How to Write a Narrative Essay: Simple Guide

How to Write a Narrative Essay

What is a narrative essay? It’s a type of paper where your need to tell your readers some story from your life. Actually, it means a big advantage, since you can write about the most familiar subject – about yourself. Everybody has some memories worth sharing them with others. Despite the apparent simplicity, a lot of students face difficulties with such a task. Sometimes you can get stuck on the very first stage of writing, because it’s hard to write about your memories in a proper way. Your readers should be able to perceive your text naturally, and this is the most important thing.

As soon as you define the topic for a narrative essay, we suggest you to draw up an outline for the essay. You need to tell a story that will illustrate all necessary details. At the same time, you cannot jump from one sentence to another. Your story should be easy to read, and, of course, it should be interesting! That’s why it’s so important to create a proper structure of narrative essay. We suggest you to follow the classic structure which includes short introduction, body part and conclusion. You need to define your main point that will determine your whole essay. What this story is about? Love? Friendship? Unforgettable experience? Tell what you have learned from this experience. This point should be presented in the introduction part. Here you need to explain, why this story is important for you and why you consider it interesting for others.

The body of your college narrative essay is the main part of your text. Here you need to write your claims and support them with facts from your story. It’s no surprise if such a task is difficult for you. If you cannot write narrative essay alone, you can always order professional essay help.
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5 Paragraph Essay: Key Features

How to Write a Good 5 Paragraph Essay

Generally, essay is a short literary form. It means that you must express your thoughts briefly and persuasively, keeping your text holistic and clear. 5 paragraph essay format is probably the most common type of essay, since this form allows your readers to perceive information in the most natural way. Such a format implies writing one paragraph of the introduction, three paragraphs of the main part (body), and one last paragraph of conclusions.
The most common question about such a task is how to do an introduction paragraph for an essay? Don’t forget that the introduction is the first thing that your readers see. You must start with a catchy sentence, which is also called an essay hook. Here your main goal is to write a sentence that will impress your audience and make them want to read further. It can be a story from your life related to the topic, a quotation of a famous expert, or even a joke. The main thing is to get a reaction from your readers and catch them on this “hook”.
When you write 5 paragraph essay, the most difficult part is the body. These are three paragraphs where you need to explain your point, write your theses and support each one of them with arguments. The short form of such a task determines its complexity, since you must pay your attention to each word. That’s why many students are looking for a professional five paragraph essay help. Our service was created exactly for such a purpose, and we offer the most qualitative and affordable help for every customer. We have a team of professional writers that we are proud of. They are graduated experts in different disciplines, and they know how to cope even with the most difficult tasks! Ordering our five paragraph essay help, you get a huge advantage, since you can tell us about all your wishes. Maybe you’ve already chosen a topic that is most interesting for you? Tell our writers about it, and they will do all the rest. Or maybe you’re still not sure what to write about? Our experts can offer you best topics for 5 paragraph essay to choose from.
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How to Write a Thematic Essay

Generally, the most difficult about such a type of paper is to define the most important theme of the book. All the readers build their own opinion on the book. Anyway, if you want to express your opinion effectively and persuasively, you need to support your theses with examples, considering not only the story, but also literary devices used by author. These may be personifications, metaphors or any approaches that make this story vivid and interesting.

Before you start a thematic essay outline, you need to choose a good topic. And the topic of your essay depends on the main theme of a book. While reading the book, make notes. Analyze your notes and try to understand what subject an author most often writes about. Keep in mind that the theme and the topic are different things. Your topic is what you want to talk about. It may be justice, love, faith, etc. The theme is what the author writes about, illustrating the topic. It’s a big example related to your main topic.

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Read Between the Lines

Try to analyze all the clues and circumstances that pushed characters to certain actions. Some books are quite obvious, but some authors don’t like to write in a straightforward manner, that’s what makes such stories interesting. Your goal is to decipher an author’s point, analyzing every detail. Writing about each particular plot twist, estimate its significance for the entire book. Moreover, try to explain why this theme is important for readers, how the author’s point can be applied in real life?

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Synthesis Essay: Key Features

Let’s figure out what a synthesis essay is first. If you ever wrote any kind of an argumentative essay, then this type of writing will be relatively simple for you. The key difference between these two types of papers is, for the synthesis essay, you get assigned to use certain sources. This may simplify your task a lot, since you won’t spend much time looking for relevant books or publications. However, this task still requires a certain writing technique and logic.

Your main goal is to express your point clearly and provide a qualitative comparing of sources. Remember that you don’t need to just write a brief summary of each source. First you need to make a statement, and then support it with quotes and facts from sources.

A lot of students need help writing a synthesis essay, since they cannot sort their claims in a proper order. In fact, the success of your paper depends on the synthesis essay format. It’s hard to adhere to all the college standards, writing your text forming a certain structure. If you’re puzzling on the question, “who could write my essay?”, we are glad to offer you an ideal solution.

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To make a proper logical structure, it’s worth starting with a synthesis essay outline. First, you need to read your sources. Make notes to navigate among the most important quotes and theses. Make your opinion about sources. Choose your position. Actually, you don’t need to believe your key thesis, just make sure that you can support it with arguments and persuade your readers.

“Help Me Write My Synthesis Essay!”

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Secrets of Character Analysis Essay Writing

Every character analysis essay consists of three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. Describe your subject from different perspectives, creating a complete, vivid picture of a character. It’s worth starting with a character analysis essay outline, drawing up the structure of your paper. First you need to introduce a character to your readers. You need to explain the type of a character. Probably every character may meet one of the following types.

  • Protagonists are the heroes, the whole story may be based on such characters;
  • Antagonist is a person or thing that stands against the protagonist. It may be a bad guy, nature or certain circumstances the protagonist fights with;
  • There are major and minor characters. Usually there are no more than one or two major characters that the story is focused on. Minor characters mostly serve to unfold personal qualities of the major ones.

When you made a basic explanation of the character, write a detailed description, illustrating it with examples from the book. Focus on important conflicts and plot twists considering the character’s behavior within any circumstances.

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Be sure to keep a logical ratio between facts and your personal opinions. Pretend you’re writing about a real person. How much do you know about him or her? Collect all the facts that you consider important, think how this character can act in any situation, why he or she takes such decisions? Think what motivates your character? You can also focus on his or her story, in other words, on things that formed his or her personality.

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What is an Illustration Essay?

When writing an essay of this type you can not use colorful pictures but make use of plenty of examples. Your examples should be appealing in order to catch the reader’s attention. The examples you illustrate must match what you are explaining, be relevant, acceptable and most importantly, be vivid in detail.

Topic Area
An essay of this type is very similar to a narrative essay although narrations do not need as many examples. A good essay starts with a good topic and this applies to this essay as well. Topics may be assigned or you might have to come up with your own. In such a case, you can choose a subject area which will have plenty of examples to cite and being an interesting topic to the reading audience.

Things to consider when writing

1. Your essay should have a strong point. Any examples you use to illustrate your point must support this point strongly.
2. Avoid the use of too many examples. Keep it to a maximum of three or four examples as these essays are usually short essays.
3. Use specific examples. This makes the reading interesting. However, your examples can be real life ones or fictitious ones. As long as the example explains what you are trying to say within the essay, there is no preference on the type of examples you are to cite.

Once you have successfully written your illustration essay you will have to ask yourself whether you have provided relevant examples to the topic; are they general or specific examples and are they interesting enough to get your reader’s attention. If you have answered these questions positively, your essay is bound to be highly illustrative as well as entertaining. Usually, those essays which keep the tutor awake and enjoying are the ones which stand to get his full attention and hopefully a good grade too! Visit for collection of sample essays or to check on the possibility of custom written essays.