Essay on Article Chandra Levy’s Father Admits He Misdirected the Court

On Tuesday, Chandra Levy’s father testified about his attempts to find his missed daughter and admitted that he gave false testimonies back in 2002. Chandra Levy was a Washington intern. In 2002, she was missed and then found slain. According to her father, he intentionally misdirected the court in order to worsen the court judgment concerning former U.S. Rep. Gary Condit.

29-years old Salvadoran Ingmar Guandique is convicted of killing Levy. He already has been arrested for attacking several women in Rock Creek Park. Guandique also admitted he attacked Levy.

According to prosecutors, Chandra Levy had an affair with Gary Condit, which was a reason why he was suspected first. Now, police no longer believe Condit was involved in the murder.

On Tuesday, Chandra Levy’s father, Robert Levy, stated that he realized his daughter had an affair with Condit a couple days before she was missed. He has found many calls to the office of Condit in Chandra’s cell phone bill.

According to Levy, he was sure that Condit killed his daughter, but now he believes it was Ingmar Guandique who committed the crime.
During the cross-examination, Levy admitted that he intentionally pushed the court to downplay the fact that Chandra could be attacked while she was jogging in Rock Creek Park.

Levy said that Chandra’s family was sure that Condit was guilty, since they didn’t know about Guandique. Superior Court Judge Gerald Fisher ordered Levy’s earlier answers removed from the record.

According to Levy, his daughter never went jogging in Rock Creek Park alone, but on Tuesday he changed his testimonials and said that she could go there, since she loved running outdoors.

In 2002, he said that his daughter planned to marry Condit in five years. On Tuesday, Levy denied this statement, saying that he didn’t know about such a plan.
At the trial, Levy also said that members of Chandra’s family were mad at Condit, so he wanted to worsen the court’s decision concerning him.
According to Levy, his calls to the FBI haven’t produced any results for a few days, so he felt very bad about it, and it took many efforts to convince police his daughter was missing.

Two women testified against Guandique, saying that he attacked them in Rock Creek Park. They both were jogging there, at the same time when Levy’s parents have been waiting for her to come back. Aspects of these attacks were similar.
In 2001, Chandra Levy went missing, and a year after, her remains were found in the same place. According to Christy Wiegand, Guandique attacked her in the exact same place back in July 2001.

Prosecutors noted that details of Levy’s disappearance are similar to those of the attack of Guandique on Wiegand, as well as on Halle Shilling, another jogger from Rock Creek Park. Halle Shilling was attacked in May 2001. Now Guandique is serving a stretch in prison. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the assault. However, in 2001, police were focused on Condit, so they haven’t paid any attention to Guandique.

Christy Wiegand lives in Pittsburgh. She told that she has been jogging with her future husband. He ran faster, so he was far ahead of her. She passed through Guandique and then noticed him following her. He jumped on Wiegand and dragged her into bushes.

Wiegand told that she was going to struggle, but Guandique covered her mouth, so nobody could hear her screaming for help. After this, he threatened her with a knife, so Wiegand stopped her attempts to escape, and it saved her life.
A few hours after the attack, police caught Guandique.

Essay on Article Bob Barker Meets with Cherokees and Talks about Bears

Bob Barker is one of the most popular game show hosts in American history. He started his career in 1950’s, hosting his own radio show, and had huge success during the next few decades, becoming a host of incredibly popular The Price Is Right on CBS. This daytime show is the longest-running show in a history of American television, which gathered millions of viewers until 2007.

Barker is also a well-known fighter for animal rights. In 2009, on July 28, he spoke about animal rights once again, on the meeting with members of the Tribal Council for the Eastern Band of Cherokee. Barker noted awful conditions under which captive bears live in North Carolina. Some of them spend their lives in cages and concrete pits, serving as a decoy for tourists. Barker already was banned from visiting two of these roadside zoos, but he had a chance to see another one, in Cherokee. Barker met with Michel Hicks, the Principal Chief of the Eastern Band. He asked Hicks to release captive bears, so they could be transported to California. A sanctuary in California has all necessary conditions for bears, so PETA is going to monitor this issue, waiting for bears to be retired.

It’s hard to imagine how these bears live their lives, but the Eastern Band hasn’t made any promises. In Cherokee legends, black bears keep human dreams. Now we hope that their dreams of freedom will become true.

How To Write A Perfect Text

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Book Signing a Success!

Book signing held at Crittenden County Library was a success.

The book signing held at Crittenden County Public Library last Saturday was a huge success. Our writers group was well represented and the library patrons were excited to meet our authors and discuss their books. A big thank you to Regina Merrick for arranging the book signing and providing snacks and door prizes!