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English homework help for you

English, being the most important international language, usually causes serious problems, when it deals with various tasks in it. Many students can speak rather fluently, while written assignments lead to stress and difficulties with grammar, punctuation, writing of essays, reports, and so on. What are the most useful tips here? Of course, look for reliable English homework help websites!

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Forget about homework and stress

Homework and stress − these words are always associated with each other as nowadays students are assigned to do a lot of homework on different subjects. People of elder generation may say that they have computers which can ease their life, but in general it makes the process of studying even more difficult − they try to find the answers on the Internet, which reduces the level of mental activity, and, as a result, students face difficulties while completing assignments in class or on their own. For this reason, the pressure of homework on students is becoming more and more evident day after day. What does it lead to? Surely, it causes problems with health.

How does homework affect students’ health?

To begin with, it may result in a nervous breakdown. This is the most frequently seen consequence since not all the students are able to plan their schedule and pass everything on time. Therefore, they do everything in the last minute and feel very nervous that they may fail the deadline. In the second place, many students are getting so tired of doing homework that they have problems with sleep, what can end in a serious insomnia. And that’s not all. Such a consequence after homework and stress as a headache is also one of the most common, but many students even got used to it. It mustn’t be this way, must it?

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Do you know Your English Coursework?

Knowing the Types of English Coursework Helps Students to Do Better

Coursework is a challenging task. If the thought of essay writing scares students, then handling coursework will be a difficult task as most coursework assignments consist of essay writing. Coursework requires dedication, time and effort. This might be a difficult situation for most students. However, there is no escaping from it. Many types of coursework are assigned to students and English coursework is one of the most important and compulsory of them. Coursework is administered by tutors to assess how much knowledge on a particular subject has been absorbed by the students. Therefore, it is vital to do a good job in order to impress the tutors and obtain the grade that can make up impressive academic credentials.

Types of English Coursework
English coursework will be assigned from the middle school level to A level. As this is a compulsory subject, students have to do the best they possibly can. Knowing what they can expect of their coursework will enable them to prepare themselves for the process. Coursework in English will consist of the following:

• Writing an essay – students will either be provided a topic or will have to come up with an interesting one. By using the correct structure, style, format and content students will have to write an interesting essay. This essay should be structurally sound and should have a relevant and strong point, which will be defended through the entire essay.

• Question and Answer – reading material will be assigned, and once on completion, will be asked questions pertaining to the material provided. This ensures that a proper comprehension of the assigned material has been achieved.

 Book Review – This type of coursework will be assigned for English literature coursework. Students will be assigned a book or novel by a famous author, such as Shakespeare and they will have to interpret the meanings of the novel through analysis of the subject.

• Thesis – research on a topic of interest will have to be conducted and a thesis paper written on it. Students need to ensure that they formulate a good thesis statement and spend the entire thesis providing evidence to the thesis problem and its solution.

How to Write Coursework
Once students have a basic understanding of what they are to do, they will be able to practice writing their coursework. In order to submit an excellent coursework paper, they need to follow certain guidelines.
• Select a captivating and interesting topic.
• Ensure that there is sufficient research material for the topic and conduct thorough research.
• Use comprehensible language. Avoid complex and long sentences.
• Edit and proofread many times until perfected.

Any type of coursework provides greater knowledge and English coursework holds significant importance in this regard. In order to do well students should have a thorough understanding of all the requirements which enable them to do good coursework. provides students with all types of academic writing help. If you require quality coursework papers, the experts at this writing service will ensure that you get the best.

How To Produce Impressive Business studies Coursework

Tips to be incorporated in to Business studies Coursework

Business studies is one of the main subjects taught in many educational institutions around the world. This subject covers a variety of areas such as finance and investment management, production management, organizational change, international business, human resource management etc. For a student who takes business studies as a subject, business studies coursework such as essay writing and project report formulation is a common task.
When compared with other types of course works, a business study coursework is especially concerned with collecting, analyzing and presenting information in a manner to portray your knowledge in theory as well as real world situations.

Guidelines for Coursework

• When writing a business essay, pick up a subject area which you have ample information and evidence on. This helps you to make your writing highly applicable and practical. The key to effective business coursework is to substantiate theory with real life examples and your own analysis.

• When it comes to topic selection, it is advisable that you choose a specific area rather than a general topic. The quality of the coursework will be high if you concentrate on a narrow area where you can exhibit your deep understanding and knowledge well.

• Tailor your answer to the essay rubric or the marking guide provided by the tutor or the examiner. This helps you to address all sections and aspects which the evaluation takes in to consideration.

• These coursework expects you to use evidences from a wide variety of sources. Effectiveness of your business coursework will heavily depend on the use of clear evidence that is both relevant and accurate. And remember to state a link to the original source from where you got the facts, so that the reader can refer for any further clarification.

• Also do not hesitate to make your own opinions as long as you can justify them with appropriate and relevant reasons.

• Use of graphs, maps, diagrams and statistics in illustrating your view is important in business studies coursework.

• You should not assume that it is possible to come up with the best essay in your first writing. Even you have years of practice in essay writing you may still tend to make mistakes. Therefore re-read the essay many times and correct any fundamental mistake before submitting it.

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Writing an Informative Essay Requires Efficient Secondary Research

Writing an Informative essay should have the Objective of Creating Deep Level of Awareness

The purpose of writing an informative essay is to provide the reader with some information about a particular topic or to explain about a certain theory or subject area. Therefore your essay can be to explain something that your audience doesn’t know; to present a latest research on a topic; to define a complex term; to compare and contrast opposing views etc. In this kind of essay writing you should be deeply knowledgeable about the subject matter. Otherwise this could be a difficult and challenging task.

Points to Note in Informative Essay Writing

Take your time to deeply explore the particular subject area. This is critical when it comes to writing an informative essay. Be cautious, sometimes the essay questions can be raised targeting at an imaginative perspective. However make sure that you combine your imagination and creativity with a right balance of reliable and accurate information. Do not appear too extravagant in presenting the information, instead be concise and clear.

When choosing the topics, it is critical that you read the assigned task carefully. Understand the questions properly and be well informed about the requirements of your essay. Alternatively if there is no clear cut requirement feel free to state your reasons as to why you have decided to write on such a topic. It is important that you know the scope of your essay or the subject area about which you are required to find information about.

Finding adequate information from a variety of sources is also critical. Make sure that the information gathered is adequate and relevant. You should determine what information to include in your essay and what information not to. Refrain from including information that might complicate the reader.

Make sure that you do not deviate from the main perspective of the subject or the audience. Lack of understanding the audience in terms of their education level, industry knowledge, knowledge about abbreviations and technical terms is a main reason for an informative essay to be ineffective.

Prioritize your ideas in terms of their importance. You may use a question based approach to determine the relevancy of a particular fact to the subject. And use an appropriate format to present your essay. When writing the essay you can subdivide it in to several parts so that you can discuss and elaborate each area under separate subheadings. Apart from that a simple essay structure with a proper introductory and a conclusion paragraph will help in writing a good informative essay.

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A Good Essay Thesis is Vital for an Effective Essay

An Essay Thesis Should Clearly Enumerate the Direction of the Entire Essay

A thesis is an important element to any essay. It provides the essay with a guide as to what the essay will be containing. Although there are many essays, and there are many different characteristics to these essays, the essay thesis will always be a constant. Every essay writing assignment requires a good thesis. This thesis is intended to briefly enumerate in which direction the essay will proceed and what main theme under it will be written.

Understanding an Essay Thesis
An essay requires direction. You cannot simply begin writing an essay and expect it to have a meaning. A thesis will make sure that the essay has a proper focus which will help you to organize and develop the argument. It will layout an argument and will state on how the writer intends to prove it. In addition, when the reader is pre disposed to the main theme and the direction of the essay, they will be able to follow it properly. The thesis of an essay is placed at the end of the introduction. A good thesis will therefore can make the difference between a good essay and a bad one.

Before students begin their essay writing, they have to build a tentative thesis. This will help you focus on the research of the essay. The tentative thesis will help you keep your facts on track. Once the essay is finalized, the student can fine tune their thesis statement well.

What Makes a Good Thesis?
There are many attributes to a good essay thesis. If these attributes are adhered to the letter you will stand a chance of writing a good thesis.
• It should be clear and concise. The point being made should be short and understandable.
• The opinion of the writer should be clearly defined. This means the writer should not be vague with his opinion.
• It should be contestable. A good thesis will allow room for others to either agree or disagree with the argument.
• The thesis should be worthwhile. It does not serve any purpose to have thesis which no one is interested in.
• It should fit the assignment. A thesis can only cover so much in an essay. Students should build a thesis based on the length of the essay.
• It should guide the writer through his or her work.
• It should be focused and it should be specific. It should prove a point without informing everything about the argument.
• It should express only one main idea. Expressing more than one idea in the thesis might confuse the reader.
• It should be clearly visible in the introduction. The reader should not have to look for the thesis.

A good thesis needs investment of time and thoughtful thinking from the writer. Most students do not have good thesis writing skills and seek assistance with the task. The best option is to consult an essay expert from one of the many writing services which offer students assistance with their essay writing. is one of the most reliable and well established academic writing services that can help you not only with your essay thesis but also in writing the entire essay.

Something to Remember in Essay on My School Life

School Years, The Beautiful

Where happiness goes with sadness, first love paces with first frustration, new achievements come hand by hand with new descents, there school years begin. They are one of the most wonderful in lives of millions of people, no matter how negative or positive they are.

Every school aims at education young individuals not only in terms of academic subjects, but also in terms of establishing right moral principles and strengthening of inner spirits. And this is a whole sackful of memories and remembrances!

Educational process is rather time-taking and sometimes even painful, but studying has never been easy. However, everyone must go through it, so school memories are always rich. No matter what kind of memories they are – good or bad – all of them are worth mentioning in a school life essay!

Topical Scope for School Life Essays

Basically, you can write upon whatever you want. Everything related to school years can be used as a great topic for an interesting essay.

Want to dwell upon your first love? Do it! Care so speak about a favorite subject or relations with teachers? You are welcome! Extracurricular activities and even food a school canteen can easily become topics for school life essays! The only thing, which is needed, is to write a genuine and captivating piece. Topic here is less important than style, manner of narration and a general slant.

In order to come up with a classy school life essay, heed the following advices and you will succeed:

  • Describe a Memorable Experience of Yours. Pick up an event, person or any other issue which impressed you a lot during studying at school. If a certain topic will be interesting for you to write – it will be interesting for others to read!
  • Describe Your Favorite Thing about School. This is the easiest way to write an essay on school years. Just take a thing you like about school the most and just describe it. Given you do everything right – you will pay less efforts, but suggest a great piece!
  • Describe the Thing You Liked the Least. This is also a great thing to do – to describe some sad school experience, express your personal feeling and come up with a real school drama. Playing on contrasts is also a great idea!
  • Make it funny. Being funny in a school life essay is natural. Moreover, it is almost a must-have. Pinches of sarcasm and irony will also be at hand. All in all, school is a fun, no matter what!

Instant Help with Essay on My School Life

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Writing an Appealing College Application Essay

Writing Considerations

Now that you have an understanding of what the Board wants in your essay, you can begin to think of writing it. However, many students will make the mistake of including exactly what the Admission Board is looking for whether it is true or false. You should never lie in your college application essays. Do not go on about what an excellent academic organization it is or what Global Warming will do to the world. Be different. Be unique. Add something new to the essay. Something which no one else has even thought about including. This will ensure that your essay will be read through to the end.

Do not write lists of what you did or have done previously. Any information that can be gained through reading different sections of the application letter, too, should be avoided. Highlight what your life aspirations are and why your goals and what the college has to offer is a perfect match.

Well written college application essays can be the turning point in your academic life. Therefore, if you wish to be accepted into a good college, write your essay as well as you can. And make sure you make it sound energetic, interesting and full of life experiences which make the entire essay tangible to the reader. .

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