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General Chemistry

Almost 2,500 years ago, Democritus stated that all the matter consists of the elementary units — atoms.  Today, we not only know that he was right but also have a Scanning Tunneling Electron Microscope (STEM), which allows us to study individual atoms. Modern chemistry focuses on all the aspects of chemical processes, developing new materials, drugs, agricultural chemicals, consumer products, etc.

Students from many universities must complete a general chemistry course. A basic course includes such topics as:

  • Gases
  • Basic concepts
  • Oxidation numbers
  • Atoms and atomic masses
  • Formula calculations
  • Net ionic equations
  • Nuclear reactions
  • Measurement
  • Stoichiometry
  • Electronic configuration
  • Kinetics and equilibrium
  • Chemical reactions
  • Acids and Bases
  • Nomenclature
  • Solids and liquids
  • Organic chemistry
  • Solutions

Where to Update Your Chemistry Knowledge

Any student can find various helpful resources that allow you to improve your general knowledge or refresh the course. To stay up to date about chemistry, we recommend that you follow the International Journal of Chemistry. There is also a chemistry tutorial from the University of Arizona, as well as numerous books available on Amazon.

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Writing services are an interesting type of business that attracts more attention every year. We decided to talk to a professional writer who works on one of such websites to get a grasp on the basics of this business. It was hard to digest the fact that this business is presented worldwide, and customers of writing services are students of the most prestigious colleges and universities. Numbers of students who rely on writing services is really impressive, so we decided to learn more about this phenomenon.

Most of the writers who work on writing assignments are native English speakers from the UK, the USA, Australia, and Canada. Many services have writers who are fluent in foreign languages, contacting experts from other countries if a customer wants his or her paper to be written in another language. The vast majority of writers are Master’s degree holders, and about 60% of them are holding a Ph.D.

Before any writer is even considered for such a job, he or she must complete several tests which must determine whether a candidate is familiar with all common citation styles and format requirements. Every writer must know such styles as Chicago, APA, MLA, and Harvard. However, the perfect knowledge of writing formats and styles isn’t the only requirement for writers who want to earn writing college papers. All their texts are checked with plagiarism software. Quality assurance experts check every paper to make sure that a writer did a good job. Generally, this job doesn’t differ from any other post-academic career. Our source told us that some experts usually earn more than others. For example, the help of STEM specialists is especially expensive.

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The writer and the client may contact via email. A customer sends all necessary materials and describes the task. However, this isn’t the most convenient method of communication so most writing services now have their online portals. All their customers register a private account, being able to track the status of their order during the whole writing process. Clients can request a revision or include additional materials. The highest number of orders usually falls on April and May, as well as on the period between October and November, when students have passed all necessary exams and work on other academic goals.

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Are you thinking about postgraduate education? Then it definitely will come down to writing a dissertation proposal. The university admission committee uses this assignment as a perfect way to check whether you are ready for profound research. Moreover, the academia may evaluate your knowledge in your field of studies in such a way. Finally, it is an easy way to check your writing skills.

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