Articulate Your Strengths in a College Entrance Essay

College Entrance Essay Is a Key Deciding Factor in the Selection Process

Education is becoming more and more competitive. Opportunities available to gain an education in a reputed college or university are outnumbered by the number of students interested in gaining admission. You are not guaranteed of enrollment just by having impressive scores in your SAT and GMAT or in the academic records. This is why you need to optimize the role your college entrance essay will play in setting you apart from the rest of the candidates. You need to draw on best essay writing skills to come up with an essay that articulate your key strengths and express your values, attitudes and outlook of life. These essays are intended to tell who you are to the reader and impress them and create a connection between you and the reader. The essay must tell to the admission board why you are worthy of being a part of the educational institute you are seeking to enroll in.

The Essay Form
You should adopt a simple essay form when writing this type of an essay. Essay types such as persuasive essays, analysis essays or evaluation essays are not the suitable forms. Depending upon the topic, you may need to select either a narrative essay form or an opinion form for writing personal essays.

Key points to Include
An entrance essay is intended to portray the applicant in the best light possible. This calls for the inclusion of some key points in to the essay. Some of these points should be mentioned directly while others should be mentioned subtly and indirectly. This allows for you to communicate your special skills and abilities to the reader without appearing to be conceited or self absorbed. Check your college essay for the inclusion of the following key points:

• Your stand point – Usually these essays are written on an essay topic selected from a list of essay prompts. Make sure to clearly state your standpoint on the selected topic. You must not appear vague and undecided. While you should give consideration to both sides of a story, you must take a stand on the subject in this type of essays. The stand you take will convey your beliefs and attitudes to the reader.

• Mention your Inspirations and how they have shaped you as who you are today.

• Talk about your life dreams. Make them visions that are expansive. Tell your reader how the university or college you are applying to can help you achieve these dreams.

• Slip in your achievements and skills in to all areas of the essay, talking how you believe in these skills being helpful for you to achieve you future endeavors, how they helped you achieve your past accomplishments and how they had come in handy to do things other than academic studies.

• Include brief narrations of incidents, persons or occurrences in your life that has changed your outlook of life or altered your beliefs.

• Give reasons for choosing the field of study you are pursuing and link this to your strengths and your life goals. This will convince the reader of your self awareness and that you are working towards your goals with a clear plan.

Remember that preciseness and to the point writing is critical for a successful college entrance essay. These are short essays and you do not have the luxury of unlimited number of words to write in long wandering manner. Presentation is of utmost importance. So, spell check and edit more than two times if need be.

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Articulate Your Strengths in a College Entrance Essay
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