What is an Illustration Essay?

When writing an essay of this type you can not use colorful pictures but make use of plenty of examples. Your examples should be appealing in order to catch the reader’s attention. The examples you illustrate must match what you are explaining, be relevant, acceptable and most importantly, be vivid in detail.

Topic Area
An essay of this type is very similar to a narrative essay although narrations do not need as many examples. A good essay starts with a good topic and this applies to this essay as well. Topics may be assigned or you might have to come up with your own. In such a case, you can choose a subject area which will have plenty of examples to cite and being an interesting topic to the reading audience.

Things to consider when writing

1. Your essay should have a strong point. Any examples you use to illustrate your point must support this point strongly.
2. Avoid the use of too many examples. Keep it to a maximum of three or four examples as these essays are usually short essays.
3. Use specific examples. This makes the reading interesting. However, your examples can be real life ones or fictitious ones. As long as the example explains what you are trying to say within the essay, there is no preference on the type of examples you are to cite.

Once you have successfully written your illustration essay you will have to ask yourself whether you have provided relevant examples to the topic; are they general or specific examples and are they interesting enough to get your reader’s attention. If you have answered these questions positively, your essay is bound to be highly illustrative as well as entertaining. Usually, those essays which keep the tutor awake and enjoying are the ones which stand to get his full attention and hopefully a good grade too! Visit Pay4Homework.com for collection of sample essays or to check on the possibility of custom written essays.

What is an Illustration Essay?
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