High School Dual Enrollment Courses: Do They Mean College Credit? Essay Sample

Last week, the Loudoun County public school’s website posted a link to a page with an explanation of what dual enrollment is. According to this website, grades that students receive taking these high school courses will be grades on their college transcript. College courses, therefore, are considered the beginning of their college transcript.

In other words, if a student passes a dual-enrollment course, he or she will get credit toward a college degree. However, a report published by Virginia’s Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission in 2017, clarifies this situation. According to this report, there are particular dual enrollment courses that give students such opportunities, but it doesn’t work with all of them. Now many students who were told that dual enrollment has numerous advantages over International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement, are confused. The thing is that they can get credit passing courses sponsored by colleges, and this credit is taken into account only by these colleges.

According to Loudoun County schools spokesman Wayde Byard, all dual-enrollment courses available in this district assure credit at Northern Virginia Community College. This is not what many people consider college credit, because it doesn’t mean credit toward a four-year degree. Academic departments of colleges are now deciding which two-year credits to accept in the future.

We didn’t find mentioning of this fact on another Loudoun school’s website. It says that they guarantee dual-enrollment credit and a college transcript. Such promises are also repeated several times in their PowerPoint presentation. One must read 13 pages to finally find a warning that transfer depends on four-year schools and not all credits are equal, in fact, this means that there is no guarantee you will get credit for your efforts.

The Executive Director of the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships Adam Lowe states that there are 2.3 million students who are taking dual-enrollment courses. Comparing to the previous year, the number of these students grew by 7%. Thus, parents and students really need to learn more about these courses.

Some officials notice that the popularity of such courses in different schools varies. The authors of the Virginia report interviewed officials at 16 colleges. They noticed that it was hard to ensure the quality of dual-enrollment courses. Many high schools have chosen to blend courses so that those who take dual-enrollment courses and other students can take the same courses. According to the report, these are rather bad conditions for maintaining college rigor.

The state provides guidelines for those who are going to teach dual-enrollment classes in order for them to ensure college credits. These teachers must hold a graduate degree in the subject, or at least a graduate degree in any field and 18 graduate credits in their subject. Most of the high school teachers don’t meet these requirements.

Thus, community colleges have created various dual-enrollment courses that don’t offer any credits at the sponsoring college. They just teach subjects that are the most popular among high school students, increasing revenues for colleges.

Northern Virginia Community College is focused on monitoring Loudoun’s dual-enrollment courses. According to their information, teachers in their district have all required credentials, and there are no blended classes.

Given that college departments have different rules, there is a chance that students who have good IB and AP test scores also won’t receive credit. However, IB and AP officials don’t promote credits. Unlike many dual-enrollment courses, they also have difficult final exams which are created and graded by independent experts. Many AP teachers who have experience in teaching dual enrollment noticed considerably lower standards.

After Loudoun school officials received a copy of this article, they changed the mentioned statement on their website. Now it says that the number of credits that students earn depends on a university or college.

Dual enrollment is developing constantly, and it grows fast, so such a decision is rather a good move. School districts must realize how important it is to provide college students with relevant information on what college credits are.

Essay on The Learning Revolution: Did We Miss When It Started?

Everything changes with time, and the educational system is no exception. Comparing educational methods of the 20th century with those of the 21st century, we see that traditional formal methods are no longer relevant. Searching for new solutions, we discovered Massive Open Online Courses, mobile learning, and problem-based learning. Actually, all these things are often mentioned when talking about the learning revolution.

However, optimistic hopes don’t always become reality. Not so long ago, a few people could expect Udacity to stop their free educational programs for corporate clients. There are many smaller projects but they often imply a certain amount of struggle. Software developers need to deal with various government structures to be able to test some new methods in practice. Schools and universities must spend one year to prepare for a test run. This situation doesn’t look much like a revolution.

Individual Learners Begin the Real Revolution

Official initiatives may seem to be important, but many groundbreaking changes happen in spite of the slow machine of government and because of smart decisions of particular individuals. Sometimes people just make a choice, for example, it may be a choice in favor of electric vehicles, or solar panels. In this case, politicians cannot control the people’s choice.

While governments focus on weighing all pros and cons, people change education from the inside. And it’s possible, most of all, because of start-ups. There are many learning technology projects that work on completely new educational products. Some products make education more accessible for students of any kind. Big educational platforms cannot stay as focused on needs of their customers as these small start-ups, and this is a reason why small companies begin the revolution.

Small companies don’t try to invade the market of formal education. Their success doesn’t depend on their ambitions. Their customers have a clear understanding of what they are looking for. They want to improve their knowledge and they know that formal training sometimes cannot guarantee the desired result. The value of the educational product is evaluated and determined by customers directly, the same way prices are formed.

This revolution slowly leaves formal systems behind. On the other side of this revolution, students don’t want to learn more nor develop new skills, because they have different goals. These students are asked to get good marks. They want to get the degree, and this aim is not bad but it’s slightly different from actually learning something new. It doesn’t mean that students are responsible for such a tendency. Quite the contrary, the thing is that a proper certificate and a university degree are more valuable than actual knowledge.

How Technological Startups Change Education

Self-teaching isn’t the big news, especially when it comes to language learning. Such platforms as Busuu, Babbel, Duolingo, etc. have hundreds of millions of users from all over the world. If you ask these people, only a few of them will agree to change their educational approach to traditional courses. More and more people appreciate advantages of smartphone apps and online sources over CDs and textbooks, which are also expensive. Educational tools become more accessible and cheaper, which allows millions of people around the world to learn what they want.

New educational solutions couldn’t have been imagined before. Now we have such tools as webcams, online encyclopedias, and emails. We have instant messages and we can work on the same documents with people from other countries, in real time. People learn new languages using interactive platforms, joining translation communities, and taking virtual classes. They are no longer restricted by any standards or requirements.

There is a general self-learning trend, and the examples above are just a tip of the iceberg. Every day, new enthusiasts create and test new training programs and programming courses. Using new technologies, people can study everywhere: in the coffee shop, waiting in the airport, or riding the subway.

Maybe educational revolution differs from what we’d imagined, but there are many people who see gaps in the traditional system, and they change it, developing new approaches. Even though it’s hard to see it coming, it doesn’t mean that there will be no revolution in learning. In contrast, we think that the revolution has already happened.

Argumentative Essay on The Truth About 100% Pass Rates in Final Exams

Recently, The Times published an article about the institutions that most likely to award degrees to those who take the final exams on their degrees. It includes a list of such universities as University of East London, Arts University Bournemouth, Edinburgh, Sunderland, Worcester, Abertay, Oxford, Surrey, Durham, and Liverpool.

However, this article looks rather like shaming than a recommendation. The “shaming list” includes a number of prestigious universities that awarded literally 100% of final-year students. There are eleven such universities in total, including members of the Russel Group, and also a number of universities where such a figure was 99%.

Is it a Bad Thing?

The incredible pass rate raised debates about changes in the university standards. Such standards are always considered declining, especially by those who stay critical about the educational system of the United Kingdom. Moreover, recent rumors about undergraduates who achieved First Class degree were used by many people as an indicator of falling standards.

Such a position regarding the university degree standards is rather a healthy thing. This position is also explained by the fact that modern universities tend to consider themselves as service providers, while their students are considered clients. If we take into account the cost of education in the UK, we can reasonably conclude that the degree at the end is the least what such customers are expecting from their investments. And, of course, no service wants to receive bad feedback from unsatisfied clients.

Is It Really Easier to Study These Days?

It’s hard to say for sure because this issue is a little more complicated than the bald statistic describes it. The point is that the structure of degree courses has changed much more significantly than the standards of universities. The article mentioned above measures the 100% pass rate among students who take their final exams, but the concept of such statistics seems to be outdated for many universities. A final exam at the end of a three-year course could determine the entire degree before, but now there are many degree courses that are completely modular. Marks for the first semester of a certain year are equally weighted with the same marks of the whole course.

Thus, there is nothing special about the final exams in many different universities. They are aimed just to reflect the performance of the student for a particular module. If such exams were passed bad, it doesn’t mean that the overall performance of a certain student is bad. Moreover, this modular system provides instructors and students with more detailed information on the progress compared to the old degree programs which were entirely based on the final exams. Now students who have problems can be identified in advance and so take necessary help, or be placed on probation, or even advised to drop out in certain cases.

Previously, students could do almost nothing during three years, not getting the knowledge necessary for the final exams. For such a reason, many students predictably failed. Given the changes in the educational system, in case a university’s academic structures do their job, no students must enter the final exams being unprepared for it.

A Duty of Care

Everyone in the society should care about maintaining high standards of education, including students, employees, and university structures. But is entering the final exams without a virtual assurance of getting a degree really necessary? Is it a kind of rigor? In fact, it’s something completely opposite: universities are unable to identify students who need additional support and so they fail to provide a qualitative educational experience. We think that low failure rates are rather a reason for a celebration than for suspicious critique. They only illustrate how universities manage to monitor the progress of each student and provide great educational service. Thus, maybe you should check that list from The Times to get some good recommendations.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay About Anything

What is an Argumentative Essay?

Argumentative essays discuss certain topics and then provide readers with an author’s argument which is based on the discussion.

Good argumentative essays have certain things in common. Many good writers use the same methods that allow them to make their texts more persuasive. First of all, we suggest you not being one-sided, and consider arguments that support your points along with arguments of the opposite side of such a discussion.

How to Choose a Topic

If you really want to do your best and get a high grade, we suggest choosing a topic that is interesting to you. You can define the subject first and then search for any available topics related to this subject. Your subject can be education, politics, social issues, religion, or whatever you want.

Argumentative Essay Structure

One of the key principles of success is creating a right structure of the essay. If you follow the proper structure, you’ll be able to easily outline the essay and write it step-by-step. There are several common types of argumentative essay structure, so we divided them into three groups: con-pro, pro-con, 3 cons, alternating structures, and claim/counterclaim.

Let’s consider these types in more detail.

Pro-Con Type

This type can be used for any simple school essay or any other short essay on any subject.

  • Introduction
  • First pro point 1 and support
  • Second pro point 2 and support
  • Con point and refutation
  • Conclusion

This type includes two pro points and one con, therefore the body part of the essay consists of three paragraphs. Both the introduction and conclusion are also one paragraph long.

Con-Pro Type

This type of structure can also be used for any short essays.

  • Introduction
  • Con point and refutation
  • First pro point 1 and support
  • Second pro point 2 and support
  • Conclusion

This type of structure is similar to the previous one, but here the author discusses a con point first, and after that, he describes pro points.

Just like the previous type, this one consists of five paragraphs, three of which are devoted to the con and pro points.

3-Con Type

Here is another universal type of structure.

  • Introduction
  • First con point and refutation
  • Second con point and refutation
  • Third con point and refutation
  • Conclusion

Essay of such a structure implies no particular pro point, but it’s focused on the retraction of con points, which is appropriate for an argumentative essay.

Just like previous types, this structure consists of five paragraphs, which is a classical approach.


This type of essay structure can be applied to more difficult essays. Previous types were school-oriented, but this type can be easily used for college essays.

  • Introduction
  • First counterclaim point and refutation
  • Second counterclaim point and refutation
  • Third counterclaim point and refutation
  • First claim point and support
  • Second claim point and support
  • Third claim point and support
  • Conclusion

This type of structure is much more complicated, and it implies writing a longer essay. Here you can develop your point in more detail, providing readers with more ideas and information.

This structure consists of a one-paragraph-long introduction, two main parts, and a paragraph of conclusions. Each part of the body contains three paragraphs. In the first part, you describe and retract the counterpoint, and the second part of the body describes and supports the pro point.

Alternating Structure

This structure also fits advanced college essays about any subject.

  • Introduction
  • First claim point and support
  • First counterclaim point and refutation
  • Second claim point and support
  • Second counterclaim point and refutation
  • Third claim point and support
  • Third counterclaim point and refutation
  • Conclusion

This structure also allows you to create a complex discussion with claims and counterclaims.

Along with the introduction and the conclusion, there is a main part which consists of three parts. Each of these parts includes two opposite points.

Well, now you can choose a structure that fits your essay best. Now you have to write the essay according to the chosen structure. Before you start, we suggest reading our tips that will help you create a great argumentative essay.

An Excellent Argumentative Essay


This is very important part of your essay. It creates the first impression of the entire paper, and here you introduce your main argument

First of all, we suggest providing readers with necessary background information, so they could understand context and specifics of your topic. After that, introduce your topic. Tell your readers, what makes this topic really important, and what you think about it.

Counterclaim Refutation

Start a paragraph with a clear statement of the point. After that, use statistics, facts, logical arguments, and opinions of experts to rebut this point. You have to convince your readers, proving why this point is incorrect or irrelevant. After you explained why the counterclaim is wrong, move right to your thesis statement.

Claim Support

Begin with a clear statement and describe the point. After that, support it with evidence. Just like in a previous paragraph, use relevant facts, opinions, and proven sources. Once you explained why the claim is right, present your proved argument as a thesis statement.


Don’t underestimate the conclusion. This part is as much important as the introduction, because it determines what your readers will think about after reading your essay. Your conclusion must remind readers the most important arguments.

First of all, you have to restate your claim, but make sure that you don’t repeat it exactly like you did at the beginning of the essay. Briefly remind your arguments. Tell your readers why the conclusion is important.

Finalizing the Essay

Even if you wrote the entire essay, it doesn’t mean that you’re ready to submit it. There are many common mistakes in argumentative essays, and we suggest making sure that your essay doesn’t include any of them. Follow our list of common mistakes and fix everything according to this list.

  • Check grammar and spelling errors;
  • Make sure that your essay is written according to the necessary format;
  • Organize your references and citations in a proper way;
  • Check your title page and make sure it meets necessary requirements;
  • Read everything once again to be sure that you didn’t miss any important details.

Argumentative Essay on Gun Control: Quick Guide

Argumentative essay on gun control requires good preparation. This issue is widely debated in USA, and you need to provide qualitative evaluation of all arguments.

Features of Gun Control Essay Writing

There are a few topics so actively discussed that sometimes it’s hard to be objective, when it comes to essay writing. However, being objective is one of your most important goals. Of course, you need to represent your own point of view, but argumentative essay is impossible without facts that illustrate both viewpoints. Thus, you have to collect enough facts to explain pros and cons of gun control; essay should illustrate how you considered this issue and why you’ve chosen such a point.

You also need to choose a right title for gun control essay. It must reflect your topic and grab your readers’ attention. However, you must make sure that it’s not too long and is related to your key statement on this issue.

This issue is very sensitive. Recall events in Las Vegas in 2017, or in Colorado Theater, during “The Dark Knight Rises” movie. Such cases are horrifying and thus they raise a controversy and intense debates between people who are standing against Second Amendment and those who support it. In your essay about gun violence, you have to illustrate such a controversy by facts and quotes of politicians and law experts. As for the Second Amendment, gun control essay must consider this issue based only on proven legal sources.

The US Constitution says that nobody should infringe the right to keep and bear arms. On the other hand, the Supreme Court clearly states that this right shot be controlled by the government in any necessary way. To illustrate pros and cons of gun control, essay may include statistics. For example, about 80% of citizens don’t own firearms. On the other hand, 65% think that strict gun control laws would violate constitutional rights.

There’s no surprise if you cannot write your gun control essay properly. Many students face difficulties trying to express their thoughts in a concise way, given that such a topic is rather broad. A lot of students are searching for good online writing services, and if you’re one of them, now you don’t need to search anymore.

We care about every customer, and we are proud of our professional team. Our writers will write a perfect essay about guns, and you won’t need to spend extra money. We keep our prices low, so that everybody could appreciate our service and quality. We have a huge research database, so you don’t need to worry about facts and sources anymore. Even if you have strict deadlines, it’s not a problem anymore, because our professionals are able to write quickly, following all necessary writing standards.

If you need a gun safety essay that will impress your readers and help you get high grades, just contact us now and enjoy new opportunities!

Abortion Argumentative Essay: Key Features

Argumentative Essay about Abortion: Simple Tips

Most students face problems writing about such a difficult issue. Some people say that birth control is the worst thing we can do, arguing against it and citing religious sources. Some people say that everyone, especially women, have a right to choose, because you cannot kill what haven’t born yet. First of all, no matter what your point is, you need to look at this topic from different sides and support all your claims with facts.

Let’s define what is argumentative essay writing. You need to make an analysis of a certain issue and highlight all important things about it, such as statistics, arguments of both supporters and opponents. You need to explain your own point as well. Unlike the abortion summary essay, it requires more detailed explanation of facts, keeping your text holistic and vivid.


We recommend you to start with the abortion essay outline. Make a traditional structure. First, draw up your introduction. It’s the part of your paper where you must describe your topic to readers, explaining why it’s relevant and important. It’s worth finding statistics that will illustrate how often people choose either to keep baby or not. Explain your own thoughts on this issue and start writing the body part.

An abortion essay intro introduces this topic and your point to your readers. A body of your essay should consider the issue in details. Here you need to explain all the pros and cons of birth control. You may write about moral issues or health care, anyway, you need to be objective and support your theses with arguments. This is not an easy task, so you may think about getting an argumentative essay help. Our company is the best solution for every student, since we offer you qualitative and affordable essay writing. If you have tight deadlines, it’s not a problem for our professional writers. We know how to write persuasive essays fast, following all the college standards. You don’t need to search where to get an argumentative essay help no more, because our online service has a wealth of experience in helping students with any task, no matter how difficult it is!

If you’re not sure that you can cope with such a task on your own, just order our argumentative essay help, and you’ll appreciate all advantages of our service. Don’t waste your time; just get highest grades with no extra efforts!