Avoid Essay Cheats and Select a Good Writing Company

Points to Pay Attention to When Screening Out Essay Cheats

There are essay cheats online that the students should be aware of and avoid at all costs. These are the people that offer you essay writing help and do not deliver on their promises. As a result many students think twice about obtaining help with their essays or research papers or theses. This affects not only the existing authentic writing services, but also the students who need authentic help with their writing. But there is hope. If you knew how to select a good writing service you will be guaranteed that no company will ever cheat you.

How the Companies Cheat You

There are many ways essay cheats can cheat you. Below are some ways in which they do so. However, this does not mean that all companies that offer the items mentioned below are cheats. If you are thorough with your selection process, you will find a good essay service which will not cheat you.

• They can promise all types of essay writing help for cheap and students will unknowingly fall for this tactic. You can be sure that anything cheaper than the standard price will have equally cheap quality.

• They can promise essays or theses written in twenty four hours. This is a sure sign the company is trying to cheat you. Theses especially, do not get written in even couple of days. There is much research which needs to be conducted which could take many weeks.

• They can submit plagiarized essays. It is very easy to copy someone else’s work and submit as your own. Some writing services have been known to do this. Ask for their plagiarism policy and whether money back guarantees are in place.

• They can use fake testimonials and reviews and students will fall for them.

How to Identify Authentic Companies

As there are many ways to cheat, there are also many ways to ensure that you don’t get cheated. These include background checks on the companies selected, assessing quality of sample essays, and customer service. However, the most popular method of selecting a good custom writing service is through word of mouth. Students who have had bad and good experiences often tend to discuss it with their colleagues. Speaking to a few of these students will not only educate you on what to look for in an essay cheat, but also how to find the best companies to write your essays. If it’s a thesis that needs written, test the service out with a small but complex analytical essay order. This will allow you to check the quality of writing as well as the reliability of customer service.

Apart from the obvious there are some other ways in which companies show their authenticity. These are by displaying their actual company name, not just the website, place of registration, registration number, VAT registration number are just some.

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Exciting and Riveting Argument Essay Topics

As you may already know winning argument essay topics are sure to determine your further success. It can be explained by the fact that they have direct impact on your interest and efficiency. Obviously, the more riveting theme you manage to pick, the faster and easier you’ll be able to handle the whole assignment.

But what a really captivating topic is? Now let’s find it out. The first requirement is that it should be something in the middle between being too specific and too general. For instance, if you need to select a topic on Law “The taxation system” is too broad, while “The taxation system in my city” is too narrow. “Is the taxation system in the USA fair?” will be just a perfect match.

The second demand is that it must be disputable, so that at least 2 points of view can be presented on it. In other words, it must provoke a reasonable discussion.

Thirdly, remember that a fine theme is a relevant theme, so try to look for a contemporary topic for your essay paper.

Develop Argument Essay Topics into Expertly Composed Fine Papers

Naturally, if you find it really puzzling and tiresome to select argument essay topics on your own, you may check our essay online database of samples, where you are more than likely to find a great theme to develop.

Furthermore, here is a short argumentative essay themes list that may appear to be of great use for you:

  • The death penalty: pros and cons.
  • Is it right to use animals for scientific researches?
  • Should marijuana be legalized?
  • Should single-sex marriages be allowed or not?
  • What’s the use of fashion?
  • What age is suitable to start dating?
  • Do you think the pro actors and actresses are overpaid?
  • People depend too much on the technology development.

Feel comfortable to take and expand these nice topics into engaging and well-reasoned argumentative papers or order a masterfully written essay at our cheap essay service.

Mind the Structure of Your Essay While Highlighting Argument Essay Topics

Another point to mind while completing your argumentative essay is sure to be the structure. To put it briefly, here are some key points you must be aware of to build a strong structure for your paper:

  • State the theme and the thesis sentence in the introductory part.
  • Express your ideas and support your arguments in the body of the paper.
  • Make from 3 to 5 paragraphs in the essential part, each one for a new argument.
  • Make a short outline of everything you presented in your paper.
  • Don’t make the opening and the closing part too long.

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A Capital Punishment Essay – Covering a Controversial Issue

Naturally, tackling a capital punishment essay may turn out to be rather challenging, as in this paper you should discuss very controversial issue of death penalty. Is it ethical to execute criminals? What if an absolutely innocent individual is punished? Does anybody on earth have a right to take lives from other people?

All the aforementioned questions are not quite easy to answer. Consequently, it requires fine writing skills, solid arguments and a microscopic research to come up with a successful paper on a capital punishment. But don’t fall into panic! If you are reading this article, it means you are on the right way to your top grade.

How to Start Your Capital Punishment Essay in a Good Way

From your academic experience you may know that the most difficult thing while accomplishing any type of academic written assignments is to start. Often it may appear to be some kind of stumbling point for students, as when it comes to crafting the opening part, they have no ideas what they should write.

If it is the same story with your capital punishment essay, feel free to follow efficient guidelines provided by our skilled essay online experts:

  • Familiarize yourself with the history of the capital punishment before starting to compose your essay.
  • Pick an intriguing subject to discuss.
  • Claim a relevant thesis statement that will reflect your point of view on the issue.
  • Compose a catchy introduction of your death penalty essay.

Make Your Death Penalty Paper an Effective Piece of Writing

If you are through with the opening part, it is time to get down to crafting the body of your capital punishment essay. Actually, to create a winning body of your paper you should be aware of one simple clue. Your tutor is sure to give you the highest grade, if you tell an engaging story that will develop your arguments stated in the introductory part.

  • Compose a paragraph for each statement you made in your introduction.
  • Give exciting and bright illustrations to prove your ideas.
  • Make citations of notable people who expressed their opinions on the issue.
  • Make use of different stylistic figures.

On the other hand, you can always make a choice to order our cheap essay service delivered by gifted experienced English speaking authors and get your death penalty composed without any glitches.

Get the Most Qualified Help with Creating a Death Penalty Essay

If the death penalty is not your cup of tea and you don’t have even the smallest desire to study it and write about it, you may contact our certified pros to get first-rate assistance tailored to your needs. Using our service it is easy to buy a coursework, an essay or other papers on any topic you want including the capital punishment.

How Can English Essay Examples Improve Your Performance?

At first sight, it may seem that English essay examples are of no use at all. Indeed, it is far from being so. Thousands of students tend to use them to make the writing process less painstaking and time consuming.

But how can English essay online samples help them with handling their assignments? In fact, the students can find some fruitful ideas in essay templates and see what techniques the authors used to cover their topics.

Moreover, looking through free examples they can discover what appropriate essay phrases to use in their own papers.

In addition, free examples are templates of academic writing standards, so they can familiarize themselves with some basic academic requirements viewing these samples.

Finally, they can enlarge their knowledge about a strong essay structure with the help of essay examples.

Thus, now you see how samples can improve your writing skills as well as academic performance.

Where to Find Free Excellent English Essay Examples?

Admittedly, there are many sites on the web where one can upload English essay examples for free. But it doesn’t mean they are sure to be peerless and of the best quality. Consequently, you ought to look for a 100% reliable academic sources like, if you don’t want to get below average quality templates.

Our expert cheap essay service is recognized as a trustworthy site, where you can download any essay sample you need free of charge. Thousands of uk students prefer to use our samples daily. Upload one and you’ll see why they address us.

How to Organize Your Essay Using Free Samples?

As you may have noticed, there is a great deal of different kinds of essays you may be charged with. Naturally, their length may vary as well. That is why it’s quite obvious that different essays appear to have different structures. Of course, they all are sure to incorporate such common chapters as:

  • Introduction
  • The essential body
  • Summary

Still, different types of essays happen to have their own peculiarities of organizing content into a complete lucid paper. The best thing to learn all these vital points is to download an appropriate essay sample for free and to study it carefully before starting to structure your essay. Actually, you can do it without leaving our site.

English Samples Can Assist You with Choosing a Fine Academic Service to Use

Naturally, being a student presumes that you have an extremely busy schedule and a very tough assignment load. Thus, it’s not strange that more and more students look for a pro service to buy a coursework, essays, theses and other papers online.

If you are one of them, you should know that English essay examples can assist you with selecting a fine academic service to order a paper from. There is no doubt that samples are real indicators of the company’s proficiency and the quality of the services it delivers.

Pay for statistics homework and have no worries

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The easiest way to be self-confident is to pay for homework answers

It’s a well-known fact that sooner or later a student looks for homework help and answers. Sometimes, people really have a hard time doing home assignments, not because they don’t care or don’t feel like doing them. The reasons are usually associated with lack of time, excessiveness of tasks, tight deadlines, or burnout after additional courses or even work. And often, in order to make sure an assignment is done properly, some students would prefer getting a homework answer key just for the self-confidence. In this regard, there are a bunch of places offering such kinds of solutions. For various payment plans, they provide homework help answers and save you time, nerves, and work with schedules that fit your day.

Students frequently ask: “Where can I find answers to my homework?” Right now, it is possible to get assistance online, on the phone, or just go to a specialized center. If you are a student and care about the success of your home assignment, it is not a problem to get answers to homework questions. Services providing an aid in education have a vast collection of answers to textbook questions, complete essays on different topics, and hands-on solutions to individual assignments. With the increasing importance of education, students care about a homework assignment done correctly, since it resembles the quality and quantity of their progress and ultimate success. Therefore, when you ask: “help me with homework answers”, it shows your solicitude and concern for the discipline you study.

There are many online and offline sources where to get assistance with home assignments. They feature millions of solutions and answers to the most popular textbooks, help with various sciences, homework review, and even personal assistance. Homework help and answers have become a common practice. On the one hand, if you need to get your homework done because of urgency, lack of time, or just to check if you’re doing everything right, an option is to pay for homework answers. On the other hand, if you have no troubles with science and feel like helping other students out, you can offer assistance, and thus make extra money, improve your knowledge, and get more valuable experience.

Surely, homework is a major part of any educational process. Via home assignments, students consolidate their skills, learn additional aspects of certain topics, and improve their time-management. However, quite frequently it comes to struggling with an assignment, suffering hard times understanding a topic, or having not enough time to complete. In this case, it is essential to find homework questions and answers. Companies offering such service, provide students with qualified scientific experts who can immediately assist in any kind of topic, give right-away solutions to tasks, and do custom tailored works. Thus, to answer textbook questions and be secure about your homework, the help is here, just look for it. With the phrase “help me with homework answers”, you will find plenty of offers and solutions today. If you want to submit a paper successfully and make an impression on your teacher, there are professionals who are ready to back you up and help with home assignments.

What will I get if I pay for math homework?

Math has undisputedly been one of the class students struggle with a lot. Being a complex study, math comprises a bunch of various subfields that often don’t really correlate. Apart from many hours of study at classrooms, students have to do assignments at home. Some of them are simple and short. The others are complex and time-consuming. Due to this, math homework help is a common practice among those who want to successfully overcome the science. There are several main reasons why students look for a math homework helper:

  • Cumbersome tasks;
  • Short timeframes given to finish the work;
  • Poor understanding of a complex topic;
  • Lack of time associated with other activities;
  • Exhaustion after work or even disease.

Therefore, many students who have problems with assignments tend to seek and ask for help with math homework. The best, fastest, and most convenient options today are online services that offer assistance with many subjects. But a student who never turned to a math helper may ask “What website can help me with my math homework?”. There are popular sites that do your math homework, including the whole bunch of other online sources. So, if you are a one who struggles in math troubleshooting, or just unable to complete an assignment for personal reasons, you can pay for math homework and have it done. Services executing math assignments offer fast and reliable problem solutions with Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Geometry, Trigonometry, etc. For a certain charge math experts and experienced professionals can provide you with math homework help or explain the material you stuck on in layman terms.

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Meet the deadlines — pay for programming homework

Among the various subjects that people study at schools and colleges, there is one that seems to be extremely intricate – programming. It has become common for students to seek programming assistance, like hiring tutors, or paying to have their home assignments done. Computer science homework is frustrating, complex, and requires too much time to complete. Due to the multitude of approaches to solve a single problem, errors occurring in the process of development, or tight deadlines, students often turn to those who offer help with programming for the money.

The struggle with computer science starts because of lack of practice. Many educational institutions provide their students with a solid theoretical base and most practical tasks are assigned as homework, individual project, or research. It’s true that for many students, computer science is not as smooth as it is desired to be, but there are people who are like geniuses with this subject and they can do programming homework for money.

The IT sphere has been all the rage for the last few years, and the number of students in this field has increased drastically. Therefore, programming assignment help is an inseparable attribute of a modern student. It’s not like they don’t want to do the homework or don’t know how. Very often, it just comes to personal reasons, where the most common are:

  • Superficial apprehension of programming concepts;
  • Pain with cumbersome and complex computer science tasks;
  • Strictly set deadlines;
  • Lack of time related to extracurricular activities, excessive home assignments etc.;
  • Exhaustion after work or volunteering.

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Computer science assignment is often time-consuming, requiring extra research and multiple revisions of the completed work. To go out and ask somebody to do my programming homework is not shameful, but a contribution to personal life. Surely, after having your homework done, it is important to review it in order to understand how it was done, what methods and approaches were used. So, if you suffer with programming, but want to be successful, make an impression on your teacher, and get all your plans done in the meantime, programming homework help is a perfect solution.

Legendary Bodleian Library and Its Founder Essay Sample

Being the second biggest after the British Book Depository, the Bodleian Library in Oxford is one of the most world-famous book collections.  Along with the Vatican Library this reading room of Oxford University has the title of the oldest library in Europe. It is currently situated in five large-scale buildings and has many branches and offices. The library was founded by Sir Thomas Bodley, who played a greater role in the establishment and development of the Oxford University in general and the library in particular.

It was Sir Bodley, who offered his own money for the library renovation back in 1598. And it was him the poets and writers of the Oxford University, praising in their works for his contribution. So, who was the man called the Mycenas and Ptolemy of his age?

Thomas Bodley was the son of an Exeter merchant and Protestant. When Mary I ascends the throne of England, he preferred to leave the country and move to the house of Calvinism and Reformation – Geneva. Thomas Bodley has received the primary education from legendary John Calvin, and after that, Thomas moved to Oxford to continue his studies. As the Fellow of Merton, he lectured in Greek and promoted Hebrew.

In virtue of traveling on the Continent Boldey has improved his knowledge of Italian, French and Spanish, the great part of his four-year traveling remains in the Bodleian library — his Spanish copy of the Girolamo Franzini’s guidebook to Rome. His fellowship at Merton was over in 1586 on his marriage, and two years later he went to the United Provinces as envoy. Anglo-Dutch relationships were strained at that time, and Sir Bodley resigned from all the State employments in 1597. Yet his personal inclination and public expectation were the reason he kept seeking for other ways to be the profitable part of the community. After some time Thomas Bodley threw his forces and enthusiasm for the neglected Oxford library.

What about the history of the library before Sir Thomas? It was Thomas Cobham, Bishop of Worcester, who founded the first Oxford library, and for quite a while it was housed in a small room next to church St Mary the Virgin. After the generous donation from Humfrey, Duke of Gloucester that resulted in 279 rare manuscripts being added to the library between 1439 and 1444 the library was moved to a bigger library room. It was built over the Divinity School, and the building was over in 1488. In 60 years, when Sir Bodley has come to Magdalen College, the library room was already neglected.

In 1598 as Bodley left his diplomatic service, he started working on the renovation and reviving of the library. In his letter to the Vice-Chancellor he promised to take all the costs and efforts on his own – Bodley believed his leisure, education, friends and money would bring him success. And it seems like he really succeeded in his noble mission.

He started from the very beginning – there was a group of six people to inspect the renovated library room. The changes in the interior were inspired by the library of Bodley’s  friend Henry Savile, Warden of Merton. Craving for the truly university-based library, he repaired the roof, paneled the ceiling of the new library room with the arms of the University and filled it with bookcases and tables. In 1600 when all the building was done, Sir Bodley switched from constructing the great place for those seeking knowledge to actually fill the shelves of the library with books.

In five years, due to Bodley’s talent to encourage the benefactions he had about £1,700 – the money donated by both famous people of that age and smaller ones. The library had a nice register book where all the contributors were listed. Kept on the display, it was the best way to remember the tiniest gift and to please those who contributed to the library – simple psychology, but it worked. The money received in this way Bodley spent on hiring two London booksellers, John Norton and John Bill, and on buying some of the new books.

The wide range of book procurement for the library was based on numerous donations from friends and contacts of the Mycenas of his time. Several hundreds of priceless medieval manuscripts transferred to the Bodleian Library were one of the most notable gifts. In fact, Bodley went far beyond the needs of the Oxford University curriculum – he encouraged the addition of books in other languages such as Persian, Arab, Turkish and Syrian. While there was no one in Oxford to read them, Bodley was sure they would be useful in future.

On 8 November 1602 the library was open to public, and soon scholars were traveling all over the Europe just to study here. Thomas James, young scholar with the same background as Bodley, was chosen to be the first bookkeeper at the Bodleian Library and sort of the right hand for the famous executant. In fact, James helped to realize his vision of the library as the ornament of the University and great source of knowledge for people from all over the world. The extensive correspondence between these two shows all kinds of directions concerning the library and all the administrative issues James received from Bodley. Covering the time period between 1599 and 1613, these letters tell us about the production of their first catalogue, Bodley’s endowment of the library in 1608 and a lot more – it is an epistolary reflection of the majesty and significance the Bodleian Library earned with years.

After Sir Thomas Bodley died the library was governed by the Curators and administered by the Oxford University. James continued as the Librarian – he kept buying more books and working on new catalogue until 1620. After that the library expanded the second time – this was the beginning of the continuous growth of this science center at the heart of the University.

Essay Writing Services

Essay writing services that write essays for students have grown to a fully-fledged industry. The main target of the essay service industry is the students and working people who cannot find time to complete their assignments (Burstein, Chodorow, & Leacock, 2004). High school, graduate, and college students turn to professional writing services to finish their school writing projects. Although students consult professionals to help them with essays, it is important to know the benefits of the essay writing service before committing money to the services. Despite the fact that the services may not allow the students time to learn, the services allow them to get time to do what they want; they practically guarantee excellent grades and are unique and free from plagiarism.

The target audiences of the essay writing services are high school graduates and college students who have other activities other than schooling. They have more classwork and wish to reduce the workload by seeking help from the essay writing services. Students can draft essays and give writers from essay writing services to improve their work. This can give the students time to take care of other businesses while attending school. Time is limited for everyone, and students have limited time to complete both class assignments and their businesses (Burstein, Chodorow, & Leacock, 2004). The essay writing services allow the students to do what they feel is necessary as they let experts handle their essay assignments. The target population also is under the pressure to perform well in academics because of the high level of competition in education. This causes the demand for high-quality work provided by the essay writing services to rise.

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Thirdly, the essay writing services are free from plagiarism. One of the major mistakes made by students when completing essays is plagiarism (Norton, 1990). Essay writing services provide essays free from plagiarism because they run the essay through a plagiarism test before giving the client the essay. Most of the essays given by tutors may require more pages that students do not have the time to complete. Essay writers help students complete the assignments with zero or minimum plagiarism. The companies that provide the essay writing services monitor the writers who complete the orders made by customers. The work of the companies is to ensure that customers are satisfied with the work they receive.

In conclusion, essay-writing services are important to the students who have other business to attend to other than schooling. High school, graduate, and college students take advantage these services to complete their assignment in time. The essay writing services guarantee students good grades, which contribute to the overall GPA of the students. The services also offer high-quality essays free from plagiarism and are unique. Essay writing services are there for good avenues for students to improve their grades and complete other important assignments.