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100 Best Topics for Compare and Contrast Essay

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100 Best Topics for Compare and Contrast Essay

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Compare and contrast essay seems to be one of the most complicated tasks for many students. This type of writing task is a good way to increase your writing and analytical skills. Your goal is to explain common features and differences between two subjects. Therefore, success of your essay directly depends on the chosen topic. We selected top 100 topics, so you could choose the one that looks most interesting for you.

Why it’s Hard to Choose the Right Topic

Modernity offers us a lot of information. Honestly, too much information, so sometimes it’s hard to find proven facts in the ocean of online content. You need to use your critical thinking and look at your topic from different angles, so that you’ll be able to find relevant information and analyze your subject with accuracy. We suggest you to not choose too broad topics, as well as too narrow ones, don’t waste your time. Find the topic that you are already familiar with, and we will help you with such a choice!

  • Lions vs Tigers
  • Apple Music vs Spotify
  • CV vs Resume
  • Hurricane vs Typhoon
  • Dogs vs Cats
  • Star Trek vs Star Wars
  • Wolf vs Fox
  • Communism vs Capitalism
  • Buying a car vs Leasing
  • Pepsi vs Coca Cola
  • iOS vs Android
  • Animal Cell vs Plant Cell
  • Locke vs Hobbes
  • Nonfiction vs Fiction
  • Coffee vs Tea
  • Metaphor vs Analogy
  • Girls vs Boys
  • Reality vs Expectations
  • MacOS vs Linux
  • Dumbledore vs Gandalf
  • North Korea (DPRK) vs South Korea
  • Bonds vs Stocks
  • Hitler vs Stalin
  • College vs High School
  • Termites vs Ants
  • Chrome vs Safari
  • Twitter vs Facebook
  • Nuclear Bomb vs Hydrogen Bomb
  • Adidas vs Nike
  • Halal vs Kosher
  • Stakeholder vs Shareholder
  • Bachelor of Science vs Bachelor of Arts
  • Dawn vs Dusk
  • Crocodile vs Caiman
  • Roman Gods vs Greek Gods
  • Head of Government vs Head of State
  • Vegetables vs Fruits
  • Salary vs Wage
  • Almond Milk vs Soy Milk
  • Game of Thrones Book vs TV Series
  • Beautiful vs Pretty
  • Boxing vs MMA
  • Soccer vs Football
  • Beethoven vs Mozart
  • Elvis Presley vs Michael Jackson
  • Heart vs Brain
  • Tortoises vs Turtles
  • Batman vs Iron Man
  • Oligopoly vs Monopoly
  • Headphones vs Speakers
  • Spring vs Autumn
  • Owning vs Renting
  • Renaissance vs Baroque
  • Adams vs Jefferson
  • Indians vs Cowboys
  • Einstein vs Newton
  • Adults vs Children
  • The Voice vs American Idol
  • Friends vs Family
  • Solar Power vs Wind Power
  • USA vs USSR
  • Rich vs Poor
  • Blue vs Red
  • Energy Drinks vs Coffee
  • Pop vs Hip-Hop
  • Huckleberry Finn vs Tom Sawyer
  • Defense vs Offence
  • Oil vs Watercolor
  • Sexism vs Racism
  • Credit Cards vs Cash
  • Cars vs Motorcycles
  • Landfill vs Recycling
  • Blues vs Jazz
  • Ancient Egypt vs Roman Empire
  • Comedy vs Tragedy
  • Churchill vs Chamberlain
  • Fahrenheit 451 vs 1984
  • Email vs Letter
  • Petroleum vs Diesel
  • City vs Village
  • Water vs Juice
  • Campus vs Home
  • E-Books vs Books
  • Lie vs Truth
  • Private vs Public Transportation
  • Harry Potter : the Movie vs the Book
  • Virtual Reality vs Reality
  • New vs Antique
  • Roman Philosophy vs Greek Philosophy
  • Traditional Education vs Self-Education
  • North vs South
  • Loki vs Thor
  • Ballroom Dancing vs Modern Dancing
  • Real-Life Dating vs Online Dating
  • McDonald’s vs Burger King
  • Nazis vs Neo-Nazis
  • Office vs Freelance
100 Best Topics for Compare and Contrast Essay
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