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General Chemistry

Almost 2,500 years ago, Democritus stated that all the matter consists of the elementary units — atoms.  Today, we not only know that he was right but also have a Scanning Tunneling Electron Microscope (STEM), which allows us to study individual atoms. Modern chemistry focuses on all the aspects of chemical processes, developing new materials, drugs, agricultural chemicals, consumer products, etc.

Students from many universities must complete a general chemistry course. A basic course includes such topics as:

  • Gases
  • Basic concepts
  • Oxidation numbers
  • Atoms and atomic masses
  • Formula calculations
  • Net ionic equations
  • Nuclear reactions
  • Measurement
  • Stoichiometry
  • Electronic configuration
  • Kinetics and equilibrium
  • Chemical reactions
  • Acids and Bases
  • Nomenclature
  • Solids and liquids
  • Organic chemistry
  • Solutions

Where to Update Your Chemistry Knowledge

Any student can find various helpful resources that allow you to improve your general knowledge or refresh the course. To stay up to date about chemistry, we recommend that you follow the International Journal of Chemistry. There is also a chemistry tutorial from the University of Arizona, as well as numerous books available on Amazon.

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Admissions Essay

Most students agree that admissions essays are very important documents. To get into graduate school, students need to write a great essay that grabs attention. A good essay is required even in case a student has high grades and participates in various additional activities. Admission committees want to see how a student expresses his or her thoughts, being able to follow a specific prompt. Our writers have a great experience in writing admissions essays, providing papers of the highest quality.

Business Plan

These papers are required in various companies. Thus, all business schools include business plans in their curriculum, making an ability to write good business plans a necessary skill for every student. The simplest business plans are 15 to 20 pages long, while more complex plans may contain several big sections devoted to earnings predictions, budgets, studies of market behavior, etc. Some students try to use templates available online, but it’s hard to tailor any template to a particular project. If you need a business plan for class or for your business, our experts can help you with it.

Capstone Project

Capstone projects are written at the end of the master’s coursework and are aimed to demonstrate your level of knowledge, which makes these papers in a sense similar to theses. On the other hand, capstone projects differ from theses as they require you to pay more attention to actions and real experience. For example, an abstract discipline like philosophy would require you to write a thesis, but if you’re going to be a teacher, you’ll need to present a capstone project.

Case Study

Case studies are used in various spheres, reflecting real experience more than any other type of paper. Any case study includes an outline of a certain real situation, followed by an analysis of this situation. Such papers are aimed to explain what we can learn from this situation, and how this sort of experience can be applied in practice. You need to analyze the subject and provide certain recommendations. Even though this task isn’t simple, our writers can cope with it easily.

Cover Letter

The application process implies a lot of work. You need to collect many documents and present as much information about yourself as possible. You must stand out from the crowd of students who want to get to the same school as you, and a cover letter is aimed to help you with it. It’s different from admissions essays, as it isn’t focused on details of your personality, in fact, it’s just a concise paragraph that serves as an abstract for all your admission documents. You need to be a perfect writer to make a good cover letter, so if you have any problems — just contact our team of professionals.


Almost all students have an understanding of what these papers are, but not all of them realize how difficult it is to write a thesis or a dissertation. To write it, you need to provide good research, which is a challenging task itself, given that most students don’t have a necessary experience of completing lengthy researches before this point. Not only are dissertations long (up to 400 pages), but they are also difficult. Thesis and dissertation committees are extremely rigorous when it comes to students’ papers because they want to make sure that they have a deep understanding of their topic.

Thesis/Dissertation (Chapters)

Each dissertation or thesis consists of several chapters, each one of which performs its particular function. Such a structure makes these papers even more difficult for students, but it also gives us more opportunities to provide you with the necessary help. If you have completed some chapters already, and now you have problems with the rest of the thesis or dissertation, our experts can help you at every step of the writing process.

Thesis/Dissertation — Abstract

An abstract is, in general, a detailed summary of the entire paper. The abstract helps to understand the document without reading it from beginning to end, but it also can be considered an independent paper, given its complexity. It’s hard for most students to understand what to include in the abstract and what to get rid of, which makes this document extremely difficult to write. Just as editing your own work, it’s hard to summarize your own dissertation. Most students agree that they need a fresh perspective from an expert who could provide an unbiased look at their work, and we can help you with it.

Thesis/Dissertation — Hypothesis

Some research projects don’t require you to write a hypothesis. These projects are exploratory, so students need to describe a certain phenomenon without any formal guidelines for their search. However, most of research projects (both quantitative and qualitative ones) are impossible without proper hypotheses. A hypothesis must be formulated accurately, serving as a basis for the entire research. Thus, if you’re not sure you can cope with it, just contact us and get a professional help!

Thesis/Dissertation — Literature Review

It’s often the longest section of a thesis or a dissertation. You have to explain what your project is based on, and what gaps in the existing research you’re going to fill with your own project. Writing a literature review is a difficult and exhausting task. You need to read hundreds of articles and books, selecting materials that are useful for your studies, and summarising all sources, putting them together in order to make a comprehensive review that will explain the background of your work. Another difficult feature of the literature review is that it shouldn’t look like a list of sources. It must be a logical and informative piece of writing that has a certain direction and serves the purpose of your dissertation.

Thesis/Dissertation — Methodology

Being shorter than the literature review, this section is no less important for a proper understanding of the whole study. Your readers must understand the structure of your paper, its logic, and details. The literature review provides a basis for a dissertation, while the methodology chapter focuses on the dissertation itself, explaining its design. This chapter should be written in the active voice, being clear and logical.

Thesis/Dissertation — Data Analysis

The heart of any research project is the analysis of collected data. The analysis of data is made according to the principles described in the methodology section. The accurate analysis of the collected information is necessary for drawing correct conclusions. In this section, you need to either prove or refute a hypothesis. If you want to provide a clear, coherent, and understandable analysis of your data, we suggest asking our experts in academic writing for help.

Thesis/Dissertation — Results

Results of your research is a very important section. You must be able to present them in the context of your methodology and according to a certain format so that your readers can understand the general sense of your work. You don’t need to discuss your results in this section. Don’t evaluate them, just present them to your readers so that they can see your findings and evaluate them without your help. Our writers have a great experience in writing dissertations and theses, so they can write this section for you.

Thesis/Dissertation — Discussion

Now, it’s time to discuss the results. If your research includes a hypothesis, you must explain the significance of the results in the context of the hypothesis and link them to each other. Otherwise, you must consider the results in the context of the purpose of your study. You also have to explain what the results of your study mean for a general understanding of the topic. Sometimes it’s hard to analyze the role of your own research in a broader context, so we recommend that you contact our professional writers who know what this chapter should look like.

Thesis/Dissertation — Conclusion

This chapter is devoted to the general meaning of your thesis or dissertation. You’ve done a lot of work, you’ve got some interesting results and analyzed them. So what? You need to explain why your project is important and worth reading. This chapter must provide certain suggestions on possible applications of your ideas and findings. This is a very important part of your project, so if you cannot explain the significance of your work clearly, our writers are always ready to help you.

Thesis/Dissertation — Other Chapters

All the chapters above are typical for most theses and dissertations. However, every university has its own standards and requirements. Sometimes you may need to include a separate section with recommendations, or write two or more chapters with results. No matter what structure your dissertation or thesis should have, our writers will take into account all your instructions and do their best.


Essays are, probably, the most common writing assignments. There are countless types of essays, and each one of them has its particular purpose and structure. Some essays may provide the analysis of a certain issue, while others perform only the entertaining function. To write a good essay, you must be creative and logical. Even though essays are usually short, it doesn’t mean they are simple, so you can count on our team of professionals in any situation.


Interviews are used when there is a need for a certain information obtained directly from some person. This method of gathering information is opposite to analyzing books and databases. The interviewer prepares a set of questions and records answers. To prepare a proper interview, the interviewer shouldn’t correct answers, edit them, or interfere the whole process in any way. The success of the interview directly depends on selected questions, as questions set a direction for the interviewed person’s flow of thoughts. At the same time, this method of obtaining information also leaves a certain freedom, allowing this person to say whatever he or she wants to say. Preparing a successful interview is not an easy task, so if you have any problems with it, just ask our experts for help.

Lab Report

Experiments are what almost all physical sciences are based on. The use of labs allows scientists to prove their theories and hypotheses, modeling certain situations in order to get expected results. Lab reports allow students to develop their practical skills, which is impossible by just studying theory. Writing lab reports, students write up results of their experiments, being able to analyze them in more detail further. If you get this tricky task assigned, our professionals can help you at every step of the writings process.

Legal Brief

The practice is important not only in physical sciences but also in law schools. Briefs are a crucial part of legal communications, that’s why students get these assignments quite often. Such papers are concise and clear, lacking unnecessary words and being focused on a particular case. Usually, every professor has his or her own requirements regarding legal briefs. These papers are formal and their structure is dictated by the standards of the court system. We work with many former lawyers who are familiar with all the necessary requirements and are able to deliver legal briefs of the highest quality.

Letter of Intent

As the name suggests, a letter of intent is aimed to outline intentions of one party to another. These letters can be written in various situations, including business relationships and employee-employer issues. Letters of intent are often written by graduate students to schools, explaining why a school must admit this candidate and what are his or her intentions. These are, in general, a more complicated version of admissions essays. However, don’t be afraid of their complexity, because our writers have got your back.

Master’s Thesis

There are many reasons why master’s theses are so difficult for most students. First of all, they imply the wide scope. Secondly, students have only a couple of years to prepare for this difficult work. Even after they enter a Ph.D. program, they have more time to prepare for a dissertation. We understand how challenging this task is, so we are ready to help you in any situation.

MBA Coursework

Even though the popularity of MBA schools grows constantly, the process of business education doesn’t become easier. Some students think that business education doesn’t require any hard work from their side, but the truth is, business has its specific features that you need to know. To be successful in business, you need to be familiar with economics, finance, business language, marketing, and many other disciplines. Our experts know it all, so they can help you in any situation.

Movie Review

If you think that this task requires you to just watch a movie and then talk about it, we’ve got bad news for you. There are many important things about writing movie reviews. For example, you need to analyze characters, setting, plot, references, features of production, and many other details. You also need to provide your own opinion, and it must be supported by facts. This task is definitely not as easy as it seems, so don’t be afraid to ask for a professional help.

Online Learning

Online learning became an integral part of the academic world. More and more students join various online educational programs every year. Both graduates and undergraduates appreciate the flexibility of online learning. Students from all over the world get an opportunity to take classes from professors of such universities as Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, etc. However, this type of education has its own standards and requirements which are not easier than those of traditional institutions. Our experts provide a professional assistance for everyone who wants to study online.

Personal Statement

The main thing about personal statements is that they must be balanced. You have to demonstrate confidence without being arrogant. Not only need you to demonstrate your strong sides, but you also have to explain what you want to learn in an institution, and what is your motivation. Writing the personal statement is a creative task, so if you want it to be successful, we suggest asking professionals for help.

Ph.D. Dissertation

Your Ph.D. dissertation is your biggest academic accomplishment. It must be a logical conclusion of several years of scholarship and an important part of your future career. Dissertations are difficult and challenging. The thing is that committees pay particular attention to every detail, willing to approve only the best of the best. It may take years to write a Ph.D. dissertation, collecting data, analyzing sources, and so on. Our experts are familiar with all the specifics of dissertation writing, which allows them to help students at every step of this difficult process.

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentations are used almost everywhere: in business, in academic work, in conferences and at all levels of education. Presentations allow you to present the most important information in an easy and vivid way, without overwhelming your audience with long and boring text. However, the popularity of PowerPoint presentation doesn’t make them easy. That’s why we have professionals who know what a good presentation looks like and who can teach you.


In a dissertation, the proposal includes first three sections of the paper, however, this word can mean different kinds of papers depending on the context. All proposals are, in general, outlines that give an audience an understanding of what the author is going to do in the future. In the academic world, proposals usually include an introduction, a literature review, and an explanation of the significance of your project. They also provide basic information on the used methodology. The proposal may change as you work on your project, which makes this paper especially difficult to write. Fortunately, we have a team of writing experts who can help you with it.


These papers are somewhat similar to proposals, though being different in many details. You don’t need to write a prospectus for a dissertation. On the other hand, you don’t need a proposal in case you’re presenting your project to the group of entrepreneurs. What makes these papers similar is that both these papers are outlines that describe something that you’re going to do. No matter what is a purpose of your prospectus, our writers can help you.


Some students don’t realize how difficult it can be to prepare a good questionnaire. Even in case of a short, 15-question survey, you need to choose questions accurately, in order to get all the necessary information on all important aspects of your topic. You must make sure that the survey will be reliable and useful. You need to understand when it’s better to use open-ended questions, and when to allow people select one answer from among a few available options. Our writers have a great experience in preparing questionnaires, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Research Paper

Even though research papers have something in common with dissertations and theses, these papers not necessarily require you to conduct a new research. Most often, students need to analyze the existing sources and draw their own conclusions, providing certain recommendations. Research papers are written according to a number of academic standards. In graduate school, the requirements for research papers are much more sophisticated, which is often a problem for undergraduate students. However, you don’t need to worry, because our writers are always ready to help you.

Research Proposal

Research proposals provide certain details about the further research and acquaint the audience with the used methodology. You may need to write a proposal before you get to writing a dissertation or to get funding for your research project. Research proposals require you to have advanced writing skills and a deep understanding of the context, so you may need a professional help. If so, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime you need.

CV/Cover Letter/Resume

No matter what job you are looking for, you need a good CV/resume as well as a cover letter. The cover letter must grab attention and motivate your potential employer to learn more details about you in the CV. We suggest taking these papers seriously, as your career depends on how well you write them. We have many writing experts who made preparing professional documents their job, so just contact us and impress anyone with your perfect CV and cover letter.

Statistics Project

You can either love or hate statistics, but you cannot avoid statistics when working on research studies. Statistics are used in marketing, business, healthcare, sociology, and almost everywhere we need some facts to support our ideas. We have a team of professionals who can help you in any situation where you need to use statistics.

Term Paper

Term papers are a crucial part of education. They allow students to demonstrate their knowledge. On the other hand, they allow professors to evaluate students’ progress and gaps in their knowledge. Professors’ expectations regarding term papers vary depending on the level of study. If you’re not sure you can cope with this difficult task, just contact us, and our professional writers will do all the hard work for you.