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General Chemistry

Almost 2,500 years ago, Democritus stated that all the matter consists of the elementary units — atoms.  Today, we not only know that he was right but also have a Scanning Tunneling Electron Microscope (STEM), which allows us to study individual atoms. Modern chemistry focuses on all the aspects of chemical processes, developing new materials, drugs, agricultural chemicals, consumer products, etc.

Students from many universities must complete a general chemistry course. A basic course includes such topics as:

  • Gases
  • Basic concepts
  • Oxidation numbers
  • Atoms and atomic masses
  • Formula calculations
  • Net ionic equations
  • Nuclear reactions
  • Measurement
  • Stoichiometry
  • Electronic configuration
  • Kinetics and equilibrium
  • Chemical reactions
  • Acids and Bases
  • Nomenclature
  • Solids and liquids
  • Organic chemistry
  • Solutions

Where to Update Your Chemistry Knowledge

Any student can find various helpful resources that allow you to improve your general knowledge or refresh the course. To stay up to date about chemistry, we recommend that you follow the International Journal of Chemistry. There is also a chemistry tutorial from the University of Arizona, as well as numerous books available on Amazon.

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Our website helps graduate students with research projects, dissertations, theses, capstone projects, and other lengthy writing tasks. We write papers from scratch and edit drafts. Our experts can proofread papers or completely rewrite them. If you have any problems with your coursework, you can count on us. We also help distance students, providing them with a professional assistance focused on the specifics of online courses.

Here is a list of writing tasks that our experts can prepare for you:

Admissions Essay

Most students agree that admissions essays are very important documents. To get into graduate school, students need to write a great essay that grabs attention. A good essay is required even in case a student has high grades and participates in various additional activities. Admission committees want to see how a student expresses his or her thoughts, being able to follow a specific prompt. Our writers have a great experience in writing admissions essays, providing papers of the highest quality.

Business Plan

These papers are required in various companies. Thus, all business schools include business plans in their curriculum, making an ability to write good business plans a necessary skill for every student. The simplest business plans are 15 to 20 pages long, while more complex plans may contain several big sections devoted to earnings predictions, budgets, studies of market behavior, etc. Some students try to use templates available online, but it’s hard to tailor any template to a particular project. If you need a business plan for class or for your business, our experts can help you with it.

Capstone Project

Capstone projects are written at the end of the master’s coursework and are aimed to demonstrate your level of knowledge, which makes these papers in a sense similar to theses. On the other hand, capstone projects differ from theses as they require you to pay more attention to actions and real experience. For example, an abstract discipline like philosophy would require you to write a thesis, but if you’re going to be a teacher, you’ll need to present a capstone project.

Case Study

Case studies are used in various spheres, reflecting real experience more than any other type of paper. Any case study includes an outline of a certain real situation, followed by an analysis of this situation. Such papers are aimed to explain what we can learn from this situation, and how this sort of experience can be applied in practice. You need to analyze the subject and provide certain recommendations. Even though this task isn’t simple, our writers can cope with it easily.

Cover Letter

The application process implies a lot of work. You need to collect many documents and present as much information about yourself as possible. You must stand out from the crowd of students who want to get to the same school as you, and a cover letter is aimed to help you with it. It’s different from admissions essays, as it isn’t focused on details of your personality, in fact, it’s just a concise paragraph that serves as an abstract for all your admission documents. You need to be a perfect writer to make a good cover letter, so if you have any problems — just contact our team of professionals.


Almost all students have an understanding of what these papers are, but not all of them realize how difficult it is to write a thesis or a dissertation. To write it, you need to provide good research, which is a challenging task itself, given that most students don’t have a necessary experience of completing lengthy researches before this point. Not only are dissertations long (up to 400 pages), but they are also difficult. Thesis and dissertation committees are extremely rigorous when it comes to students’ papers because they want to make sure that they have a deep understanding of their topic.

Thesis/Dissertation (Chapters)

Each dissertation or thesis consists of several chapters, each one of which performs its particular function. Such a structure makes these papers even more difficult for students, but it also gives us more opportunities to provide you with the necessary help. If you have completed some chapters already, and now you have problems with the rest of the thesis or dissertation, our experts can help you at every step of the writing process.

Thesis/Dissertation — Abstract

An abstract is, in general, a detailed summary of the entire paper. The abstract helps to understand the document without reading it from beginning to end, but it also can be considered an independent paper, given its complexity. It’s hard for most students to understand what to include in the abstract and what to get rid of, which makes this document extremely difficult to write. Just as editing your own work, it’s hard to summarize your own dissertation. Most students agree that they need a fresh perspective from an expert who could provide an unbiased look at their work, and we can help you with it.

Thesis/Dissertation — Hypothesis

Some research projects don’t require you to write a hypothesis. These projects are exploratory, so students need to describe a certain phenomenon without any formal guidelines for their search. However, most of research projects (both quantitative and qualitative ones) are impossible without proper hypotheses. A hypothesis must be formulated accurately, serving as a basis for the entire research. Thus, if you’re not sure you can cope with it, just contact us and get a professional help!

Thesis/Dissertation — Literature Review

It’s often the longest section of a thesis or a dissertation. You have to explain what your project is based on, and what gaps in the existing research you’re going to fill with your own project. Writing a literature review is a difficult and exhausting task. You need to read hundreds of articles and books, selecting materials that are useful for your studies, and summarising all sources, putting them together in order to make a comprehensive review that will explain the background of your work. Another difficult feature of the literature review is that it shouldn’t look like a list of sources. It must be a logical and informative piece of writing that has a certain direction and serves the purpose of your dissertation.

Thesis/Dissertation — Methodology

Being shorter than the literature review, this section is no less important for a proper understanding of the whole study. Your readers must understand the structure of your paper, its logic, and details. The literature review provides a basis for a dissertation, while the methodology chapter focuses on the dissertation itself, explaining its design. This chapter should be written in the active voice, being clear and logical.

Thesis/Dissertation — Data Analysis

The heart of any research project is the analysis of collected data. The analysis of data is made according to the principles described in the methodology section. The accurate analysis of the collected information is necessary for drawing correct conclusions. In this section, you need to either prove or refute a hypothesis. If you want to provide a clear, coherent, and understandable analysis of your data, we suggest asking our experts in academic writing for help.

Thesis/Dissertation — Results

Results of your research is a very important section. You must be able to present them in the context of your methodology and according to a certain format so that your readers can understand the general sense of your work. You don’t need to discuss your results in this section. Don’t evaluate them, just present them to your readers so that they can see your findings and evaluate them without your help. Our writers have a great experience in writing dissertations and theses, so they can write this section for you.

Thesis/Dissertation — Discussion

Now, it’s time to discuss the results. If your research includes a hypothesis, you must explain the significance of the results in the context of the hypothesis and link them to each other. Otherwise, you must consider the results in the context of the purpose of your study. You also have to explain what the results of your study mean for a general understanding of the topic. Sometimes it’s hard to analyze the role of your own research in a broader context, so we recommend that you contact our professional writers who know what this chapter should look like.

Thesis/Dissertation — Conclusion

This chapter is devoted to the general meaning of your thesis or dissertation. You’ve done a lot of work, you’ve got some interesting results and analyzed them. So what? You need to explain why your project is important and worth reading. This chapter must provide certain suggestions on possible applications of your ideas and findings. This is a very important part of your project, so if you cannot explain the significance of your work clearly, our writers are always ready to help you.

Thesis/Dissertation — Other Chapters

All the chapters above are typical for most theses and dissertations. However, every university has its own standards and requirements. Sometimes you may need to include a separate section with recommendations, or write two or more chapters with results. No matter what structure your dissertation or thesis should have, our writers will take into account all your instructions and do their best.


Essays are, probably, the most common writing assignments. There are countless types of essays, and each one of them has its particular purpose and structure. Some essays may provide the analysis of a certain issue, while others perform only the entertaining function. To write a good essay, you must be creative and logical. Even though essays are usually short, it doesn’t mean they are simple, so you can count on our team of professionals in any situation.


Interviews are used when there is a need for a certain information obtained directly from some person. This method of gathering information is opposite to analyzing books and databases. The interviewer prepares a set of questions and records answers. To prepare a proper interview, the interviewer shouldn’t correct answers, edit them, or interfere the whole process in any way. The success of the interview directly depends on selected questions, as questions set a direction for the interviewed person’s flow of thoughts. At the same time, this method of obtaining information also leaves a certain freedom, allowing this person to say whatever he or she wants to say. Preparing a successful interview is not an easy task, so if you have any problems with it, just ask our experts for help.

Lab Report

Experiments are what almost all physical sciences are based on. The use of labs allows scientists to prove their theories and hypotheses, modeling certain situations in order to get expected results. Lab reports allow students to develop their practical skills, which is impossible by just studying theory. Writing lab reports, students write up results of their experiments, being able to analyze them in more detail further. If you get this tricky task assigned, our professionals can help you at every step of the writings process.

Legal Brief

The practice is important not only in physical sciences but also in law schools. Briefs are a crucial part of legal communications, that’s why students get these assignments quite often. Such papers are concise and clear, lacking unnecessary words and being focused on a particular case. Usually, every professor has his or her own requirements regarding legal briefs. These papers are formal and their structure is dictated by the standards of the court system. We work with many former lawyers who are familiar with all the necessary requirements and are able to deliver legal briefs of the highest quality.

Letter of Intent

As the name suggests, a letter of intent is aimed to outline intentions of one party to another. These letters can be written in various situations, including business relationships and employee-employer issues. Letters of intent are often written by graduate students to schools, explaining why a school must admit this candidate and what are his or her intentions. These are, in general, a more complicated version of admissions essays. However, don’t be afraid of their complexity, because our writers have got your back.

Master’s Thesis

There are many reasons why master’s theses are so difficult for most students. First of all, they imply the wide scope. Secondly, students have only a couple of years to prepare for this difficult work. Even after they enter a Ph.D. program, they have more time to prepare for a dissertation. We understand how challenging this task is, so we are ready to help you in any situation.

MBA Coursework

Even though the popularity of MBA schools grows constantly, the process of business education doesn’t become easier. Some students think that business education doesn’t require any hard work from their side, but the truth is, business has its specific features that you need to know. To be successful in business, you need to be familiar with economics, finance, business language, marketing, and many other disciplines. Our experts know it all, so they can help you in any situation.

Movie Review

If you think that this task requires you to just watch a movie and then talk about it, we’ve got bad news for you. There are many important things about writing movie reviews. For example, you need to analyze characters, setting, plot, references, features of production, and many other details. You also need to provide your own opinion, and it must be supported by facts. This task is definitely not as easy as it seems, so don’t be afraid to ask for a professional help.

Online Learning

Online learning became an integral part of the academic world. More and more students join various online educational programs every year. Both graduates and undergraduates appreciate the flexibility of online learning. Students from all over the world get an opportunity to take classes from professors of such universities as Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, etc. However, this type of education has its own standards and requirements which are not easier than those of traditional institutions. Our experts provide a professional assistance for everyone who wants to study online.

Personal Statement

The main thing about personal statements is that they must be balanced. You have to demonstrate confidence without being arrogant. Not only need you to demonstrate your strong sides, but you also have to explain what you want to learn in an institution, and what is your motivation. Writing the personal statement is a creative task, so if you want it to be successful, we suggest asking professionals for help.

Ph.D. Dissertation

Your Ph.D. dissertation is your biggest academic accomplishment. It must be a logical conclusion of several years of scholarship and an important part of your future career. Dissertations are difficult and challenging. The thing is that committees pay particular attention to every detail, willing to approve only the best of the best. It may take years to write a Ph.D. dissertation, collecting data, analyzing sources, and so on. Our experts are familiar with all the specifics of dissertation writing, which allows them to help students at every step of this difficult process.

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentations are used almost everywhere: in business, in academic work, in conferences and at all levels of education. Presentations allow you to present the most important information in an easy and vivid way, without overwhelming your audience with long and boring text. However, the popularity of PowerPoint presentation doesn’t make them easy. That’s why we have professionals who know what a good presentation looks like and who can teach you.


In a dissertation, the proposal includes first three sections of the paper, however, this word can mean different kinds of papers depending on the context. All proposals are, in general, outlines that give an audience an understanding of what the author is going to do in the future. In the academic world, proposals usually include an introduction, a literature review, and an explanation of the significance of your project. They also provide basic information on the used methodology. The proposal may change as you work on your project, which makes this paper especially difficult to write. Fortunately, we have a team of writing experts who can help you with it.


These papers are somewhat similar to proposals, though being different in many details. You don’t need to write a prospectus for a dissertation. On the other hand, you don’t need a proposal in case you’re presenting your project to the group of entrepreneurs. What makes these papers similar is that both these papers are outlines that describe something that you’re going to do. No matter what is a purpose of your prospectus, our writers can help you.


Some students don’t realize how difficult it can be to prepare a good questionnaire. Even in case of a short, 15-question survey, you need to choose questions accurately, in order to get all the necessary information on all important aspects of your topic. You must make sure that the survey will be reliable and useful. You need to understand when it’s better to use open-ended questions, and when to allow people select one answer from among a few available options. Our writers have a great experience in preparing questionnaires, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Research Paper

Even though research papers have something in common with dissertations and theses, these papers not necessarily require you to conduct a new research. Most often, students need to analyze the existing sources and draw their own conclusions, providing certain recommendations. Research papers are written according to a number of academic standards. In graduate school, the requirements for research papers are much more sophisticated, which is often a problem for undergraduate students. However, you don’t need to worry, because our writers are always ready to help you.

Research Proposal

Research proposals provide certain details about the further research and acquaint the audience with the used methodology. You may need to write a proposal before you get to writing a dissertation or to get funding for your research project. Research proposals require you to have advanced writing skills and a deep understanding of the context, so you may need a professional help. If so, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime you need.

CV/Cover Letter/Resume

No matter what job you are looking for, you need a good CV/resume as well as a cover letter. The cover letter must grab attention and motivate your potential employer to learn more details about you in the CV. We suggest taking these papers seriously, as your career depends on how well you write them. We have many writing experts who made preparing professional documents their job, so just contact us and impress anyone with your perfect CV and cover letter.

Statistics Project

You can either love or hate statistics, but you cannot avoid statistics when working on research studies. Statistics are used in marketing, business, healthcare, sociology, and almost everywhere we need some facts to support our ideas. We have a team of professionals who can help you in any situation where you need to use statistics.

Term Paper

Term papers are a crucial part of education. They allow students to demonstrate their knowledge. On the other hand, they allow professors to evaluate students’ progress and gaps in their knowledge. Professors’ expectations regarding term papers vary depending on the level of study. If you’re not sure you can cope with this difficult task, just contact us, and our professional writers will do all the hard work for you.

Executive Summary Papers

The academic world becomes more and more complicated and competitive every year. For this reason, students need to demonstrate stronger skills in order to complete their programs of study. Professors expect their students to show detailed and perfectly written reports, and many of them ask students to include executive summaries to understand whether a report is worth reading at all. Thus, students need to create a great first impression with their executive summaries. Otherwise, the impression of their entire report may be affected in a negative way. If you want to show your professor a perfect executive summary, just contact our writing experts. They have a great experience in writing such papers, so you can count on them.

What Is the Executive Summary Paper?

Sometimes referred as just “the summary,” this paper is a brief preview of your report that allows professors to save their grading time. There are many students who don’t have any idea of what their summary should look like. They’ve put a lot of effort in their work and so they don’t understand what exactly to include in the summary. It’s not a problem anymore because our professional writers can look at your paper from a new angle and write a report that meets all the necessary requirements.

The Writing Process

Asking you to write the summary, most professors have a clear idea of what exactly it must look like. To meet your professor’s expectations, we suggest following our step-by-step guide.

  • Read your document. First of all, you have to read the whole document carefully. Even if you think that you remember everything about it, never skip this first step. You need to understand its central message and figure out what to include in the summary.
  • Identify the main topic. If your paper needs a summary, it means that it consists of several sections, each one of which is devoted to a certain subtopic. You need to provide one clear idea that characterizes the entire paper. It is a thesis statement of your summary.
  • Separate sections. Now consider each section in particular, noting how they are connected and how they differ. You need to shortly describe each section and its main idea. Write a few sentences about each one of them.
  • Focus on the major points. Think of what parts of your document are especially important for readers. You need to include these points in the summary to let your readers understand how you develop the main idea.
  • Integrate the information. Take a look at the information that you collected in previous steps and write the executive summary. It must be up to one page long. The shorter, the better, but make sure you include all the important information. You don’t need to focus on details, as it’s not the real purpose of this paper.
  • Re-read your summary. Take a breath and let your executive summary rest for a while. After that, re-read it and think of whether it reflects your report. Imagine yourself a professor who had never read the whole document. A perfect solution is to give your summary to someone else and ask for an unbiased opinion.

When you need to write the executive summary, check our tips and try to follow our guidelines. However, there’s no need to cope with this task alone. Contact our professional writers and they will do their best to deliver a perfect summary that will impress your professor for sure.

High School Dual Enrollment Courses: Do They Mean College Credit? Essay Sample

Last week, the Loudoun County public school’s website posted a link to a page with an explanation of what dual enrollment is. According to this website, grades that students receive taking these high school courses will be grades on their college transcript. College courses, therefore, are considered the beginning of their college transcript.

In other words, if a student passes a dual-enrollment course, he or she will get credit toward a college degree. However, a report published by Virginia’s Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission in 2017, clarifies this situation. According to this report, there are particular dual enrollment courses that give students such opportunities, but it doesn’t work with all of them. Now many students who were told that dual enrollment has numerous advantages over International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement, are confused. The thing is that they can get credit passing courses sponsored by colleges, and this credit is taken into account only by these colleges.

According to Loudoun County schools spokesman Wayde Byard, all dual-enrollment courses available in this district assure credit at Northern Virginia Community College. This is not what many people consider college credit, because it doesn’t mean credit toward a four-year degree. Academic departments of colleges are now deciding which two-year credits to accept in the future.

We didn’t find mentioning of this fact on another Loudoun school’s website. It says that they guarantee dual-enrollment credit and a college transcript. Such promises are also repeated several times in their PowerPoint presentation. One must read 13 pages to finally find a warning that transfer depends on four-year schools and not all credits are equal, in fact, this means that there is no guarantee you will get credit for your efforts.

The Executive Director of the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships Adam Lowe states that there are 2.3 million students who are taking dual-enrollment courses. Comparing to the previous year, the number of these students grew by 7%. Thus, parents and students really need to learn more about these courses.

Some officials notice that the popularity of such courses in different schools varies. The authors of the Virginia report interviewed officials at 16 colleges. They noticed that it was hard to ensure the quality of dual-enrollment courses. Many high schools have chosen to blend courses so that those who take dual-enrollment courses and other students can take the same courses. According to the report, these are rather bad conditions for maintaining college rigor.

The state provides guidelines for those who are going to teach dual-enrollment classes in order for them to ensure college credits. These teachers must hold a graduate degree in the subject, or at least a graduate degree in any field and 18 graduate credits in their subject. Most of the high school teachers don’t meet these requirements.

Thus, community colleges have created various dual-enrollment courses that don’t offer any credits at the sponsoring college. They just teach subjects that are the most popular among high school students, increasing revenues for colleges.

Northern Virginia Community College is focused on monitoring Loudoun’s dual-enrollment courses. According to their information, teachers in their district have all required credentials, and there are no blended classes.

Given that college departments have different rules, there is a chance that students who have good IB and AP test scores also won’t receive credit. However, IB and AP officials don’t promote credits. Unlike many dual-enrollment courses, they also have difficult final exams which are created and graded by independent experts. Many AP teachers who have experience in teaching dual enrollment noticed considerably lower standards.

After Loudoun school officials received a copy of this article, they changed the mentioned statement on their website. Now it says that the number of credits that students earn depends on a university or college.

Dual enrollment is developing constantly, and it grows fast, so such a decision is rather a good move. School districts must realize how important it is to provide college students with relevant information on what college credits are.

Essay on The Learning Revolution: Did We Miss When It Started?

Everything changes with time, and the educational system is no exception. Comparing educational methods of the 20th century with those of the 21st century, we see that traditional formal methods are no longer relevant. Searching for new solutions, we discovered Massive Open Online Courses, mobile learning, and problem-based learning. Actually, all these things are often mentioned when talking about the learning revolution.

However, optimistic hopes don’t always become reality. Not so long ago, a few people could expect Udacity to stop their free educational programs for corporate clients. There are many smaller projects but they often imply a certain amount of struggle. Software developers need to deal with various government structures to be able to test some new methods in practice. Schools and universities must spend one year to prepare for a test run. This situation doesn’t look much like a revolution.

Individual Learners Begin the Real Revolution

Official initiatives may seem to be important, but many groundbreaking changes happen in spite of the slow machine of government and because of smart decisions of particular individuals. Sometimes people just make a choice, for example, it may be a choice in favor of electric vehicles, or solar panels. In this case, politicians cannot control the people’s choice.

While governments focus on weighing all pros and cons, people change education from the inside. And it’s possible, most of all, because of start-ups. There are many learning technology projects that work on completely new educational products. Some products make education more accessible for students of any kind. Big educational platforms cannot stay as focused on needs of their customers as these small start-ups, and this is a reason why small companies begin the revolution.

Small companies don’t try to invade the market of formal education. Their success doesn’t depend on their ambitions. Their customers have a clear understanding of what they are looking for. They want to improve their knowledge and they know that formal training sometimes cannot guarantee the desired result. The value of the educational product is evaluated and determined by customers directly, the same way prices are formed.

This revolution slowly leaves formal systems behind. On the other side of this revolution, students don’t want to learn more nor develop new skills, because they have different goals. These students are asked to get good marks. They want to get the degree, and this aim is not bad but it’s slightly different from actually learning something new. It doesn’t mean that students are responsible for such a tendency. Quite the contrary, the thing is that a proper certificate and a university degree are more valuable than actual knowledge.

How Technological Startups Change Education

Self-teaching isn’t the big news, especially when it comes to language learning. Such platforms as Busuu, Babbel, Duolingo, etc. have hundreds of millions of users from all over the world. If you ask these people, only a few of them will agree to change their educational approach to traditional courses. More and more people appreciate advantages of smartphone apps and online sources over CDs and textbooks, which are also expensive. Educational tools become more accessible and cheaper, which allows millions of people around the world to learn what they want.

New educational solutions couldn’t have been imagined before. Now we have such tools as webcams, online encyclopedias, and emails. We have instant messages and we can work on the same documents with people from other countries, in real time. People learn new languages using interactive platforms, joining translation communities, and taking virtual classes. They are no longer restricted by any standards or requirements.

There is a general self-learning trend, and the examples above are just a tip of the iceberg. Every day, new enthusiasts create and test new training programs and programming courses. Using new technologies, people can study everywhere: in the coffee shop, waiting in the airport, or riding the subway.

Maybe educational revolution differs from what we’d imagined, but there are many people who see gaps in the traditional system, and they change it, developing new approaches. Even though it’s hard to see it coming, it doesn’t mean that there will be no revolution in learning. In contrast, we think that the revolution has already happened.

How to Write an Impressive Observation Essay

When you hear “an observation essay”, you probably think that it’s something similar to narrative essays. It’s in a sense true because you need to share a certain experience, but in this case, you have to share an experience from what you’ve seen. This type of writing also differs from descriptive papers, because your observation essay will unlikely get a good mark if you just describe some things briefly. So, is it possible to deal with such a tricky assignment at all? Definitely yes, and we will help you with it.

“So What?” — That Is the Question

Perhaps sometimes you move around your room searching for something and then realize that you forgot what you’re looking for. How do you feel in such moments? Are you angry? Are you frustrated? Of course, you are. And you probably don’t want your readers to feel the same when reading your observation essay. The point is that if you just retell something, your readers won’t get the purpose of your text.

To keep in mind the purpose of your writing, ask yourself one very important question: “So what?” Maybe you think that your story is really interesting, but what makes it interesting for your audience? Not only need you to remember the purpose of your paper when writing, but you also must clearly identify it before you even start writing it. Otherwise, you will just waste a lot of energy and won’t get a grade you’re looking for.

Think about the experience associated with your story and what it taught you. Your purpose must be something more exciting than just “my teacher assigned this paper so now I’m writing it.” You’re spending your time and you work. Make this activity as meaningful as you can. Find a topic that is really interesting to you. This is the only way to do your best and get really good grades for a well-done job.

Try to Be a Journalist

Once you’ve clearly determined the purpose of your writing and your topic, take your time and prepare. You don’t need to provide an accurate research like you would need to do for argumentative or persuasive essays. On the other hand, you can narrow down the list of questions that you want to answer in your paper and you can decide what questions are the most important. This will also help you to focus on particular things around you instead of taking notes about absolutely everything. This is why we suggest imaging yourself a journalist who’s preparing for a little field trip. Just as a journalist, you will also need to prepare for an interview with yourself.

Let’s say your observation essay will be about people in the dentist’s office. They are sitting in the waiting room, and you’re observing their behavior. Think what information you could use in your work, and ask yourself a few questions:

  • How do they look at patients who are leaving the office?
  • How many people do you see?
  • How long they have to wait?
  • Do you see any stressed visitors? How they’re dealing with stress?
  • Are some patients too nervous?
  • What do they do while sitting in the waiting room?
  • Do patients come with somebody or alone?

Try to answer these questions accurately. The more questions you answer, the more detailed your observation essay will be.

Use Information to Create Experience

Collecting information is only the first step of your task. You need to organize your observations, evaluate them and make your point. Your critical point is a backbone of the whole essay, so it will make the major part of your paragraphs. Every paragraph must reflect the structure of the whole essay, containing the first sentence that defines a topic of the paragraph, the central part that contains examples and analysis of your experience. We suggest using the knowledge that you got from your course to support your observations and turn them into a solid picture. You can also focus on analyzing emotions or build parallels with other observations or stories from your life.

Make sure your paragraphs are not ripped apart. This is why we recommend that you use transitional sentences to connect paragraphs with each other.

Here are a few tips on how you can make your observations more impressive:

  • Refer to all five senses to make your observations as vivid as possible. Combine colors with smells, sounds with tastes and textures. This will add a new dimension to your observations.
  • Use the first person, as this type of assignment allows you to do it. You can also use the third person, the point is that your choice must fit the style of your paper. The first person works best with a narrative style of writing, while the third person makes your paper more formal and so more professional, which makes it good for scientific reports.
  • Just as journalists, help your readers to feel your experience and see it from your perspective. To do it, use the present tense.
  • To keep your flow of thoughts logical and easy to understand, describe your experiences chronologically.

Write your introduction after you’ve written the whole body of the essay. This will allow you to clearly understand what to mention at the beginning. If you’re using a narrative style of writing, your essay will benefit from an intriguing hook. It is a short phrase that is aimed to grab attention and motivate readers to read more. It may be the most interesting and unpredictable observation or an anecdote related to to the topic of your story. The introduction is also a perfect place to provide your readers with some background on your topic. The most important thing that you necessarily must include in your first paragraph is your thesis statement. The thesis statement must explain your readers the purpose of your paper and introduce your key idea.

The conclusion is in a sense similar to the introduction because it restates some things mentioned at the beginning of your essay. For example, you must restate the thesis statement. However, you should do it in a new, different way. After this, leave your readers with some serious questions so that they will have something to think about. This approach will allow you to keep readers involved in your story.

Observation essays are not easy at all. However, now you know some useful tips that may help you overcome major difficulties. Follow our advice, write like a journalist, and enjoy writing. It’s always good to share your interesting observations with others.

Even if you have no idea of what to write about or what your essay must look like, don’t panic. Our experienced writing experts are always ready to help you with high-quality custom essays written especially for you. Just describe your assignment and get ready for the highest grades!

How to Write an Army SOP

In the army, SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is a manual for soldiers that defines their objectives and provides them with step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish them. These protocols are aimed to help soldiers who are behind enemy lines and so cannot contact command to get new instructions. Thus, SOP are very important protocols that keep soldiers from failure even in case they’ve lost contact with headquarters. Various researches show that when soldiers cannot contact headquarters, they become inactive and lazy. Thus, SOP is what helps them stay focused on important goals and sets clear tasks.

RTO in Military

RTO stands for Radio Telephone Operator. Its main function is establishing communications between command and soldiers. Within the Standard Operating Procedure, if soldiers have problems with equipment and so cannot contact command, they can search for other means of communication or try to repair their equipment in order to reestablish contact.

SOP Regulations

It’s important to be able to easily divide and segregate information. For this reason, all documents must meet requirements of the army format. Army SOP Regulations contain the system of standards for any documents. In addition, this means contains step-by-step instructions for emergency situations. For instance, if a unit loses contact with command and has no means of communication available, regulations require sending a search party to recover the missing unit. If you need to make an SOP, you can find various SOP templates on the internet and create a formal document easily.

Physical Security Operations

Operatives and units aimed to protect a client are called physical security operations. In fact, physical security operations are bodyguards. Just like other units described above, they follow the standard operating procedure as well. In this case, SOP should be written according to a general format. Usually, organizations that provide such services have necessary templates available in their offices, You can also download templates on the internet.

Army SOP Format

Formatting documents according to SOP standards is a challenging task, especially if you don’t have any specific examples to start with. Thus, we suggest downloading free SOP templates online. After this, you’ll be able to easily write your document, taking into account our tips:

  • Determine important factors:
    • The What — this section is devoted to the situation a unit or soldier has to deal with. Depending on the type of situation, the soldier will take certain actions.
    • The Why — this section focuses on causes of the situation. It allows soldiers to focus on their objectives because if the cause of a difficult situation is known, they can prepare for it in advance.
    • The How — this section considers possible ways of managing this situation, suggesting soldiers how to save supplies and avoid dangerous scenarios.
  • Make many protocols that cover all possible situations
    • Standard operating procedures are all about security. They are aimed to provide soldiers with understandable guidelines on how to act when it’s impossible to contact command in the near future.

Five Steps of Writing: From Brainstorming to Publishing

All writers use different methods of writing and have their own writing approaches. Many writers don’t follow any guides and step-by-step instructions, considering the writing process as something natural. However, sometimes we may need to complete tricky tasks, and that’s when we start looking for an understandable and specific approach that will simplify our work so that we can save some time and just follow a simple step-by-step plan.

We decided to help you with our simple guide that will allow you to organize your writing process properly, overcoming most difficulties associated with new unexpected challenges.

  1. Prewriting
    Let’s start from the beginning. Perhaps, you prepared for work, organized your workplace, and now you’re staring at a blank sheet. What to begin with? We suggest beginning with prewriting, which includes only three simple yet important steps:
  • Define your idea. If you don’t have any, just look around. Ideas are everywhere! You just need to find some inspiration. It may hide somewhere in your past or in simple things around you. Wherever you go, make sure your laptop is with you — anytime you have a fresh idea, jot it down and use it in the future.
  • Build on your idea. There are many methods of developing ideas. For example, you can try brainstorming or free writing. Just take a blank sheet of paper and write down everything that comes to your mind. Don’t edit anything, don’t think of what idea is better, just write more thoughts and then work with them. Another method is called branching: write your main idea in the center of the page and then draw branches that lead to possible directions of its development.
  • Structure your idea. Now you can take a look at your list of ideas and select only the best ones. Don’t throw your notes away — you can use them for your next story.
  1. Writing
    Now you have a plan and a few great ideas. The only thing left to do is write. Don’t be too tough on your first draft. You will have enough time to check your grammar and make sure the number of words meets given requirements. The point is that it’s impossible to create something perfect immediately. All successful writers write several drafts unless they see that their work is good. We suggest considering the writing process as a free writing task that has a particular direction. To be productive, get rid of all distractions and find a nice place to work. Let writing be a part of your everyday routine.
  2. Revision.
    Now prepare for the fact that your paper may change quite a bit. Revision is a very important part of the writing process, that’s why many writers follow the A.R.R.R. (Add, Rearrange, Remove, Replace) method to polish their papers:
  • Add. How many words have you written? Usually, novels are 60,000 to 100,000 words long. Do you have enough material to call your work a novel? Do you need to provide readers with some additional information so they can better understand the meaning of your story? If you’re not sure that you’ve done enough, go back and add more details, scenes, or dialogues.
  • Rearrange. Take a look at the structure of your work and make sure all events are logically connected. You may want to change your sequencing and pacing. Maybe your story will benefit from rearranging the plot?
  • Remove. After you added new paragraphs or scenes, check your word count once again. Make sure you don’t overload your readers with new information. If some parts are difficult to read, you may want to remove them in order to improve readability.
  • Replace. A really good method of revising your work is asking somebody to read it. Listen to someone else’s opinion and get more ideas on what can be improved. Others may notice some details that were hiding from you during the whole writing process. They may tell you that you need more vivid details, or that some scenes contradict each other.
  1. Editing
    Well, the major part of your story is completed. Now you need to just polish it and edit your work line by line. Fix all spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes. In addition, we recommend that you find a professional editor who can work on your piece of writing properly. There are many online services that offer editing and proofreading. Remember that nobody likes books that are full of mistakes, even if the general meaning and idea of this book are great.
  2. Publishing
    Finally, you’ve got to this stage. Your manuscript is polished and ready to be published. You can choose from among hundreds available publishers. If you’re not sure what publisher to choose, we suggest checking their portfolios. If some publisher has a good experience in publishing similar books, it may be the best choice.

That’s it! Don’t forget to celebrate your achievement! However, if you want your book to become popular, you still have a lot of work to do. In this case, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with principles and rules of marketing. You will need to define your target audience and choose a marketing strategy that fits your goals.