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APA Formatting Guide: How To Do It Right

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APA Formatting Guide: How To Do It Right

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Students are asked to write so many papers so their knowledge and writing skills can be assessed. Of course, every student has to know how to format a paper properly. There are different writing styles, and now we are going to talk about APA, one of the most popular styles.

APA stands for American Psychology Association. As you may have already understand, this style is used mostly for papers on psychology, sociology and other humanities. In comparison to MLA, which is an often used writing style too, APA is a bit more difficult. And here is why.

Every papers has its bibliography and in-text citations accordingly. The page with sources is called References. All of them are cited in the text, so that it proves you do not steal someone’s thought but ‘borrowed’ them. Plagiarism issues are very important. The least you can get for plagiarized text is a failing grade.

APA was used to tell a difference between papers on humanities and on more technological subjects or science, or business. Nevertheless, it is also used in other fields.

APA Formatting Basis

Every page is formatted the same. Only the title and reference pages differ a bit.

You must already know that all papers are typed. Pages are double-spaced and have one inch margins. You can use only Times New Roman or Arial, 12pt. Bold and italics can be used only for titles and headings.

Every page has a running head. The title should be written fully and in CAPS. If it is too long, you can make it shorter. Up to 50 characters are allowed. All pages should be numbered. The number of a page goes in the right corner. The very phrase “Running head” should appear only on the title page.

APA Style: How To Structure

There is a typical structure for APA styled papers.

  • Title page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion
  • References

You will have to use a specific number of sources. In case you are missing some of them, you need to conduct qualitative or quantitative research. Which one depends only on your purpose and a type of paper you are writing.

How a title page in APA should look like.

Research Paper on Economy of USA

First and Last Names

College Name

Do not forget about a running head at the top.

A title is important. It should be catchy so the reader would want to take it. Of course, if it is some research paper, a title should not be entertaining. It has to be as concise as possible. Thus, the reader would know what it is about.

Next goes an abstract, which is considered a summary of a paper. A research subject, its importance, and your findings should be included there. Research topic and questions, methods and outcomes are essential too. An abstract is limited to 250 words, but the best is one-third of a page. Keywaords can be included.

APA Reference List

As many students, you may not know how sources should be formatted. For that you should consult an expert, or you can try to format it yourself. Then, here is what you should pay attention to.

  • First goes an author’s last name and initials.
  • Then publication date.
  • Source’s title goes in italics.
  • Location and name of a publisher.
  • If possible, provide a number of issue, volume, number of pages from where citations are taken etc.

Of course, you can do it all on your own. But there is no need to waste time as you can buy an essay APA here right now and go have some rest.

APA Formatting Guide: How To Do It Right
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