convince readers to accept a certain idea;
  • Argumentative essays consider arguments that support a certain point, as well as arguments of the opposite side. Such an analysis of opposite ideas must prove the author’s statement;
  • Expository essays provide a personal vision of a certain issue or idea;
  • Analytical essays are aimed to analyze a piece of art, event, etc.

Skills Required

Regardless of the essay type, students have to be familiar with certain principles of writing and have necessary skills. Some people are gifted to be good writers. However, there are many great writers who managed to develop their skills, practicing and improving the quality of their text. There are two most important skills for writers:

  • the ability to be logical, informative, coherent and accurate with arguments;
  • the ability to use an appropriate and ample language.

However, these skills may guarantee success only in case an author follows a certain structure, style, and format. This ability comes only with experience.

Tips on Academic Writing

Some useful advice is able to facilitate the writing process considerably. The heart of any academic essay is a good thesis statement and relevant evidence that supports it. For such a reason, those who want to write a strong academic essay must study the topic carefully, doing a detailed research. The success of this assignment depends on the level of understanding of the question. Once an author has prepared the thesis with necessary evidence, he or she starts working on the structure, writing an outline. The outline serves as a basis for several drafts. These drafts are edited and reviewed a few times before the final version of the essay is ready.

Any student is able to write an academic paper if one follows a certain algorithm. This algorithm isn’t complicated, but many students still fail when trying to write sophisticated academic papers. The reason is that many students just don’t have enough time so they are unable to get the desired result. In this case, we have another useful tip on academic writing: you can always ask for help. There are many experienced writers who are familiar with all necessary requirements. They are native speakers and graduated experts in various fields, so they won’t feel any difficulties while writing your essay of any kind. We provide examples available for downloading on our website so that our potential clients can estimate the uniqueness and quality of our service.

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How to Write a Critical Precis

If you hear about precis for the first time, then this article is definitely for you. Check out a brief guide how to write a critical precis and discover a perfect way to become on top of the class.

What Is a Critical Precis?

A critical precis is a summary of a passage with no personal evaluation of the ideas. It should be clear and concise. This assignment is perfect to evaluate student’s skills to highlight and summarize the core essence of a text. You should present the main points of a text, its structure, its meaning, but without giving your personal opinion on the ideas.

Avoid Main Pitfalls

If you want to write a good critical precis, be careful and follow these ‘NO’ rules:

  • Do not write a precis in a complicated language
  • Do not use the first person
  • Do not copy and paste the sentences from the original text
  • Do not add facts or ideas that are not presented in the original
  • Do not give your opinion

These are the main pitfalls that prevent students from getting the highest grades, so be really careful! If you want a professional to check your precis, ask us. In a few seconds we will check your assignment.

How to Write a Critical Precis

Before you get down to a critical precis make sure you do not misunderstand it for re-writing. You need to critically summarize the content of the original. To provide a good critical precis follow these 10 easy steps:

  1. Read the text thoroughly
  2. Jot down the main points and arguments while reading
  3. Find the evidence to the main points you have specified
  4. Make sure you understand all definitions
  5. Determine what the author appeals to
  6. Restate the author’s thesis
  7. Write a summary of each paragraph/section of a work
  8. Re-read the original and compare it with your precis
  9. Check your paper for grammar and spelling mistakes
  10. Check your paper for clarity and coherence

In case you have troubles proofreading your precis, do not hesitate to turn to our editors for help. They are professionals and can deal with any problem.

Structure Your Critical Precis

When writing a critical precis, structure your paper into an introduction, body, and conclusion.

  1. Introduction

An introduction consists of 1-2 sentences including the author’s name, the title, the date of publishing of the original, the author’s thesis presented with power verbs like ‘explains’, ‘proves’ etc.

  1. Body

It is a summary of each paragraph. You provide the main points, the author’s evidence and their opinion on the issue. Remember, that you should not interpret the author’s arguments and provide an opinion of your own.

  1. Conclusion

In the final part you restate the main idea and summarize the points covered in the body. Remember not to use any personal evaluation of the original piece.

Tips to Make Your Critical Precis Perfect

To demonstrate your critical skills, ability to highlight and summarize the essential information, and show your writing skills to a professor, follow these tips to get the top grades:

  • Use simple language

Do not complicate your style and language too much. Write in a simple language that is easy to understand.

  • Be concise

The gist of the assignment is to convey the core essence of a test in a brief summary. In other words, there should be no unnecessary details – the essential details only. For this reason, avoid repetitions and do not beat around the bush.

  • Sound objective

It has already been mentioned, but once again – do not provide your personal opinion in a precis. You should only presents the author’s arguments and ideas.

  • Make your writing coherent

Structure your precis, as it makes it easy to read and perceive. Demonstrate the logical interconnection of the author’s ideas.

  • Check your work for mistakes

Make sure you proofread your work for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Remember to check the content as well. The facts, figures, and dates you address should be used correctly.

Now it is time to get down to your critical precis. Follow the tips. If you still want to ask some questions, have no doubts and contact our service, as we will cover any questions you have. We can help you with a critical precis you are struggling with.

How to Overcome Writer’s Block: Seven Steps

Almost every writer on the planet has faced a huge problem, at least once. Sometimes you just don’t have any words to write; your head becomes completely empty, so you just sit staring at the screen, and feeling frustrated like never before. Once again, if you have such a problem, you’re not alone. Everyone has to overcome writer’s block, and we want to help you with simple tips. We asked a few successful writers with many years of experience in writing thrillers, horrors, and historical novels. Follow these seven steps, and you’ll surely back on track!

  1. Stop writing and switch to any other creative activity. The point is that your brain gets tired of monotonous work, so you have to kick start it with new creative tasks. Try painting, scrapbooking, whatever you like. You can write poetry, or build something in your backyard. Sometimes it’s enough to just switch between different projects. Your brain will take a breath of fresh air and your creativity will come back.
  2. Try freewriting. Every day, write anything that comes to your mind for at least 15 minutes. Forget about style or punctuation; just write any random phrases on any topics. The main rule here is to forget about any rules. Don’t try to make a good text, switch subjects any time you like. You’ll get rid of frustration, put your random thoughts on the paper, and so free some space for new ideas. If you’re working on a book, such a practice can give you some ideas for your further work. We suggest you doing it every day, and you’ll see wonderful results in a week.
  3. You got to move! Maybe you’d never thought of it, but when your body moves, your brain also starts working faster. Practice yoga, lift weights, go for a run, or dance – do whatever you like to make your body get more oxygen. You can also try meditation – it’s a nice way to get relaxed and focused. Physical exercises will help your brain get rid of unnecessary thoughts. You will feel better, and your creativity will increase. Just take your time, move, and then get back to work.
  4. No distractions. Social media and mobile phones may take too much attention. If you found yourself checking your smartphone every ten minutes, just turn it off. Unplug the internet cable, if the temptation is too strong. If writing is your job, you have to take it responsively. Spend a few hours just writing, without any unnecessary thoughts and actions. Let’s be honest, you can check your newsfeed or watch cute pictures of cats after your work is done. Keep your working place clean, since a cluttered desk isn’t a good environment for productive work.
  5. Write in the morning. When you dream, your brainwave pattern is in so-called Theta mode. It keeps working in the same way after you woke up. Some writers note that they wrote their best works early in the morning. Of course, not everyone is able to wake up at 5:00 AM, but try to wake up earlier.
  6. Write while you sleep. When we sleep, our subconscious minds keep working. If you’re stuck on some difficult writing, think about it before you go to sleep. Your brain will think about it, and you may be surprised when, in the morning, you’ll wake up with a fresh creative solution.
  7. Drink a Glass of Water. When nothing else helps, you can try the best method that removes writer’s block. Many writers state that this psychological practice helps them in the most difficult situations. Take a glass of water and talk to it. What is your intent? For example, say: “My intent is to write a killing article tomorrow. I want to write a creative text which will impress any reader, and I want to do it easily. I want to complete all my tasks and then sleep with wonderful dreams.” After these magic words, drink a half of the water and go to sleep. As soon as you woke up, drink another half, and start writing. Try not to do anything else, just follow this strict sequence of actions. Maybe such a technique looks a bit weird, but you must try it because it works!

Follow our simple tips, and you will see that writer’s block is just a minor problem that can be easily solved. Don’t worry, and write your brilliant texts!

Synthesis Essay: Key Features

Let’s figure out what a synthesis essay is first. If you ever wrote any kind of an argumentative essay, then this type of writing will be relatively simple for you. The key difference between these two types of papers is, for the synthesis essay, you get assigned to use certain sources. This may simplify your task a lot, since you won’t spend much time looking for relevant books or publications. However, this task still requires a certain writing technique and logic.

Your main goal is to express your point clearly and provide a qualitative comparing of sources. Remember that you don’t need to just write a brief summary of each source. First you need to make a statement, and then support it with quotes and facts from sources.

A lot of students need help writing a synthesis essay, since they cannot sort their claims in a proper order. In fact, the success of your paper depends on the synthesis essay format. It’s hard to adhere to all the college standards, writing your text forming a certain structure. If you’re puzzling on the question, “who could write my essay?”, we are glad to offer you an ideal solution.

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To make a proper logical structure, it’s worth starting with a synthesis essay outline. First, you need to read your sources. Make notes to navigate among the most important quotes and theses. Make your opinion about sources. Choose your position. Actually, you don’t need to believe your key thesis, just make sure that you can support it with arguments and persuade your readers.

“Help Me Write My Synthesis Essay!”

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How To Write A Perfect Text

If you have found yourself stuck in the middle of a sentence and do not know what to write about, we are here to help you. At our service you can find different creative writing prompts. In other words, you can learn about powerful writing techniques and strategies. Plus you can check topics to write about if you are looking for ideas.

To create powerful texts that grab the reader’s attention, you need to understand what you want to write. It is important to choose the format, the style, and the idea you like. Only then can you write something valuable. You can forget about writer’s block, as soon as your heart starts composing. So to write a great text you need to choose what you want to write about and how you are going to do it.


Check out some ideas to sparkle your writing mood:

  1. What to write a poem about

You can choose a poem about philosophical concepts like love, hate, truth, fate, soul etc. You can write something about your life experience and life choices – just anything that comes to your head.

  1. What to write about in a blog

Before you get down to a blog, you need to decide what you are interested in, what your beliefs and lifestyle are. This will help you decide what topic you want to choose. People often write about traveling, cooking, literature, relationships, or fashion. Find something you are passionate about and tell about it in your blog. In that case writer’s block will never be a problem.

  1. Short story ideas

To write a short story you can use the following formulas that can really inspire you. ‘____ discovers a ghost’, ‘A young boy becomes _____’, ‘______bumps into her soul mate’. You can choose your character and create your story.


The biggest problem that tons of authors face is how to get rid of writer’s block. When you are constantly writing, you eventually run out of ideas. If you want to avoid writer’s block, you need to learn how to find inspiration. First of all, use your senses. In other words, listen, taste, and observe. Secondly, change the scene. Wake up at different time than usual, buy something extraordinary, or walk to places you have never been. Keep your mind always alert and you will easily find creative writing prompts anywhere.


Hypophora is defined as a figure of speech that combines a question and an immediate answer. In other words, an author asks a question at the beginning of a paragraph and answers it in the body of a paragraph.

Hypophora functions as a trigger to attract the reader’s attention. The figure of speech can arouse curiosity, change a topic of discussion, or raise a question the reader probably wants to know the answer to.

To create a thought-out question can be quite hard and exhausting. That is why lots of students ask for professional help with it. Here you can find hypophora examples that can help you get the gist. Plus you can always ask our writers for assistance, and they will write it.


It is clear from a hypophora definition that it is not similar to the rhetorical question. The main difference consists in the existence of an answer. While there is always an immediate answer to the question in hypophora, the rhetorical question does not need one. In other words, the rhetorical question has no answer or is the answer itself.

Let us compare hypophora examples with those of rhetorical questions to to understand it easily.

‘Why do I go there every summer? I just need time to relax. I want to slip out of this country, this city, this street, this room.’ There is a question and there is an answer.

‘How should I know?’ This is a rhetorical question that has no answer and does not need one. A person does not expect the explanation how they should know. This is just the way to express an irritation.

So when we define hypophora, we make it clear that a writer raises a question to answer it rather than leave it without an answer.


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